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  1. melmac

    Smisa's Shame

    Nope. With that knowledge, you wonder why those who signed the declaration in front of a solicitor, done so?
  2. melmac

    Smisa's Shame

    I note that there was an amendment to the Rules back in 2017. The original Rules stated: - "In the case of this Rule, Rule 6 and Rule 106 the quorum at any general meeting called to consider a resolution to amend shall be: - 1. not less than one half of the members entitled to vote at the meeting if the Society has up to 200 members when the meeting is called; 2. not less than one third of the members entitled to vote at the meeting if the Society has more than 200 but less than 1000 members when the meeting is called; and 3. not less than one quarter of the members entitled to vote at the meeting if the Society has more than 1000 members when the meeting is called." So, on the presumption that at the annual general meeting to agree to the amendments, there would need to have been more than 250 members to ensure a quorum (can someone confirm how many was there?) and 2/3's of those members would need to have positively voted for the resolution to be passed (again, can anyone confirm how many voted in favour?). Shall we dispense with the Rules?
  3. KoB playing at the RSPB per chance?
  4. Wales votes for Brexit: - Ford Bridgend: Closure fears for town's engine plant You reap what you sow?
  5. Ah, the appeaser. You tell that to the first person who gets seriously injured - "look son, I know you lost your eye but do you know how much the Irish bretheren bring to the club?".
  6. GLS may be a first time chairman (whatever that means) but he was on the board previously and ran his own company, he's not a daft laddy. However, if he continues to keep the blinkers on and beg at the big money tree and allow the followers of the all Ireland duo to do what they want in the ground, then he is risking alienating the people who turn up every second week. Why would any person with a young child (or even without) even risk going to SMP if there was a chance one set of these fekin ejits is going to possibly set off / throw a firework in to the stand you occupy? Answers on a postcard as I'm sure the club has more important things on their agenda - who's paying for a new tea urn?
  7. Now seems the perfect opportunity for smisa members to be letting their representatives on the board know whether they are desirous of followers of certain clubs being welcomed at SMP. Will apathy prevail as like everything else smisa related?
  8. I like the cut of your jib. OK should then have taken the players off. Certain players dan saf saying if verbally abused, to walk off pitch - being injured by a firework, merits it even more, imo.
  9. Aye, but you wouldn't let them in the ground unless their club, who sell their tickets, warrant their fans conduct.
  10. Time for club to say something, ban the f**kers. Get your fans reps on board to throw their weight.
  11. It is a good idea, never gonna happen though. There are far too many paper doilies and bog roll covers to be acquired first.
  12. Best way to to get a minimum attendance, that's what they want.
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