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  1. One thing you have to hand to JD is that they are one of the only kit manufacturers we have had in recent years that haven't just followed an in-house template and just shoved a badge on it.
  2. A version of this wouldn't be too bad for the away shirt.
  3. jazza

    Tam Mcgarry

    Really is sad sad news. Maybe the buy the buds people could do something in his honour. Name the new bar McGarrys bar or something. RIP
  4. jazza

    Speculation Thread

    Any truth in Gary Teale trying to convince James McFadden to the club?
  5. I wouldn't be too upset if we hired Barry Ferguson, he is young with a lot too prove. It's hard to judge him on the Blackpool job because there were a lot of problems there when he took over but he did manage to stay clear from relegation.
  6. jazza

    Comic Books

    It would be a massive help if people could fill out this survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GRWM5YQ Cheers!
  7. jazza

    Comic Books

    Are any of my fellow buddies a fan of comic books? What are your favourites/reading now? Where do you buy them?
  8. jazza

    Speculation Thread

    http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/sport/football/coventry-city-set-sign-defender-5675599 Yeah looks like webster is off to Coventry. Think he would have been a great signing for us but never mind.
  9. jazza

    Geordie Shore Season 2

    I also heard from a pretty reliable source that Millwall were interested in Newton.
  10. jazza

    Speculation Thread

    2 unrelated people just told me Nacho Novo is in talks with us. Please for the love of god say its not true
  11. jazza

    St Mirren Strip 13/14

    Heard the third kit will be the same design as this years away top but the main colour being yellow and the sash part black. BVB style.
  12. jazza

    Speculation Thread

    Scott Arfield has been released by Huddersfield, might be worth a shout.
  13. jazza

    I'm Listening To....

    Viva Brother - Still Here
  14. jazza

    Speculation Thread

    http://www.walsall.web-fans.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1340:c*ltic-target-recently-released-saddler-williams&catid=4:ex-saddler-news&Itemid=4 According to this we are looking at Left back Tom Williams