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  1. Oh Pais-a-lee, is wonderful...

  2. Purley speculation but the talk amongst the c*ltic support is that we are getting Paddy Mcourt on a season long loan.
  3. Faraway saint.

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    2. Tracy Barlow Loyal

      Tracy Barlow Loyal

      The Chickenpox King?! Why do you feel like that?!!

    3. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      It's red spot thing, do keep up. ;)

    4. Tracy Barlow Loyal
  4. What a pile of pish,Is Messi too wee For La Liga?
  5. Pedro Mutinhio is looking for a club.
  6. saint gav


    Minimum overhead is exactly right!
  7. Get this pish s hifted,this should be in the e_saints section.
  8. Tannahills for me at the moment satuardy nights are fantastic.
  9. plans settled me and Staffy heading to newcastle on the friday night for booze,then staying in darlington on the sat for more Booze!!!
  10. Do they have the city appartments in newcastle?can you get a train from newcastle to darlington?
  11. Places to stay?Anyone staying in Newcastle?
  12. The hole in the wa' shut down because the pints of tennents where shit.
  13. The hole in the wa' shut down because the pints of tennents where shit.
  14. saint gav

    Job Lots

    Has any forum user ever bought a job lot from ebay and then re sold the items?Some tempting items on it.
  15. anything by regina spektor, its mesmerising at best.
  16. mims.................. this is why am hot
  17. tune.....one of the best band this year.
  18. kevin bloody............... wilson why wony rolf harris just f**k off and die?
  19. calvin harris....................... girls
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