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  1. andrew87

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Huh Sent from my SM-J530F using Black & White Army mobile app
  2. andrew87

    New Manager Latest Odds

    McCoist might have been new to management but was paying players £7k a week to play against part-timers. If McCoist was being interviewed then we might as well interview Dick Campbell as well. He's won more with Brechin and Arbroath than Ally did with Rangers. By the way I really don't think we should appoint Dick Campbell. Sent from my SM-J530F using Black & White Army mobile app
  3. andrew87

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Stubbs and Caldwell's successful spells were with bigger sides at lower levels where they would have bigger budgets than a lot of their opponents. When they were working with smaller budgets than their opponents they flopped. Sent from my SM-J530F using Black & White Army mobile app
  4. andrew87

    New Manager Latest Odds

    He thinks McCoist would be a good choice. On this basis I wouldn't trust his judgement too much.
  5. andrew87

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Makes you wonder why we identified Kearney as a candidate.
  6. andrew87

    New Manager Latest Odds

    We now need another Champions League winner to replace Kluivert in the running. Please not Edgar Davids.
  7. andrew87

    New Manager Latest Odds

    From today's Record it looks like Kluivert is a non-starter but Guti is definitely interested.
  8. So why respond?!? Seriously though would that be an acceptable solution.
  9. If we kept the main stand and South stand we could give the OF the West stand and sell even more tickets. Presumably that would be ok?
  10. Minus significant increase in police costs and income lost through reducing South stand season ticket prices. Also not every ticket will be £25 due to kids tickets.
  11. Can any of the people in favour of giving OF fans the South stand explain the £100k+ figure? If you believe the decision is justified by the significant extra income then presumably you believe it. Lots of huge positives since the change of ownership but that doesn't mean there should be blind acceptance of everything.
  12. Never realised that. Presumably the contractor pays us a fee to operate in the stadium and we can charge more based on a projected increase in sales? That said I wouldn't imagine any increase would be a huge sum of money
  13. I used £25 as the maximum possible price to get over the magical £100k figure. I suppose there will be an increase in catering sales but I'm still struggling with the sums.
  14. I'm sure someone on here will help me but I'm struggling with the supposed six figure sum we will get out of this. If we have three OF games that's 4500 tickets. £25 a ticket would be £112,500 but police costs will be significantly higher and reducing South stand season ticket prices will cut income. Potentially some fans won't renew tickets though guess this will be far fewer than the number that threaten not to. Top six might give 4 home OF games but I would be concerned if we are basing our budget on a top six finish when Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts are likely to take five out of six spots.
  15. andrew87

    Darryl Duffy

    I'm delighted to pay a player to not play if the reason their not playing is cos Morgan, Smith and Reilly are banging the goals in. Rather that than having to rely on Duffy or someone else to come on and try and rescue a result for us every week.