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  1. melmac

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    Stupid is as stupid does.
  2. melmac

    Speculation Thread

    And probably still available!
  3. melmac

    Brexit Negotiations

    Corbyn's a feckin fanny.
  4. melmac

    Stan and Olly

    There's a debate? Both shitholes? What's that got to do with the SotD?
  5. melmac

    Speculation Thread

    Has the flight arrived with the big centre forward onboard?
  6. melmac

    Speculation Thread

    Its all a load of pish really, can you imagine any other job where they said to you "that's your second / third job this year with a different firm, sorry, unemployment for you".
  7. melmac

    Speculation Thread

    Ditto that, their captain as well I believe. So we've no chance.
  8. melmac

    Brexit Negotiations

    What, fuzzy wuzzy was a woman?
  9. melmac

    Speculation Thread

    Quite happy for every team to whup us on the transfer front, only counts on the pitch.
  10. melmac

    January Exits

    Where's lance corporal jones when you need him?
  11. melmac

    Brexit Negotiations

    You think they made a right arse of it because they really wanted to stay? Now there's a programme for national geographic, brexit conspiracy theories.
  12. melmac

    Brexit Negotiations

    If the HofC votes against TM's deal, then we'll leave with no deal unless the elected representatives can get their finger out and do something meaningful before Y2K strikes again, Countdown style.
  13. melmac

    Brexit Negotiations

    Brexit to be rebadged as ‘f**ktangle’.
  14. melmac

    Speculation Thread

    McCormack's photo on the BBC, he looks like David Guests long lost son.
  15. melmac

    Speculation Thread

    Looks like Morgan could be available for a loan now the totty munchers have signed Burke.