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I thought about it before but never really got round to it.... Seriously would like to learn about web design.... Wheres the best place to learn.... Can you do it online.... Or would it be better of going to and educational establishment :unsure:

When I say web design I dont mean one stupid wee page but a full on site... basically learning program languages etc...

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You CAN do the HTML bit online and for free - but you need to put in the time.

Depends on the software you have available and who 's your server.

AOL have loads of courses running.

It doesn't take a genius... as you'll have figured knowing some of the folk who've knocked up websites... :rolleyes:

but it does take time to study and understand the power of all the seemingly simple instructions and how they hang together.

A good way to learn is to have a look at the source code of a webpage that you already like the look of, just to see how that works. [you right click your mouse with the cursor somewhere on the webpage then click VIEW SOURCE - go on, try!]

The html code might well be easily 'borrow-able' for you to start building your own set of codes to make your own webpage.

I often 'pay homage' to websites I like by that kind of borrowing. :)

That will teach you the mechanics of putting a web page together - however the art/skill of design is something else not so easily grasped... :(

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Guest squigglebob

Been away for a while (bloody London)

Could try clicky

Good for tutorials, basics etc.........

Can't beat practical examples though... If you like a web page you're viewing do "View" -> "Source" to see how it's achieved. (As mentioned above by chingford)

If you are going to do your own site please ( pretty please) try to use standards e.g follow clicky

And make it viewable by any browser clicky

Sorry to be a net nazi, but it helps others..... e.g. making it accessible to the blind.

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