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  1. North Sea Saint

    1877 Club

    No just me Ian theres a few Buddies have served on committees over the years and a few of us have been President of our respective clubs and I think we would all offer adice if we were asked
  2. North Sea Saint

    1877 Club

    Maybe the people running the the new club should speak to people like myself and other fans who have been involved in club committees for a lot yearsI for one would be happy to give any advice I could
  3. North Sea Saint

    Kieran Sadlier

    He's signed until the end of the season subject to international clearance,
  4. North Sea Saint

    Happy New Year

    And tae you Sharon xxxx
  5. North Sea Saint

    Happy New Year

    A Very Happy And Prosperous New Year To Buddies Everywhere
  6. North Sea Saint

    Merry Christmas Fellow Buds!

    A Very Merry Christmas To Buddies Everywhere!!!!!!!
  7. North Sea Saint

    Dear Stewart

    And Gilmour and the board can f**k off as well!!!
  8. North Sea Saint

    The Tommy Craig Must Go Thread

    Get him to f**k NOW!!!!!
  9. North Sea Saint

    So Farewell Then... Arthur Montford

    RIP Arthur, thanks for the memories.
  10. North Sea Saint

    Happy Birthday North Sea Saint

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes Buddies!!!!
  11. North Sea Saint

    All Time Saints Xi

    Heres mine!
  12. North Sea Saint

    Market Bar Stonehaven

    All of you Fellow Buddies that have been in the Market Bar in Stonehaven I regret to tell you all that my mate that owned it Mark Anderson passed away a few weeks ago, I just found out tonight from a colleague who lives in Stonehaven.
  13. North Sea Saint

    Buddie Fan Usa

    You tell him Michael
  14. North Sea Saint

    Taxi Drivers - Why?

    You would have charged double
  15. North Sea Saint

    Buddie Fan Usa

    Welcome to the madhouse Michael