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  1. Looks a fair bit before contact made with the ball & he’s already lunging forward. Slightly nitpicking as well but they have four players over the line into the box/ semi-circle 😂
  2. Both penalties in the game were stonewall IMO. Re-take correct by rules of the game but the off the line rule is applied pretty inconsistently.
  3. Completely agree, almost every ball into the box looked dangerous & he was spraying passes we have missed this season at times.
  4. As would I, sadly it wasn’t to be. In through necessity I imagine. Good to see Mccalister have such a great game though, caused problems, smart passing, strong crossing & runs.
  5. There’s almost always a common theme & it’s that I don’t start it. See above, ^^^ I gave a perfectly reasonable view that I wouldn’t have made a statement today with Walter Smith passing & FS near enough had a mental breakdown 😂
  6. Something you’re physically incapable of doing. I also don’t comment on nearly as many threads as you on here (practically every single bloody one) I gave an opinion that had absolutely nothing to do with you and you’ve jumped in with your views & cried over it (as usual)
  7. You’re literally the biggest and most consistent attention seeker on the forum these days 🤣 You lash out to get the reactions you need, jumping in & trying to make yourself the centre of attention on practically every thread. You’re an embarrassment.
  8. Just in my view it would be bad taste, I feel it can be left to later in the week & leave the statements & press today to be about Smith 👍 I hope you can just accept this as my opinion & won’t stoop to your usual low depths of trolling, name calling & belittling.
  9. Bad taste, especially given it’s linked to Rangers comments. It won’t make much difference if it’s announced later in the week
  10. I don’t personally think the communication was bad over the summer. Lots of statements, posts, emails, website news but I get others did. Regarding this specific scenario, the club should have moved by now to motion for his removal as chairman if he isn’t willing to stand down. In saying that, the unfortunate passing of Walter Smith and his position in Scottish football, I probably wouldn’t be doing it today now. (had it been planned)
  11. Wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. Point I’m making though is the pure conspiracy theory & ‘Kibble bad’ mentality of a minority of our fanbase, as I referenced earlier in the thread.
  12. Interests are aligned here as they generally will be on everything. It’s in the Kibble & St Mirren’s interest to distance from the chairman & get him out of his role.
  13. The Kibble have now weighed in & disassociated regarding the comments. Understandable as they need to protect their interests. Also sounds like there has been director crisis meetings called over the weekend. For me, there has to be some appreciation regarding separation of issues here. - Yes Rangers are not a shining example of how to act regarding a football club or a fanbase - yes there is hypocrisy in Rangers complaining about this but being quiet on their own fans behaviour & the same goes for their fans moaning on social media - Yes the comments aren’t end of the world stuff & it plays on an easily offended society. All that aside, these are posts from the chairman of a Scottish top flight football club & some of them are entirely inappropriate ways to present yourself. It shows a lack of professionalism, awareness & an attitude that will make him and by default St Mirren a target for a long time to come if he remains in position. It has also clearly forced a wedge between him & our second biggest shareholders at the club, not to mention the views of SMISA & other club staff. Based on the tweets & behaviour alone, removing all the above noted whataboutery. This man has to step down or be voted out.
  14. My reflection on (some of) our fanbase is perfectly justified when you look at the history. They give themselves the reputation of being overlay negative & aren’t shy of a conspiracy theory. My hope is the Kibble fights the right corner here and supports the removal of John either voluntarily or through some board/ member voting process.
  15. This is still speculation regarding the origin of the term. There’s a few explanations but no one knows for sure the original reasons it caught on
  16. It isn’t known why the term is used. Lots of speculation but it’s lost to history now.
  17. I think it’s quite a new development regarding a deep dive into social media given how many people have been caught out in recent months. People would have had to be searching really specific terms to find it. Of course there will be some in our fanbase that will blame club staff & probably Kibble for this. It’s a go to.
  18. I think he absolutely should. Views aside on people being easily offended, the tweets are not in line with the behaviour of a football club chairman. The river one was only weeks before he was due to be confirmed as chairman & using the word ‘***’ just can’t go for someone at the top table of a premier league football club. I’m in no way offended & I imagine the vast majority of Rangers fans won’t be either but in the modern day and given how recent he’s into the role, I think he has to go.
  19. You’re a troll that makes desperate pleas for attention by lashing out to get reactions. You’ve embarrassed yourself on here for years.
  20. Nope, I’ve posted since saying I only seen the ones about ‘Sevco’ and think he should walk.
  21. Just can’t help yourself, you’re comfortably the biggest troll currently active on this site. Sad little man that needs to have pops at other forum users to feel important.
  22. Stand corrected, I had only seen the ‘Sevco’ posts. I’ve just seen this one, extremely poor taste, weeks before he would become our chairman and obviously knew he’d be taking that position. Has to step down IMO.
  23. Don’t get it, don’t see anything wrong with the tweets (unless I’ve missed some). Sevco an acceptable way of differentiating between the two Rangers IMO.
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