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  1. melmac

    Stubbs Already Doomed

    I don't think any supporter wishes that the manager will fail etc. However, given what supporters witnessed before Jack Ross's arrival and what we saw him achieve with the team, things can (and will) change quickly if things go south and we cannot compete.
  2. melmac

    Worst Result In Our History

    It certainly wisnae glorified.
  3. melmac

    Avoid PRW Today ( if you want to )

    There is no denying that. Alas, the government are scared too, why wasn't the FM fronting the fearties march last weekend.
  4. melmac

    Avoid PRW Today ( if you want to )

    It is quite remarkable that we had, over this weekend, tens of thousands of people protest all over the country about the leader of the free world visiting this country yet when faced with actual, tangible, in your face hatred and bigotry, they are nowhere to be seen. Oh the irony.
  5. melmac

    Cole Kpekawa signs

    Aye and big Baird looked more than ropey at times.
  6. melmac


    Well, until they do something I suspect the answer will be yes. The whole fit and proper test thing, this should be something that requires warranting by each individual on a six monthly basis (maybe it is?) rather than on a one of basis. I'm pretty sure that when Sevco go to borrow money from a Bank (if any Bank will go near them), they would need to warrant (prob on a six monthly basis) that they are complying with all laws, legislation etc otherwise this is something that could put them on a sticky wicket.
  7. melmac


    Probably right.
  8. melmac


    Is it a surprise that dodgy Dave's mob have got £3m to pony up an offer for a second rate centre half in the English Championship but Dave's still, after being ordered by the Takeover Panel to deposit £11m in a UK bank account, mumbling about the money coming from a Bank in SA to the UK.
  9. melmac

    Avoid PRW Today ( if you want to )

    These were questions posed by the Archdiocese. I'm sure they'll be ignored and we can all roll on with the indigenous protest-ants doing as they always do.
  10. melmac

    Avoid PRW Today ( if you want to )

    From the Archdiocese of Glasgow today Orange Marches ... good for Scotland? Yesterday evening after vigil Mass at St Alphonsus, Canon Tom White was meeting and greeting parishioners. An Orange march approached. Police - who had been guarding the church - were called away to deal with another nearby incident leaving the priest and parishioners defenceless. Canon White and parishioners were subjected to vile abuse ... ‘******** bastard’ being the most typical. The priest was spat upon. Spittle landed on the back of his head. He wiped it away. Another mouthful of thick spittle was spat into his eye socket. Again he wiped it away leaving his hand full of the vile liquid. He was then further insulted and lunged at by a man carrying a pole before police arrived to restore some kind of order. Questions: 1. What kind of society is it that allows ministers of religion and church goers to be intimidated and attacked by a group which has a long history of fomenting fear and anxiety on city streets? 2. Why is the Orange Order still allowed to schedule its intimidating parades on streets containing Catholic Churches at times when people are trying to get in and out for Mass? Answers please from Police Scotland and Glasgow City Council.
  11. melmac

    Mallan to Barnsley???

    Great piece of business if they did.
  12. melmac

    Mallan to Barnsley???

    4 year deal with hibs. "Announcing the player's departure, Burnley chief executive Gauthier Ganaye said "a profit has been made on the deal and we will retain an interest in Stevie's future".
  13. melmac


    Well, when the authorities said he was fit and proper to complete the takeover (even after his SA convictions), they should have known better. When are they gonna learn?
  14. melmac

    What happens if we raise the funds early?

    That would be an ecumenical matter.
  15. melmac

    Speculation Thread

    We really need to step up with the quality of player we're bringing in - all guys so far are pretty much unknown, could be Messi's could be McGill's.