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  1. saints fans survey 2017

    Unfortunately, it's not pretty clear for the question being asked. Back to the original point, it was suggested to SMISA that an option was added to each & every vote for the £2 pot money (or a portion of it) to be saved for when The Buds were bought. At no time has it been suggested to suspend the quarterly vote/spend. Therefore, your assumption of an impingement on democracy is incorrect. It has been a request to put the option on the vote to save that particular £2 pot, not carry it over but save it for when SMISA are the majority shareholder. That would be for the SMISA members to vote on & decide spend or save. That's not compromising democracy either. In the past 20+ years, St Mirren has not been cash strapped, in fact, every penny has been a prisoner for the most part. But in the past year or two, St Mirren has brought in sizeable transfer fees that should mean, it can afford to pay it's own bills. Fir me, it is not a case of them & us. One day SMISA will need some cash reserves of its own. Why, in your opinion, is looking to the future & building up a bit of a bank balance for when the buds is bought, such a bad thing?
  2. saints fans survey 2017

    I did suggest previously, that a " save it" option was added to each quarterly vote. That got added to 1 vote only. I find it kind of ludicrous that the £2 discretionary spending pot has most definately become the St Mirren FC slush fund. Made even more ludicrous by club requests for money to buy items that should be the sole responsibility of the club to fund itself ( how many times can i say " match quality training balls for the 1st team. FFS") I understand the argument others put across about the betterment of the club. I just don't agree that the club should go cap in hand to SMISA for items it should be budgetting for or when it has recently brought in Xxx in transfer fees or if there is any freeloading going on (even to the tune of 1 sausage roll). Hope that last bit was just a bit of mischief making by the OP suggesting freeloading.
  3. saints fans survey 2017

    Vote no & the money gets saved. Right? Till when?? Carry over till the next vote? Carry over till a vote of choice? Carry over until the Buds is Bought? The "saving it" option has not actually been defined, so, unfortunately bud, it really isn't that simple. I'm an advocate for saving some/most of the pot for big ticket items or for when the club is in fan ownership (buds is bought rather than a majority shareholder being a fan) than spunk it every 3 months on a little bit of this & a little bit of that. Match quality footballs for a full time professional football club to train with. FFS. Do me a favour Next we'll have the printing of the numbers on the 1st team shirts.
  4. Chairman's statement

    Is it possible, GLS submitted other requests & got told "cant give you that much as we're putting Glenvale down for £1800" Hence why he knew before the SMISA membets, whose money it actually is?
  5. saints fans survey 2017

    If folk want to continue paying the £12 per month beyond the buy out, that'll be great news for the club. Right here, right now, i cannot see anywhere near 1000 people continuing.
  6. saints fans survey 2017

    I cannot imagine 1000 supporters continuing to "invest" £12 per month once the Buds is Bought. Over the current term of 10 years, £1440 is not a paltry investment for hee haw in return other than rubber stamping the paying of some shopping lists of the club (which, imho, should be budgeted for by the club) So, back to where will the club get the finances to pay for x, y & z that it is currently going to SMISA to pay for.
  7. Chairman's statement

    I am surprised that an Independant Supporters Association that SMISA is supposed to be, informed GLS of the funding options before making them known to its members. As for the funding option itself, is there not enough 4&5 year olds in the Paisley area for both Street Stuff & Glanvale FC to thrive? It was suggested elsewhere of a pecuniary interest between a SMISA board member & a senior figure at Glenvale. If that is the case, where was this declared.
  8. Chairman's statement

    The suggestion of " Save the Money" was not meant to be a carry over. It was intended to be saved & kept until The Buds is Bought & act as SMISA' own rainy day fund. Instead, the £2 pot appears to be being used as St Mirrens rainy day fund but not waiting for the rain. Match balls for the 1st team to train with?? FFS, the game is a bogey if a full time football club cannot budget for training footballs itself. Back to When the Buds is bought How will 1st team match standard training balls be funded? How will the training equipment for the Academy be funded? How will Street Stuff be funded? How will things like all the other projects the £2 pot has been spent on get paid for?
  9. saints fans survey 2017

    When the Buds is Bought & the bills start coming in, what then will fund Training equipment for the academy Who will fund "match quality" footballs for 1st team training? How will St MIrren in the community get funded? There really needs to be a save for the rainy day fund for when SMISA are officially, the owners. If a GLS guided St Mirren thats brought in an additional £400k in transfer fees, needs to ask its supporters for financial ssistance, what chance SMISA wont need to do the same? The option really needs to have a 'Save it' option on every ballot.
  10. Music Gigs

    Placebo at Brixton Academy on the 24th. A cracking venue, defo the best in the south.
  11. Who Was St Mirin ?

    There's a St Mirren's cemetery near Rogart in Sutherland. He was a well travelled fella
  12. saints fans survey 2017

    It's like a wee secret society. I could imagine a situation like this occurring, in the stands & down the pub. "Pssst, Dicksons back on BAWA" "Right, i'm away home to get online and get outraged" [emoji3]
  13. saints fans survey 2017

    Stuart, I think there is only so many times a fella can discuss or explain the same thing, The same stuff that was discussed months ago is getting dragged up again. I am surprised Tsu has the energy to do so all again. I'd have thought "f*** that" donkeys ago & the outcome still is, it's not going to change to how you think it should be managed. 1, 2 or a few dissenting voices is not going to make one iota of difference if the vast majority are happy with how things are. What you are looking for from the whole shebang is very very different to the vast majority & therein lies your sticking point. If SD agreed with any of your concerns, the fella Jenkins ears would have pricked up & he'd have got onto SMISA, the fact they haven't suggests SD are comfortable with the way SMISA are conducting their business & the vast majority appear happy to go with the flow and for those reasons, it appears to me, your arguments are futile. I signed up to donate £12 per month to SMISA knowing £2 would go to a discretionary pot. Like you, I don't agree with how it's been spent to date & I don't agree with it being used to pay wages (of players or sports scientists) but a lot more members did agree to do so. I will respect their choice The biggest concern for me is the carnage that I expect will ensue when The Buds are bought & the SMISA membership proceed to electing a BOD that will be the St Mirren BOD. Back to the £2 spend, instead of spunking it every 3 months, I suggested to SMISA that it gets saved into a fund for when The Buds are Bought. The Club will need money then & it won't have the support like what SMISA provides just now to turn to. I cannot imagine all 1300 curren SMISA members will continue paying monthly fees on the never never.
  14. One for all the golfers in forumland...

    och, when the course coverage extends outside of Renfrewshire, I'll share a couple of gems in Essex. Some lovely courses & not so sodden :-)
  15. Consultation/Involvement..?

    I think me & you are just about on the same page with regards to the club having a wish-list. However, I think their funding requests should be for new initiatives that are outside of usual budgeting. It would be good to see The Commercial Department/Manager introduce new initiatives each season to demonstrate The Club are doing their bit & not relying on SMISA for easy access to some money.