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  1. Andy Ryan

    Ryan is on £500 a week according to an Airdrie fan I know. Maybe £1300 is what he is looking for from Livvy
  2. Ed Sheeran

    Music for people that don't like music
  3. Speculation Thread

    Billy might improve and turn out to be a good keeper. Then again he might turn out to be the next Scrimmy or Chris Smith. Samson is a safer bet just now but don't know what wage he'll be looking for. Also does he have his driving licence just now?
  4. Billy O'Brien

    I think these stats are more down to the way we dominated games during this period than they are to do with the keeper's ability.
  5. Billy O'Brien

    I think these stats are more down to the way we dominated games during this period than they are to do with the keeper's ability.
  6. Billy O'Brien

    Danny Rogers that Falkirk have on loan from Aberdeen too
  7. St Mirren Contract thread

    Clearly I'm in the minority but I'd be worried if Billy was our first choice keeper next season. He seemed to spill shots in every game, was weak at crosses and doesn't command his area. I sit behind the goals and can honestly say I didn't hear him shout once for the ball. I don't want to criticise any of the players when everyone is so positve but think we need better if we're going to push for the league next season
  8. Cheerio. ex-New England Patriot.

    Obviously getting five years added to life without parole was too much for him
  9. January Window

    Centre mid is the last position we need to strengthen
  10. Bid accepted for Kyle McAllister?

    Disappointed if the fee is correct but despite showing a lot of potential the reality is that Kyle has played a limited number of games for a team well adrift at the bottom of the second tier in Scotland. The size of fee is in part linked to our position. If Kyle was playing in the top flight we would get more but if we get relegated we'll get buttons - how many players in the bottom two tiers in Scotland ever go for any fee never mind a sizeable fee? Maybe the board are simply being pragmatic and taking the money whilst they can. I would love Kyle to stay and keep us up but can you imagine the meltdown if we get relegated and they let Kyle go for £50k

    Agreed. Think the issue isn't we've let good players go for peanuts but that we haven't had players worth lots of money. How many that have left us in recent years have gone on to better things?
  12. Mallan to Barnsley???

    Hamilton only got 500k got James McArthur who had played about 170 games and went to a premier league club. Sell on clause was only 10% but paid off cos McArthur has proven himself down south. Could argue we got a better deal with McGinn with him being out of contract and the sell on clause apparently being 33%.
  13. Mallan to Barnsley???

    Stephen Kingsley and Jay Fulton have both been in the Swansea first team this season. Not sure how much Falkirk got for them but suspect it was nowhere near the going rate for a Premiership player. Would agree it is galling though when you see guys like Fyvie and Andreu go for big money then do nothing
  14. Mallan to Barnsley???

    It's frustrating to see the fees other clubs get but to be fair McCarthy, McArthur and Snodgrass have gone on to prove they are class players and certainly better than anyone we've produced in the same period. Hopefully McGinn goes on to win a big move and we rake in a large sum through the sell on clause. Also have high hopes for some of the young lads currently in the first team.
  15. Mallan to Barnsley???

    Hope I'm wrong but I would be stunned if we get offered anything like 500k based on Mallan's performances this season. Has massively underperformed week in week out but seems to escape the criticism others get.