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  1. St Mirren V ICT 6th Jan 2018

    What a good day all round. League favourites [emoji23] united get stuffed. Soapdodgers drop points. The wife on nights & a great band on down the pub. & the Saints go marching on. Happy days.
  2. Billy Dodds - knows nearly as much as Alex Rae

    The more folk talk up united, the less pressure we'll be under which will suit us better.
  3. Stand Still When Snowing

    Quite a few schools have been closed today because of the snow. Another crock of shite that is. We done PE at Barrhead High outside in far worse conditions. Doing our cross country running through Cowan Park in snow heavier than this.
  4. Stand Still When Snowing

    Every cloud I suppose
  5. Stand Still When Snowing

    As the OP said, place has come to a standstill. Was meant to be meeting a few folk in a pub 3 miles away. 1 chap "won't risk it" & another fella I know (from Dagenham) won't venture into Romford, 2 miles away because the roads aint gritted. Absolute crock of shite.
  6. Stand Still When Snowing

    beggars belief is, the snow has been forecast for how many days? In East London we knew it was coming for 3 or 4 days. The other day, I seen gritters out on the streets but none were gritting, today, I drove down the A12, not a hint of grit on roads. Useless of shite. Many folk down here become incapable when it snows.
  7. Pub talk and Joma Tops

    throw a tea towel over it and run the iron over it, it should stick on easily enough. embroidered badges tend to work out cheaper than iron on badges but the iron on badges are more convenient for the supplier/manufacturer
  8. Youth Football Clubs {You Are Involved With}

    Thought of this thread when the ladies football thread got started and we were discussing how the ladies team will be funded. Anyone else know of funding streams/initiatives that can be tapped into to apply for funding for SMISA &St Mirren to develop ladies football for the club. Many thanks. It takes quite a bit of work explore funding, attend the meetings (if required), build the business case, submit the application etc etc & organise the fundraisers & so forth. Sharing any knowledge you have regarding funding, could be invaluable to supporting this initiative from SMISA & St Mirren. http://www.mcdonalds.co.uk/ukhome/Sport/Football.html http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish_football.cfm?page=2997 https://thescottishfootballpartnership.com/ https://sportscotland.org.uk/funding/ https://www.aldi.co.uk/scottishsportfund http://www.gov.scot/Topics/Built-Environment/regeneration/communityfunds Many thanks
  9. St. Mirren ladies team

    Is it the same Joma kit though?
  10. St. Mirren ladies team

    We appear to want the same thing. Happy days.
  11. St. Mirren ladies team

    I am not in disagreement with you but Ffs, at least have the courtesy to get it right if you want to be offended. Let me spell it out for you. you will have noticed SMISA took this to St Mirren, not the other way round. In their email, SMISA wrote "The women’s team still have some work to do to be ready for the start of their season and there are still some aspects of their operation to be agreed, for example where they will train and play. It is also currently planned for the players to pay monthly subs to cover rental and match day fees, a practice the team hope to move away from as they progress – hopefully up the leagues. In the short term, anyone interested in making donations or providing sponsorship, for example team or player sponsorship, can get in touch with SMISA committee member Kenny Morrison via [email protected] The SMISA committee" Hopefully, you will now get the gist The Club & SMISA are intending (at this moment in time, to charge the players subs. Where will they play? Where will they train? Why not within the current facilities available to St Mirren FC? To me, this appears a barely touched the oven idea rather than 1/2 baked but having said that, an exciting development at St Mirren FC & one that will get my support. I hope it achieves the goals being set at this time. Oh aye, the off the peg kit & logo is in regards to someone else sponsoring the ladies team. Is the Skyview logo on the youth team kits? If yes, i expect, like you, for it to be on the ladies kit too. If no, then for financing purposes, i expect attempts to get their kit sponsored & with that, the sponsors logo on it. Hope that helps.
  12. St. Mirren ladies team

    I interpretted it the same way as you have so opted to express where I think their matches should be. I really hope this doesn't turn into a vanity project that turns south quickly. What funding has been explored? Have potential sponsors been approached? What pitches are being considered? For matches? Where will training be? What infrastructure to run/manage the team has been set up. They'll need basic equipment to get going........
  13. St. Mirren ladies team

    Aye, that is true. When i talk of smisa, i mean the whole shebang, not just the smisa board. I am sure the members will support it, as will I but i am aware, through my involvment in youth football, that funding is available through a variety of avenues. That's the gist of the drum i am banging, i hope SMISA, St Mirren or whoever appropriate looks at funding rather than taking the "we'll ask SMISA to fund it" approach As far as i know, Professional football clubs are not exempt from applying for funding, hence the suggestion to go explore before asking smisa
  14. St. Mirren ladies team

    Have you read the SMISA email? It appears not. Anyways, It's an off the peg kit isn't it? Do all associated St Mirren teams all play in the same kit with Skyview emblazoned across the chest? If not, i'd expect some financial prudence in seeking sponsorship. I mentioned provans because of their links to St Mirren, womans football being high on the agenda of the FA's & it will gather some publicity, a perfect sponsorship opportunity to be engaged with. For all it matters, could be any company. There is a few funding streams/opportunities available for this. SMISA does not need to be involved in funding this unless they want to be. Paying subs is in the email from SMISA. Just in case you didn't work that out by now.
  15. St. Mirren ladies team

    There is plenty funding streams available for this not to require financial support from SMISA. Let them play & train at Ralston. They are a part of St Mirren after all. Kit......whats yer man Provan up to with his sportswear company? A sponsorship opportunity right there. Other local companies for sponsorship also. Charging the ladies subs?? There's a lot of interest for womans football, go the whole hog & start with u7's right up to adult & offer progression in the club