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  1. We don't really want sutton going anywhere, if he is given the service and the support ( Loy hopefully ) he will be a big player for us between now and end of season
  2. Completely agree both keepers this year have been terrible and never felt confident with either of them , left back must be a priority as well , Irvine far more comfortable at right back , I'd also like to see another Versatile player that can play a number of positions across the back and maybe even do a job in midfield if required .(Keith Watson type )
  3. Anybody know who this guy is wearing 17 ?
  4. I have to agree with MCS , we must build from the back and try and get a keeper in who is confident and commanding and who doesn't ship goals so easily , langfield and gallagher have both been a disaster this season
  5. Good article here form the chairman addressing inbalance in our squad something we have all worried about since the start of the season Saints chairman welcomes new boss but admits he's giving him an imbalanced squad http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/14784198.Saints_chairman_welcomes_new_boss_but_admits_he__39_s_giving_him_an_imbalanced_squad/?ref=twtrec
  6. Another player Nicky Devlin of Ayr praising Jack Ross on Peter and roughie tonight , says he's the best coach he's ever worked under ..: There definitely seems to be a lot of current players praising him so he must have something ...
  7. Realise your trying to get people to to bite but what absolute nonsense couldn't be further from the truth , he comes across as an intelligent guy who speaks very well and I think will turn out to be a great manager for us
  8. http://www.stmirren.com/news/club/club-news/226-new-managerial-appointment-chairman-s-thoughts Good interview with the chairman as well
  9. Lots of players from other teams commending Ross he seems to have lots of admirers within the game ...
  10. I'm sure the "Ian murray" question was brought up at his interview and he must have gave some good answers ... obviously it's easy to compare the two but I think Ross definitely has something about him . Time to get behind him and let's see what happens , COYS!
  11. Apparently an ex St Mirren defender as assistant ( not Goodwin )
  12. Robert Grieve ‏@robert_grieve 33s33 seconds ago Jack Ross is the new St Mirren manager. Deal agreed. Announcement due this evening @scotsunsport
  13. Robert Grieve ‏@robert_grieve 33s33 seconds ago Jack Ross is the new St Mirren manager. Deal agreed. Announcement due this evening @scotsunsport welcome aboard jack!
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