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  1. Wouldn't be too disappointed if the below all left. Replaced with 3 or 4 new signings would be ideal. Tait Shaughnessy Flynn Brophy Lyness Olusanya
  2. He’s injured, think it was his foot. He’s got two years on his deal & based on the games I seen, I doubt anyone will be going near him anytime soon. Hopefully he comes back and shows big improvements.
  3. Regarding the financial situation of the club, there is certainly a difference between a healthy inquisitive nature & an unhealthy paranoia that the club are doomed to fail. The latter is often what we see on BAWA. You’d think the club had been on the brink practically every year of the last decade (and before no doubt) by the nonsense we see on here. There’s an even worse group of people who were so against the Kibble, they are almost willing the baseless hearsay to be true. Because, being proven right is more of a desire than the well-being of the club. Can’t help but think they’re often trying to convince themselves of these stories than anyone else.
  4. Went from me being in denial, to me backtracking, to me being in denial. A full 360 😂😂😂 Come on, you usually put up half a fight, this is weak even for you. 😬
  5. You’re a liar. Completely consistent with my view.
  6. I don’t think anyone is looking for proof of who has or hasn’t left/ changed roles. More proof that it’s because of things like boardroom unrest, massive financial difficulty or general issues with the running of the football club. People move on from clubs regularly. The Kibble were brought in to change our operating model/ make us more profitable & that was inevitably going to result in some roles going & streamlining costs. If people think that should be possible without ruffling feathers & with absolutely zero mistakes, fine, I disagree. No one has provided a shred of evidence yet that the measures taken are anything more than what was presented as the benefit of brining the Kibble in. And in the example of Alan, I’m yet to see evidence this was due to unrest’s we should be concerned about.
  7. Seems like you’re the one on the look out for a new boyfriend on here…
  8. You are one of the most negative posters to remain active on the site. You have no interest in what’s best for St Mirren, you would much rather be proven right on the Kibble fan ownership model. It clearly sticks in your throat that so far, your concerns are unfounded.
  9. You’ve been desperate for something to go home since we finalised our fan ownership. Nearly wet your kegs when we changed our stewards 😂 Best run - how many other clubs have ran at a profit for multiple years until the pandemic? 🤷‍♂️
  10. Where on earth are you getting any remote indication one of the best run clubs in Scotland is mirroring Third Lanark? 😂
  11. That’s what he said though, what’s wrong with personal reasons? He’s the one claiming it means something more sinister regarding board unrest. You’re absolutely gagging for something to go wrong with Kibble. The reality is, under this fan ownership model, we are having the best start to a top flight season in decades. 😀
  12. I don’t believe the premise of his post(s) Why should I? He was wrong about Lasley not needing to interview/ previous vandalism at the stadium & the rest is either unsubstantiated, irrelevant or of no real concern.
  13. Jesus, it must be bad when we both completely agree 😂
  14. People have been saying this for years & have been consistently wrong. Until there is evidence for the claims, I will reject them as more conspiracy. The Kibble were literally promoted on the basis they’d change our operating model, so far that’s all I can really see. No worries of serious financial concerns.
  15. Nope, still surely the time to ask for evidence that we are the next ‘Third Lanark’ 😂
  16. As a comparison to show the hourly rate isn’t as bad as you made out. Pretty simple concept I thought. Oh well.
  17. 😬😬😬 Yep, starting managerial wage is £24,500 p/a My comment was only on the hourly rate, not the hours.
  18. You were saying the hourly rate wasn’t great. It’s not a bad hourly rate at all, well ahead of minimum wage & it equates to circa £26k a week for a standard 40 hours. At the company I work for, there are full time managerial roles with a lower (comparable) starting salary. You’d argue black is white on here. 😂
  19. That isn’t remotely what I said. I was comparing it as an equivalent regarding FTE (full time equivalent)
  20. Considering the equivalent minimum wage would be around £19,136 8 wouldn’t say it’s a bad salary at all.
  21. Would work out at around the £26k mark for an ft doing a 40 hour week. Not too bad I would say.
  22. I think he's most likely to be LPM, doesn't smack me as an Oakster. Could be Dicko but I think he'd have sent a lot more angry and upset messages by now.
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