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19 hours ago, TsuMirren said:

"You seem to think" - "You clearly don't think"
Have I at any time said that not getting a response is okay? You evidently seem to think I do, but you're flat out 100% wrong and I genuinely don't appreciate the accusation.

Your statement below lead me to believe you think it acceptable. It's not an accusation, it is how your statement seems & I'd beg to differ on the 100% flat wrong.

Unless you are the official mouthpiece of enquiries to SMISA, I have still not received a response. A "go f**k yourself" would be better than the deafening silence. Unfortunately, your suggestion of email them in future doesn't fill me with any confidence. As I said, not the way I would conduct my business especially if I was trying to keep their support of a minimum of £1440.

On ‎13‎/‎06‎/‎2017 at 9:42 AM, TsuMirren said:

I don't think the SMISA committee need to explain every step of what they're doing on this forum or indeed anywhere else.

Posting on here failed and so did emailing.

On ‎13‎/‎06‎/‎2017 at 9:42 AM, TsuMirren said:

We've only just finalised the minutes, they're now with SD to check and approve. If SD say "hang on, no show of hands?" then we'll have to deal with the consequences of that also. But, that would all have happened anyway as SD handle the FCA return and part of that involves providing evidence of how you conducted everything.

Discussions have been had around publishing them and it looks like they will be. Just not until they've gone through the proper process.

The wee bit about "it looks like they will be" is concerning. There should be no "looks like" about it. It should be 'when SD have approved, they'll be distributed'

See that last bit, if someone had responded and said that, then we'd have had something & I most certainly would have shut it on this matter and we wouldn't have got to the situation of you not appreciating a non existent accusation.

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I thought it was a decent update a bit more clarity on us loaning the club against the club loaning to us. Are they being treated as totally separate transactions and not a case of we loaned you this and we loaned you this we will split the difference.

We/SMISA are acting like a large committee and it is taking time to get things out to the members like the minutes surely we can compress that time or is there a process that is being followed but no one knows about

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Fair point about colt teams and project brave I think we should be told what the thinking is as any decision made now will affect us when we actually own the club. Not a fan of the colt team idea but then again I did attend a few reserve games so maybe not that bad an idea if done properly and open to all clubs and not just the big two

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