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  1. The man's words at the beginning of this say it all.
  2. Thundercats was better than He-Man anyway.
  3. I totally agree with you. I've never understood why some Saints fans have referred to Ibrox Stadium as Greyskull. As well as the valid point you've mentioned about Greyskull being the home of the "good guys", Greyskull actually looks green as well. Sometimes I've thought perhaps Saints fans called Ibrox Stadium "Greyskull" because it looked green in some strange form of irony but I never quite got it. Surely if any stadium looks like Greyskull castle with the huge green stands it would be Celtic Park? Again, though, they aren't good guys either and not fit enough to live in He-Man's Castle. E.T.A. I've just clicked on your link to Wikipedia and I now see that it's all Kirsty McCabe's fault.
  4. What an arrogant, selfish, self-indulgent, Grade A tosser.
  5. The whole thing has become a pantomime that no-one could have written. It's time to burn this particular Club to the ground and shut the shit down for good.
  6. Something you and your Boyfriend seem to know a lot about...
  7. Good post. So Bluto has resorted to calling people liars now and totally side-lining the fact that someone disgraced the stripes and the good name of St. Mirren Football Club. I'm becoming more and more convinced with each passing day that Bluto is in reality an Old Firm sympathiser. His behaviour is Old Firm-esque at its very best with Political and Religious ramblings which quite frankly make him sound like a man suffering from serious delusions.
  8. Wha-hey!! "To the Regiment!"
  9. The rumour is Michael Higdon's postcode may or not be in Linwood but in Elderslie or Paisley. Or possibly even in Rootes/Chrysler/Talbot/Peugeot.
  10. Big Higgy won't be back at St. Mirren Football Club. He says the pies are shite.
  11. Are we really back to all of that accusation shit again?
  12. So did this laptop get fixed or is it still suffering from Robertitis? With having so many people who post in this thread on ignore it really is difficult to follow what's happened to the transvestite's and their gadgets.
  13. Aye very good. Faraway can't even keep his legs arse closed never mind lock a thread
  14. Ok Edward, you win. I'll agree to meet you and allow you the honour of giving me a blowjob. Can you make sure you meet me in your alter ego "Edwina" so that when I look at you it doesn't seem as gay?
  15. He's a liability with his temper. Once he eventually left the pitch after this sending off, the cameras showed him walking down the tunnel. He went to kick a water bottle that someone had dropped and missed it and ended up on his arse! I can't find it on You Tube but I remember it well. It was one of those moments I'm sure he'll want to forget...
  16. I think you're getting desperate now Bluto. Not that I would ever want to defend Oaksoft but that statement might well be considered an...
  17. You're right. Some people who failed to acknowledge the Führer at public and sporting events did actually disappear.
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