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  1. Aye because you were an outspoken advocate for how "swimmingly" Scottish football was going before this lol.
  2. That's the tricky one, if it's a negotiating position, I wonder what he's after.
  3. Aberdeen chairman out against the five year option, reason given is we're only eight weeks away from football and trying to reconstruct isn't appropriate. I don't understand how that argument doesn't apply in the two year option he supports..
  4. This is the only reason I'm still against it. I want complete transparency on what happens in 5 years time. If retaining the bigger league requires the same parameters as the 11-1 vote currently in place, then absolutely not. If it's a much fairer vote on retaining (straight majority of all clubs or even something around the 60% mark) then I would be happy with this. They should be using this as an opportunity to do away with the voting structure that clearly doesn't work and stunts change in Scottish football.
  5. Every attended game for 25 years, pie and a bovril. What's pretty strange is I almost never have either away from the football, so I've been alright when it comes to missing them... Well until I seen this thread. 😢
  6. I've mentioned before how humorous it is that you think the number of likes you and others get is important. You'll also surely agree that parameter in isolation doesn't tell us an awful lot apart from how desperate for validation someone using it is? Certainly isn't a full picture. Regardless, my comment was a joke based on what Shull posted about me the other day.
  7. It doesn't stop him sharing them multiple times I'm afraid Ricky, then he goes tonto at other people doing the same. "He is easily the worst poster the Forum has ever had."
  8. Was there a point when the website was archived? Wonder what the first posts were.
  9. I think you’ve completely misunderstood me. I’m not suggesting players should be given extra money. I’m questioning why Shull was saying he hoped nothing went to players (as in the collective) I don’t see any issue with some of that money going to players contracts when they return (because they won’t get furlough payments anymore) and new additions to strengthen. That was the only reason behind my questioning, nothing about entitled or survival. It seems to have sprung arms and legs. I also know that they can, I never said they couldn’t. It’s also not always as smooth a transition for some when all they’ve known is football.
  10. We know your limit of almost 1,100 posts to me a year is more guidance than rule... Never the less in the spirit of bridging gaps, we have no reason to continue this. You're also welcome to put it down to zero like Shull (supposedly).
  11. If the forum does keep going I will remember that one from Shull. As for FS, that's just a complete lie. 🤣 But I'll turn over a new leaf and not get drawn on it. if the forum is to end, let's not give the usual suspects any further aggrievement regarding me.
  12. We have a flu vaccination. That was a particularly bad year but hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  13. That's pretty accurate, you could probably add in a few other names of people that like to challenge me regardless of content. I wouldn't do the latter if they were a wee bit more reasonable with the primary (they do it to others as well, I just self admittedly bite). 👍
  14. A fit & on form Flynn and Magennis often does so much for the team. If we get McAllister back fit as well and a return to the form we know he's capable of, we already have some great competition and options in midfield.
  15. The excessive deaths show that Covid19 is hasting many people to an early grave, you seem okay with that. You still haven't shown a shred of evidence that more deaths have been caused by lockdown. No could or unexplained propaganda news stories please, just hard evidence the lockdown is killing more people?. Please and thank you.
  16. Could Written over a month ago and doesn't show that it is happening. You cherry-pick what you want and ignore the words you don't like could.
  17. So what's killing people in care homes in such large numbers if it isn't Covid19? What's the "unexplained" lock-down related cause? It's far more likely that the deaths have not been diagnosed and as such reported properly.
  18. You have provided nothing at all that suggests lockdown has caused more deaths that Covid19. Your claims are fantasy. I can find nothing that correlates the 20,000 excess deaths as a result of the lockdown & not Covid19 It takes a special kind of ignorant to think care home deaths in england have just coincidentally exploded with a bunch of new deaths unrelated to the current pandemic, while the same isn’t happening a short step over the border. It’s clearly an issue with reporting. If you disagree, where’s your praise for NS for it not happening in Scotland? The cancer patient number is a worst case scenario that hasn’t happened & doesn’t look remotely like happening. Your 125 million is also nonsense. you are just reading click bait ‘could’ stories or taking the word of unrealistic reports if it suits your agenda. All the while thousands of people are dying the world over from a pandemic. It’s shameful.
  19. I don't see the 10s of thousands of human lives as expendable like you do so I don’t see any ‘obvious errors’ in my view.
  20. If you believe those excess cases are all nothing to do with Covid19 you truly are mental 😂 What else is contributing to such excessive death in care homes exactly? Clearly an issue with reporting in england.
  21. Raging at my existence, desperate for my attention.
  22. Not my fault that a small number of people take exception to almost anything I say now. This thread a prime example where you're getting upset over a joke ffs.
  23. At least you can own up to your misjudgements, we have at least one (or several, suppose it depends how you look at it) that's doubled down on his very obvious errors.
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