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  1. i can sense that agreeable tom is going to be tedious tom
  2. i cant believe you said that pishy pants
  3. is there an asda in the dominican republic?
  4. paterson may be as good as you say but he is slow slow slow my friends . . Better to exaust the alternatives first
  5. prepare yourself for a nose bleed cause we are top six baby yeah . . . Saintadelic
  6. simple answer is yes . . Prepare yourself for a nose bleed as we are top six baby yeah . . Saintsadelic
  7. obviously the CIC project proposals are and will be slow but steady progression for the club but i also feel the club is progressing on the field.good players getting longer deals thus getting a return in the investment also there is always always always the chance of good cup runs and the money that brings with it (tv/the further you go the more money you get) so that tells me that although initially the CIC money wont kick in for a few years with a huge amount of luck in 2 years time we coukd possibly be at our most strongest financially with the prospect of looking to finish in the top 4 in 3 or 4 years time (as long as,by that time,we can hold on to that managerial giant that will be DANNY LENNON)
  8. get mcgowan to f**k . . He is pish . . . Yay green dot me
  9. could the pitch be utilised in the summer for say bowling.you could have loads of rinks on the pitch which wouldnt damage the soil or the grass thus using an asset to generate money over the summer?
  10. is it possible for the match day bar be staffed with volenteers who could be given a match day ticket as the bar wont be open at game time?
  11. interesting . . . Both saints and r*ngers announce take overs at the same time after a long time up for sale . . Is it the end/start of a new financial year? . . . . Or is it just april fools day
  12. RUSH in Canada RUSH in Brazil RUSH in America
  13. mon the saints.....and the good buddies

    1. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      Do I count as a "good buddie"

  14. as for lack of updates.......maybe Hollz has lost her phone again
  15. Miss Saint.....that Faraway person is always like that on the match day thread...but to be honest i just think he is post building...hes like that,for example...."ok guys...only 5 minutes to go" doh!!!!!! yes but seriously ( always a bad way to start a sentance),ive sat many a day (when i cant get to a game) and i happen to notice Mr Faraway post building,i do have a chuckle but its always noted.....almost as much as your obsession with the "buddette's" thread....but we can only blame William for that anyway.....back to far far away.....he does look like sherk
  16. there are bound to be one or two strips that we dont like i like most of the strips(home) we have had i just like wearing the stripes and.................... i like the new strip its black and white stripes furfuxsake....what the f**k do you want........pale salmon
  17. AC/DC....who are they again??... oh yeah they are the band with all the songs that sound the same

  18. the four minute warning is now reserved for ejaculation which also gives you time to switch the telly aff at night
  19. Cheers! now get to the game
  20. Ubuntu readies the Karmic Koala What do French gendarmes, Andalucian school children, Wikipedia and San Francisco International airport have in common? It is not the set up for a tortuous pun. Instead all of them are big users of the free Ubuntu operating system. The French national police force runs its operations on the open source OS; computer systems supporting Spanish schools have their own version; the online encyclopaedia runs its hundreds of servers on Ubuntu and SFIA's internal computer system is based around it. Ubuntu is based on Linux - the open source operating system that is maintained, expanded and extended by legions of fans and professional programmers around the world. Thanks to their efforts Ubuntu has become the most popular of all the Linux distributions. On 29 October, version 9.10 of Ubuntu is released. All versions of the operating system have an alternative alliterative appellation. Ubuntu 9.10 is known as Karmic Koala. The launch comes in the wake of Microsoft's fanfare around Windows 7 - the latest incarnation of its flagship operating system. Factory mode While Ubuntu's developer Canonical can not quite match the hoopla surrounding Windows 7 for its launch, the software competes where it matters, said Chris Kenyon, one of Canonical's OS evangelists. "For the first time in 20 years you can buy Ubuntu pre-installed from more than one manufacturer," he said. "That's an extraordinary story." Faced with such consumer inertia it's hard to see Linux making much progress in boosting its miniscule market share Rory Cellan-Jones Technology correspondent Read Rory's thoughts in full Computer makes HP, Dell, Toshiba and Acer now all offer the OS as a choice on machines people buy via their websites. The number of models varies by territory with the software proving more popular in some places than others. Dell China, said Mr Kenyon, has more than 40 models with Ubuntu available. Before now, he said, many people installed the software themselves on laptops and desktops that formerly ran Windows. Their experiences varied because the development effort that helps to keep Ubuntu updated sometimes lags behind what people are using. But, he said, with the software increasingly likely to be installed at the factory those days of frustration may be on the wane. "Hardware problems are only really solved through installation," he said. "That's going to become increasingly the case over the next 12 months." Competition time The steady march of technology was also removing many of those stumbling blocks that stopped people plumping for Ubuntu and kept them with Windows or Apple's OS X, said Mr Kenyon. Microsoft now lists Canonical under threats in its regular stock filing Some have been reluctant to move to Ubuntu and open source software because it would mean learning their way around programs that were the equivalent of what they used on older machines. But, said Mr Kenyon, the growing use of web applications - such as Google Docs - was eroding those differences quickly. "The web is making the compatibility part far easier," he said. To help with that ease of use Ubuntu 9.10 has Firefox 3.5 onboard that works with the many web-based programs, such as the BBC iPlayer, that are becoming increasingly popular. With the web levelling the playing field between the different OS makers, Mr Kenyon said the fact that Ubuntu runs faster and is more secure than rivals on the same hardware will convince many to try it. He admitted that some of the security of Ubuntu was down to the fact that cyber criminals do not target it in the same way as they do Windows. "Some of the security is through obscurity but it's also better by design," he said. "Fundamentally it requires you to run a safer system. It's there from the ground up." Canonical is also making it easier to road test Ubuntu with a "live mode" that lets potential users run it off a USB drive to check its compatibility with the hardware on their desktop or laptop. Evidence that it is being taken seriously can be found, he said, in the annual "10-K form" that Microsoft files with the SEC. Every public firm must file one of these to outline the market conditions and competitors it believes pose the greatest threat to its business. In 2009, for the first time, Canonical got a mention. Given that Microsoft recognises its success, Mr Kenyon is convinced that it's only a matter of time before Ubuntu's 12 million strong pool of users is joined by many more. "We're nearing a tipping point," said Mr Kenyon. Div,does this make any difference?
  21. saintargyll

    Windows 7

    is it worth getting? is it available on a download on the internet? is it free? anyone got it??
  22. There was a news item this morning about Argentinian football being in financial turmoil All clubs at all levels apart from the top "few" would it not be worth trying to get "at least" some of their players who would like a steady wage? or..as was reported..."loan" deals to lighten the various clubs wage bill never know till we try (or get Miranda back)
  23. there was,it was upstairs
  24. i ditto that and the new craze for bottled beer...hobec the big couches in shuttles those were the days when paisley was the place to go
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