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  1. Oh and I forgot to mention the Tom Daley antics!!
  2. Two goals in 10 league games and three overall this season. Did nothing against us yesterday except celebrate a goal in which he had no part as if he was Lionel Messi scoring in the World Cup. Is squandering the good potental that he was showing in the half season he played well in last year. So ... NAW!
  3. Thanks guys! Screensaver restored!
  4. Has anyone got a copy of that photo? I had one but lost it when I gave laptop back to work. Used it as my screensaver.
  5. It wasn't that bad, it gave me a Lidl laugh!
  6. Agree that it is good shop for decent quality, strangely branded kit, however, I wish they would have a look at their advertising on Glasgow Road. Their boards still advertise that they are opening on 03 July!
  7. More like £250 for me and my boys when you add the cup final tickets bought this morning! However, I WILL still be there, shouting and singing until the last kick of the ball because that's what we do! It is not our club who arrange the fixture list so can have no say in how many home games are played consecutively in a short period of time, and although they do set the prices for the stadium, there are many barriers to them offering any reductions as season ticket holders would be in an uproar. On the other hand did you not notice the "away" stand full of kids and dads/coaches, most of whom were admitted free by a club trying to ensure an atmosphere and get a future generation of supporters?
  8. He's away from this forum? That'll be why the doc said my blood pressure has improved during a recent visit.
  9. I hope you were confident enough to stick a tenner on this treble? Must have been brilliant odds for a run like that considering where we were a week ago!
  10. Agreed. I thought both players were excellent as they kept the ball in the corner for fully 4 minutes, totally frustrating Raith and taking the pressure off our defence during the seemingly interminable additional time - where the hell did the ref find 5 minutes of stoppages in the second half? The strength shown by Shankland to hold off a defender the size of M'Voto and the absolute joy on the face of Morgan, even when lying on the ground after being hacked was magic!
  11. While leaving the pitch, a confused 'frew committee member asked what the red card was for as there was no apparent incident - with a slight smirk he said that he had told the ref what he thought of him!
  12. Can anyone, and that includes the OP, explain to me what perverse sense of enjoyment the OP gets from being on this forum? He/she clearly has not got the interests of St Mirren at the heart of any posts made, neither does he/she have anything positive to say about any subject initiated by him/herself. Frankly I can see no reason for such a person to be on a St Mirren fan site. It would be like me visiting the Sevco site to troll them. No point at all. Then again, if that's what floats their boat let them continue to post - and let us all totally ignore all of their intolerable attempts to get a hard-on by getting bites from those who may not always agree with each other, but who at least have the best interests of the club we all love at heart.
  13. Maybe they had read some of the anti-SMFC, anti-SG, anti-Board, anti-every f'ing thing Saints orientated posts that you regularly make on here and thought any recommendation by you would be designed to undermine or disadvantage St Mirren?
  14. On the subject of the shop, there are major plans for it's expansion. The plans are to double it in size, taking over an empty room behind it at present, and to incorporate the ticket office into the shop. They also hope that at the end of this season, or at the latest end of next season, that club kit will be sold in the shop, regardless of who s sponsor at the time. Current owners are very pleased with the way things are going up to now, even allowing for the limits imposed by JD's deal and are bringing in new lines all the time - just got a "Saints Wall Mug" for my office coffees and it's pretty snazzy!
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