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  1. Away to check my window for flying pigs lol... In all seriousness I hope things are okay with your father and the impact on the care home is as mitigated as it possibly can be, horrible situation facing far too many.
  2. No, I'm agreeing with you that everyone doesn't die and that people that believe otherwise are either ignorant of the information available to them or have bought into someone's lies. Notice how you interpret my post to the negative though then go absolutely tonto. 🤣
  3. Anyone that believes that or pushes that for others to believe is ignorant of the available data/ lying.
  4. I get all the rock and a hard place stuff and generally agree however it seems the risks are being downplayed. Multi generational indoor gathering is dangerous especially with the asymptomatic rates in schools. I don't think this is being stressed enough. Yeah I think that is a fair point, I don't think you can ever stress the extent of that enough. For me (in part) there is a responsibility for all on this at Christmas. That Christmas hug with your granny could be the last in the current environment, is it worth it? The sad reality for possibly a lot of the older people may be yes and for the younger no. 😢
  5. If this is the message they are taking then they need to be corrected. There have been multiple comments on social media like "guess the virus is taking Christmas off" this isn't the message at all. Christmas is a rock and a hard place for the government because no matter the output, many will likely meet extended family on Christmas day. The guidance IMO is the most sensible we'll get. Ultimately acknowledging the risks and cautions but not criminalising the actions millions will take. It's lose lose, can you imagine they came out saying "restrictions will be exactly the same and we will be enforcing them" People would still be meeting up, it would just mean big fines and action from the government.
  6. Nope, as I keep pointing out to you a prediction is not a hope something happens. You are simply providing yourself with an out if I'm right. Instead of being a bigger person than you have been in the past and saying "I was wrong" You'll spin it to me somehow taking pleasure in death rates, that has never and will never be the case. Obviously I hope I am wrong regarding my prediction but I still don't see it, I think we will hit 80,000 deaths by the end of the second week in January. The reason for the drop in posts is the drop in footfall on this thread, a few people that have tapped out... I mean put me on ignore have seemingly cut right back on posting. You obviously failed at that several times, proving my point which I'll note for you again. You thrive off engaging with me and you know it. The five step ignore guide to BAWA Say you're going to stop responding and arguing with the person Keep responding and arguing with them a bit longer Put the person on ignore (make sure you announce it to everyone) Still follow almost every response to the person and bring the person up in completely unrelated topics, often bringing up long dead argument points you already said you’d stop arguing with them over Take the person off ignore and repeat from step one
  7. Today shows another positive day regarding death rates stabilising, of course most people likely won’t be ignorant enough to think we are out of the woods & death rates won’t go up any further... most people.
  8. Shull loves a wee troll.
  9. Surely I'm not the only one that's dumbfounded that there are still people that can't join up the dots regarding the situation we were in February/ March compared to now? We acted too late to lockdown then and we still have people using low case rates as a reason not to lockdown now? 😪 The steps we take are to try and curb a repeat of what happened earlier in the year, some very short memories out there.
  10. I'm a gift everyday not just for Christmas...
  11. That's incorrect, I have told you several times that cases are a bit of a red herring right now, Oaks pointed it out to you as well before shamefully lying about being the one that educated me on that point. Since the numbers topic came up, deaths have went up every single day bar two (comparably on previous week). My posts aren't linked to deaths going up, it's just the norm with only two days of exception (including today). No doubt yet again you won't acknowledge you were wrong about this, just like you haven't admitted you were wrong about me changing my view on the 80,000 deaths. I would be delighted if things got better, I just disagree that's the case right now. This is clearly a differentiation you can't get your head around isn't it? Are you going to put me on ignore again? Lol I feel a tap out...
  12. It's not though, the trends for the vast majority of the days is on it hitting 80,000. If I'm wrong I'll happily admit it, in fact I would be delighted, less death the better. I have little doubt if you're wrong you will not, you'll more than likely deflect to me somehow taking joy in people dying. We've already seen you lay the foundations haven't we?
  13. Case numbers are not as important as recorded deaths, this has been explained to you multiple times and deaths are still on an upward trend, couple of days excluded. Last six days Week before compassion 529 595 598 532 213 194 168 156 462 413 376 355 The average right now is 415, up from 260 at the start of November, there isn't any sign that the increase is just going to stop, you have jumped the gun. Your last point is also wrong, "I still personally think we will exceed it." You of course wont admit you have got this wrong, as you wont admit you were wrong if cases do top 80,000, you'll no doubt deflect by saying something like "Baz wanted this to happen" which anyone with a tiny bit of common sense knows is nonsense.
  14. It's staggering you're still standing by this view. - As of yesterday if the average cases continue to the date I predicted regarding being around 80,000 we would be on circa 76,000 cases. - Average cases are still effectively going up, today is only the second day (from what I can tell) in months where the day on day weekly numbers haven't went up, you went mental when it happened a week past Sunday as well and the following few days showed how premature you were being, you seem to be doing the same again - Yesterday the weekly average still went up by 65 on the same day last week - From the visual below, it still clearly shows a massive cause for concern in raising cases, there isn't fundamental evidence for the levelling off we would need not to hit 80,000 deaths. You seemed to think numbers as high as 80,000 by the second week in January were crazy, unless we bring cases down very soon (let's hope we do) we will get very near that number, I still personally think we will exceed it. Please try and understand this isn't me wanting us to exceed it, it's a prediction. - from the
  15. Level 4 confirmed in 11 council areas https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-54971208
  16. First thing I would do is fully pass power to the devolved governments to handle the pandemic including borrowing, second would be to make sure they ignore any of the new guys scientific advice.
  17. I completely agree with your first points and that is exactly the problem, this is what needs tackled. For me the way to tackle that is not to open the country up and cause the virus to spread more, just because the government aren't doing enough to support. As for the last, the measures in place are intended to mitigate, they will never fully curb the spread of the virus, if there was an easy reasonable way to stop the virus transmitting, businesses would do it. That's why additional restrictions are put in place, when the transmission is too much, more, harsher steps are taking to curb.
  18. I'll stress first this is just my view and I appreciate yours is different but it has become ever more important to do this on BAWA because there remains a small few that just can't grasp the differences between understanding and sharing opinions/ facts (queue Slarti tears on that one). For me economic issues are secondary because decisions should be made to protect business and livelihoods in the times of the pandemic. I flatly refuse to support any economic stance that ultimately says "we can't protect X without letting Y die of Covid19" - Small shop owners, barbers beauticians, nail bars - protect their incomes until we are in a situation where we can come out of this, cover their rents, cover their bills, do whatever needs to be done. Pandemic or not, there is more than enough resources to protect people without opening the country up and letting the ever growing number of people dying getting even bigger. As for no evidence these businesses impact the spread, I simply disagree with that. I don't think it's likely at all. Mental health, emotional factors, suicide, my view is the same. Protect and support these people the best we can without dooming thousands (maybe more) to death when it's becoming more and more likely a vaccine is around the corner. I'm not nor have I ever been under any illusion there is a solution where everyone lives during this (despite Oakster claiming my view was otherwise then arrogantly claiming he educated me, a point that's been shown to be a lie under questioning) but I don't support opening the economy up as it's easier financially than the government stepping up far more to support. Back to the first point, this is JUST MY VIEW. I understand and appreciate there are others like yourself, I'm trying to be very balanced in this so no one will start crying over my post, it isn't a matter of understanding, it's just a matter of my priorities.
  19. I can understand the economic view, I just don't share it for numerous reasons, some of which I'll go into in the next post. This is the issue people like FS has like I say. If you don't change to agree with them 100% that somehow means you don't understand.
  20. You can’t see by your own view, my post and subsequent posts have been no more than a balanced opinion that I hold. You and some others believe that unless someone changes their mind to agree with you, they’re being unreasonable. It’s ridiculous
  21. Only potentially economically, for many that is secondary to human life.
  22. The "leaking" of T4 imminence is creating rule breaking. I had to go into work today and while waiting at Ayr the train from Glasgow became my train home. There was upwards of 50 passengers loaded with bags and packages clearly from Glasgow shops which I can only assume is people deciding to ditch the no travel in out rule to get Christmas shopping done ahead of any T4 closure. If they are moving LAs to T4 then do it and stop just talking about it. The closer to December the bigger negative economic impact. It’s a fine line to balance, there is no solution that won’t see the Scottish (or any other government) get criticised by some people.
  23. In what way are the Scottish government not leading the way? - - Seems like the infection rates are lower in Scotland - we have more freedoms in Scotland than pretty much anywhere else in the U.K. - Scottish government can only do so much to stop rule breaking same as anywhere else - borrowing powers to support people and business aren’t devolved. what more would you actually like to see?
  24. Unfortunately he did with that header and still missed Player completely lacking confidence, he's getting in all the right areas, just needs a goal and can see the floodgates opening for him. Unfortunate the stick he gets from some Scotland fans, reminds me a lot of Junior at St Mirren.
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