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  1. saints fans survey 2017

    Stuart, I think there is only so many times a fella can discuss or explain the same thing, The same stuff that was discussed months ago is getting dragged up again. I am surprised Tsu has the energy to do so all again. I'd have thought "f*** that" donkeys ago & the outcome still is, it's not going to change to how you think it should be managed. 1, 2 or a few dissenting voices is not going to make one iota of difference if the vast majority are happy with how things are. What you are looking for from the whole shebang is very very different to the vast majority & therein lies your sticking point. If SD agreed with any of your concerns, the fella Jenkins ears would have pricked up & he'd have got onto SMISA, the fact they haven't suggests SD are comfortable with the way SMISA are conducting their business & the vast majority appear happy to go with the flow and for those reasons, it appears to me, your arguments are futile. I signed up to donate £12 per month to SMISA knowing £2 would go to a discretionary pot. Like you, I don't agree with how it's been spent to date & I don't agree with it being used to pay wages (of players or sports scientists) but a lot more members did agree to do so. I will respect their choice The biggest concern for me is the carnage that I expect will ensue when The Buds are bought & the SMISA membership proceed to electing a BOD that will be the St Mirren BOD. Back to the £2 spend, instead of spunking it every 3 months, I suggested to SMISA that it gets saved into a fund for when The Buds are Bought. The Club will need money then & it won't have the support like what SMISA provides just now to turn to. I cannot imagine all 1300 curren SMISA members will continue paying monthly fees on the never never.
  2. One for all the golfers in forumland...

    och, when the course coverage extends outside of Renfrewshire, I'll share a couple of gems in Essex. Some lovely courses & not so sodden :-)
  3. Consultation/Involvement..?

    I think me & you are just about on the same page with regards to the club having a wish-list. However, I think their funding requests should be for new initiatives that are outside of usual budgeting. It would be good to see The Commercial Department/Manager introduce new initiatives each season to demonstrate The Club are doing their bit & not relying on SMISA for easy access to some money.
  4. Consultation/Involvement..?

    Jack Ross thanking a SMISA member for SMISA' money to fund a sports scientist didn't help and certainly fuelled the doubters of "what Gordon wants, Gordon gets" or more succinctly, options being "waved through" for the 3 monthly spend. By stating "Gordon's a member of SMISA" are you suggesting Gordon, as a member of SMISA has every right to submit suggestions for the 3monthly spend? I would agree, he should. As should Alan Wardrop or any other StMirren FC board member or employee be allowed but should any/their pecuniary interest not be declared to The SMISA membership?
  5. The 3 Monthly Spend

    It' not a bad thing to spend money on the club but jayz ohh, we'd still be living in caves if man didn't have the ability to review good & bad ideas & improve upon them. St Mirren are in a good financial position right now, they shouldn't need to be asking their fanbase for financial support to pay wages for extra hours of any employee. The club should have the money to pay for it itself. It is well documented, the old board had heehaw cash. They sold Love St & we moved to clear debts & still they had hee haw money at their disposal. Right now, the club is probably in it's healthiest financial position (probably) for as long as many of us can remember but the club turns to SMISA wirh requests for financial assistance. Do me a favour, the club doesn't need to do that but it does because it's there. What happens when The Buds is Bought & SMISA really are the majority shareholder? Who will SMISA turn to when The Buds is Bought & the 1300 or so members monthly subscriptions are no longer being paid & the £2 pot (or any other pot) has all but disappeared. 1300 + are, I don't think, going to continue paying £12 per month after GLS has been bought out? How does the USH get fixed then? How does the gym equipment get replaced? How does the Sports Scientist get funded never mind funded for additional hours? How does..... How does.... How doe.... As I see it, St Mirren is in a healthy financial position, if it wants ought, budget for it. If St Mirren was proper skint, i'd fully agree with the £2 pot being utilised for whatever St Mirren wants. But, St Mirren is not skint & shouldn't need to ask. SMISA on the other hand (in my opinion) should be recognising this & saying to it's members ( & by doing so, prove to be progressive) "St Mirren is financial stable at the moment, we propose to save the £2 pots for when we have majority ownership of the club properly as we all know, the USH, HOF boards & lots of other jobs will need doing in the future. Please vote Yes - save for when we have majority ownership. No - spend, spend, spend just like we said we would. That's what i'd be putting to the SMISA committee if i were on it.
  6. The 3 Monthly Spend

    spending some of the money they got for Steven Mallan would surely have that positive impact on the pitch you crave rather than emptying SMISA's coffers for the sheer f**k of it. As Tsu said, the club is in a good financial position right now so why are SMISA entertaining their requests for financial support. Blinkered & short sighted but hey ho, the people have spoken. I can respect their choices but don't agree the choices should have been on the ballot.
  7. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Your customers don't think so
  8. The 3 Monthly Spend

    when SMISA owns The Club, there'll be no monthly £2 spend pot to bail anything out. Spunking the money every 3 months is not preparing for the future but that is how it was sold. So squander the money on things like this, we must
  9. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Did we not have to go all seater to get into the spl?
  10. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Did we go all seater for the sake of it & all along, to get into the SPL, we could have had terracing ? Why is Shull not in charge?
  11. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Shrewsbury Town have set up a crowd funding page. Trying to raise £75000 for 550 rail seats to be installed. We have a starter for 10 of £136 per rail seat if we were ever to consider saving for such a project. I expect the costs could vary depending on a number of factors but as i said, it is a starter for 10 :-)
  12. The 3 Monthly Spend

  13. The 3 Monthly Spend

    When does the £2 spend vote close & what is the timescale to be notified of what the members have voted on? Thanks
  14. The 3 Monthly Spend

    & we can get Shull to collect & deliver & have some left for a decent tip
  15. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Tell them to send me £2500, i'll get them more balls & an invoice/receipt. I''ll even get them Joma balls if that's what they want [emoji12]