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Movie Downloading


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Ive never bothered downloading movies in the past because I couldnt be arsed sitting watching them on the laptop screen, I do remember I used to get music albums off www.torrentspy.com and it had movies on it but my download speed wasnt great either at the time so I didnt bother.

Anyway just wondering whats the best way to download movies as the above mentioned site has actually closed down and Im getting a cable for laptop to connect to the widescreen at home, so whats the best sites/ways to download movies

NSS need not reply cause I know what type of movies your into and I'll give you a few pointers when I see you :P

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Guest ballochbud72
Cheers for the reply bud but its stating


best time to try is friday for some reason :unsure:

or try torrentz.com can be not bad but i would suggest reading the comments on whatever you want to download before actually downloading can save a lot of time esp for games which might be fake also should tell you the quality of the film

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its mininova.org and if your looking for something in particular try isohunt.com check comments on the movies though some folk upload fakes and viruses try and go for movies on mininova.org without the red P at the side that way you dont need to register for sites also youll find your speed with increase while your sleeping i can download 10 movies before i wake in the morning i keep my pc on all night and switch it off during the day when traffic shping occurs for all providers!

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