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  1. Pre match.... Saints to win over 3.5, 5/6 Also Saints to win over 4.5, 13/8 Half time smashed it for over 10.5... Wtf.... Profit gone ;(
  2. How much do you reckon it would cost to build that for a corner? Genuinely interested to know?
  3. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    Saints to win to nil 2/1 Saints to win both halves 16/5
  4. most popular signings

    1. Thommo 2. Dorman 3. Ross
  5. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

    Pokerstars has us at 2/1 today and Dundee Utd 5/6 at home to QOS wtf? Just hammered it
  6. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Been in it, no bother at all with the Morton fans and is defo seconds away from the ground, it is a complete shithole tho, toilets boggin, if you can get past that, handy for a pint
  7. Mixing Of Family Stand

    Want to offer up something interesting but this whole conversation is just meh...[emoji849]
  8. I've 100% never been in the happy clappy club, but you just need to look at tonight's results in the cup, this is pre season, stuff... elgin 0-1 hearts, Clyde taking 2 off killie etc... jack has the time to get us going from the get go!! And by get go I mean the league! [emoji41][emoji41]
  9. Pretty sure we've been 0-1 down our last two competitive games, we'll be orite! [emoji120][emoji120]
  10. Bet Fred Cup

    Albeit we got relegated that season, that was some Friday night at thistle when we won 1-0 a few years back
  11. Jack Ross - Manager of the Month

    Can't wait for the meltdown when mcinnes goes to Sunderland [emoji41]
  12. Jack Ross - Manager of the Month

    Sounds to me the statement is as transparent as it can be, he's staying put!!! sky still have him at 1/3 for the gig so start getting money on some outsiders & make a bit of cash Stubbs 8/1 Aitken 10/1 Pressley 10/1 Yogi 12/1 Duffy 12/1 Ravanelli 25/1