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  1. Even if we do go down this season.... Instead of moaning about the manager after only 4/5 games... why not just enjoy where we are right now and take our medicine when/if it arrives enjoy your saturday and make of it as you will,even a loss brings debates in the pub afterwards I'm a ST.MIRREN fan and been so all my life,seen it all ( ups and many many downs) but i'm still a ST.MIRREN fan
  2. dunno JJ.....Goodwin was immense when playing in front of the back 4
  3. i agree we have had a poor start and are looking in poor form at this moment in time but so are Killie,hibs,motherwell and hearts all of which were expected year on year to do well im glad im a saints fan rather than the above....add partick (new boy honeymoon will be over soon) and dundee utd to the list ...this season seems to be the season of everyone playing/looking shyte ive said before...give DL till the end of November
  4. hes the double of Herman Munster
  5. its "easy" to pile in but i'd be more worried who would gie them haunners
  6. only played 3 games.....30 to go be a wee bit more positive than that
  7. brings back "AMAZING" memories of the singing in the northbank up against the fence the standing days not the sitting days we were loud and proud in those days (for the youngsters...check out the 6-2 hammering of Hearts at love street to see us in full voice)
  8. Agree with you Griff but sadly players are not allowed to tackle these days
  9. I am a huge Lennon fan and can see what he tried to achieve here in the last 2 years sadly its getting to the point where there is no return for him unless he turns it around with a huge effort from the players as they have to play their part in all this too If i was in charge i would give Danny till the end of November to see what he can do and if he does well then fine,carry on old chap If not,its time to go and give a new manager a month before the new window opens to give him a chance to assess the playing staff and target new arrivals for the new year BTW,tommo is not an option
  10. Gowser OUT missed pen is unacceptable Gowser out before we slide even further down the table :-)
  11. yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss Harkins and boyd....who called that? (everyone)
  12. dodds.....killie looking comfortable red card for Boyd
  13. To cheer you up......comments from other games how are Hibs? ....Dire ross County are a shambles
  14. haha...your no winding me up....i know you talk shyte
  15. aw c'mon oaky...dont over re-act...its the first game of the season which we lost.....we are never going to win another game...like...EVER!!!!!.... lose the second game and we could go bankrupt.....did i ever mention that armmageddon is just around the corner.... black and white stripes...fade to grey....fade to grey....fade.....................................................
  16. i know this wont go down to well with some of you ...but..i would like to see Barry Ferguson here for a season with Goodwin beside him we would have a great midfield and also free up McGowan to roam about causing havoc just a thought
  17. this happy clapper is still happy and clapping after 2 magnificent days out at hampden,which was......... only 6 months ago ( almost to the day infact) short memories
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