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  1. We should really just have a big fight and sort it out, nae chibs, or a non violent game of kerplunk - best of 1.
  2. melmac

    Smisa's Shame

    Alas, this forum is only a talking shop - the chances of any forward looking, money saving suggestions actually being taken forward are remote at best. To infinity and beyond!
  3. Great find. So someone in the jam factory, with access to a typewriter. Columbo where are you?
  4. The boy is an asshole puber who thought his actions would have no consequences - sound familiar? Only, his actions were a tad more consequential and deliberate - he knew exactly where he was going and what he was going to do and carried it out. Alas, no back or reset button on that game. If I were him, I'd fear for my life.
  5. melmac

    Smisa's Shame

    Feck, Baz is in on the act, thats this thread goosed. Anyway, alas, they were never truly ring fenced but we know that now - too trusting at the outset - the sheep are out of the pen and never likely to be back in. Be interesting once Scexit happens and the smisa numbers fall off a cliff.
  6. Def agree with the effort in trying. Sore head reading Teresa's, er, Baz's happy clapper guff, depressing. où est le parachute?
  7. Aye, what bastards. Où est le parachute?
  8. Build for the future now https://www.ecotricity.co.uk/business-energy/generation
  9. Because it involves members having to think for themselves. If it is to change the rules, it needs to be an extraordinary resolution and not less than 75% of those voting need to vote in favour of the resolution.
  10. Anywho, back on topic. What we need is a war, can we go and kick the Argies arse again?
  11. So, you're suggesting someone waste their time proposing a resolution to change the rules but which there is no rule to change? Smisa are operating their own internal procedures / arrangements re the 3 monthly spend.
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