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  1. I won’t be paying anymore money, I’d rather we took the money off the bigot brothers.
  2. Are you actually serious? You have completely missed my point. It’s the potential capability to submit it twice, not the duplicate emails. What an absolute fail on your part.
  3. I’m a bit concerned about this. I received the study email twice as a season ticket & SMISA member. It only lets me complete once on my default browser but if I save it into a new browser, I can complete it again (I haven’t done this). would assume the risk is still pretty low as they probably don’t care enough & if we did suddenly see enough more returns to influence results, it would look suspicious.
  4. So to summarise. Some St Mirren fans - don’t want the bigot brothers in two stands, they'd rather have empty seats than the money - they also don’t want any pricing changes to mitigate not having them in two stands - They want the club to either lie or hide the factual details regarding the income from the bigot brothers so fans aren’t making informed choices - they still want our squad to be as strong & competitive as possible. Aye, that’s nae bother 😂
  5. The survey is out, there is good details in there and plenty of opportunity for fans who have said they’d pay extra to keep the bigots out of the two stands to contribute. My concern is it will have to be season on season & I don’t know how sustainable it is to ask for all that extra money every year from fans. For me, I doubt I will contribute more than I already do & voted in favour of keeping the two stands for the bigot brothers should the extra funds not be raised.
  6. It absolutely is not. If you want to evidence that St Johnstone are far better run off the park than St Mirren & they do multiple things that we could easily adopt, fine. You haven’t done that in your precious (or any) post. Also if you think I haven’t answered something, show me? I must have missed it. If you’re talking about evidence St Johnstone’s incomes have been better driven by football performances than off field activity, for evidence, you already have what you shared, the factual nature of their recent success & if you want EVEN more, go look into their published accounts.
  7. It’s seemingly more realistic when we look at other clubs operating at our level. Your claims the BOD (successive ones at that) are ‘lazy’ the club settles for ‘mediocracy’ and outlandish claims we could be doing X, Y & Z to boost income is negative, ignorant & idealistic in my view.
  8. You’ve done a fair bit of the work for me, all be it on a very narrow scale. St Johnstone’s income was geared by cup runs not by massive off-field profits. If you have evidence to the contrary that they generate significant income above us from what they do off the field & it’s things St Mirren can adopt, feel free to share. My evidence is the factual overlook of them regularly having better league/ cup finishes & European football.
  9. There are lots of ideas, fans have pushed for them for years. My issue is, when they don’t get taken forward it’s held against the club as not trying or ‘lazy’. The coffee shop/ food place idea is a classic one. But how many of these type places close down in the fist couple of years? It’s a big risk, add into that - location - competition - start up costs - staffing costs - supply costs - location & facilities in & around the stadium. - how many fans are actually in a similar position to use it in the way you’ve said? If there has been a business decision that isn’t worth the risk, for me that is fine. I personally don’t think a coffee shop or anything similar would be successful in that part of Paisley with the competition there already is but same as you… what do I know 🤷‍♂️ I’ll say it again, I actually think it’s more lazy for fans sitting from ivory towers to assume these things aren’t being considered than an assumption that successive BOD’s aren’t trying hard enough because of lazy thinking.
  10. He is, & the multiple other people moaning about the way the club is being ran, that think they know better & that everything is such an easy fix. To think it’s me moaning to defend the club, sums up just how negative & miserable you are when it comes to SMFC. Also looks like the wee ‘haha’ reaction didn’t work to get my attention eh? You always need to get involved in the end
  11. Answered and coveted over hundreds of pages & numerous topics going back years on this website. There is nothing new to cover.
  12. Disagree As stated before, oh to be so knowledgeable about running a football club. Maybe some of these super business people should be trying to get on the board. We’d be champions league material in no time 😂
  13. Any significant additional income from St Johnstone can pretty easily be explained by better seasons on the park. If fans think car boot sales & zoomba at the stadium every Tuesday & Thursday is going to generate big income, fine. St Mirren & St Johnstone are both regularly ran in the black. Our last accounts (due to the pandemic) were the first in years that have seen us make a loss. How many other Scottish clubs can say that? As I have said before, it’s just pretty typical of some to moan about all things St Mirren. The reality is, we are a pretty well run club that’s only a year into our new fan ownership model. I’m sure our BOD will have plans, give them time to imbed any income visions they might have.
  14. I’ve already covered increases in revenue, your views are idealist as said several times. The Old firm stopped existing close to a decade ago with Rangers going under but regarding the Glasgow derby, no they generally don’t. We are sadly quite reliant on their income for our budget as it is currently structured (as in we would have a good bit less income if we didn’t utilise their attendance demands). Strange thing to moan about though when the (relatively new) board are making attempts to see how/ if we can move away from this with the fan survey.
  15. They aren’t doing nothing. It’s more nonsense from a person for whom the club can do no right. - pre match entertainment - family and discount tickets - free school ticket events - improvements & options for the 1877 club Just to name a few.
  16. St Johnstone accounts don’t suggest they run things significantly better than St Mirren. Their performances on the park over the years (top 6 finishes) have allowed them to build more resources but overall, both clubs are generally ran in the black with good cash reserves. Grass is always greener stuff.
  17. Wallopers convention, here you are no stranger. Rumour is, you’re treated like Norm in Cheers at them.
  18. Agree with all that. The Kibble could be a fantastic asset on continuing to grow. As said, there is always room for improvement and growth. Just no magic wands. The Kibble are still a charity yes & we still have community engagements and initiatives around the club.
  19. Brian Caldwell while at St Mirren & Shrewsbury has not exponentially grown their commercial income streams or their fanbases from what I can tell. We have fans that are pretty much saying it’s easy to have 100s more bums on seats every week while having the stadium a buzz with income making business 7 days a week. Hate to be the one to break it to these fans as well but, the tooth fairy isn’t real.
  20. Oh to know it all & for life in business to be so easy. I’m sure you’re all equally surprised as me to why all other clubs don’t do this given it is so easy 😂 Can only assume you all run extremely successful businesses given the insight into markets that you’re not even involved in…
  21. Surely when we see such a running theme across practically all similar sized clubs, and successive BOD’s, fans with these views must come to the realisation it isn’t as black and white to raise the club profile & income streams? I actually had some of these views when I was younger but as I matured I grew out of them (maybe in my early to mid 20s) This isn’t to say there isn’t more that can be done, there always is. The fix just isn’t as achievable in the way people like BD would suggest with his recommendations above.
  22. It isn't correct or fair to say the club doesn't do anything. Your points are however fair and a lot of the stuff does happen to a certain extent but as already mentioned, we are limited by where we are compared to Glasgow and just by the general nature of tourist fan behaviour in Scotland. The majority of football people growing up in Paisley will end up bigot brother fans. We can only do so much before it is throwing good money after bad. As I have said, the approach is idealistic and if this would have an impact to the tune of hundreds of extra fans every game, all clubs would do it. There's a reason clubs like St Mirren, Killie, Motherwell, St Johnstone, etc have quite similar fan numbers without expediential growth, I mean, even St Johnstone never seen a big rise after winning two cup finals to their normal numbers. Don't get much better marketing and club advertising than that. What I actually think is quite lazy is fans who think they have solved all clubs problems from their Ivory tower over successive, boots on the ground club management teams at all Scottish football clubs.
  23. That would be a fair point if this hadn't been discussed and pondered over in hundreds of pages of posts. I also think it is a bit unfair to assume successive SMFC BOD's aren't trying to solve problems that will generate the club more income.
  24. If that was so easy to do, why don't all clubs in Scotland do it?
  25. I don’t think the survey is out yet. I haven’t had it anyway & I have a ST & I’m in SMISA.
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