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  1. Graeme Aitken

    Alan's first signings

    Hopefully, some promising starlets coming through Finch Farm (Everton' training ground)
  2. Graeme Aitken

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Jack Ross no longer wanted the job, Alan Stubbs does. That is good enough for me to support his appointment. a few folk are focusing on his previous attachments to Celtic & Hibs and thinking, lets hope he can get some players on loan. Nought wrong with that, if it is in St Mirren' interests but as well as being club captain for a while, he coached at Everton for a few years after he stopped playing. When you consider the youth that comes through Everton' ranks and go out on loan and return to go on & play for the 1st team, Finch Farm is could be a great place for Mr Stubbs to look for quality loanees.
  3. Graeme Aitken

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    at least 15 foot tall and stop everyone/anyone getting sight of it.
  4. Graeme Aitken

    Champions League Final

    That is counterbalanced by their kip in the afternoon [emoji3]
  5. Graeme Aitken

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    An unbudgeted for £100k coming in.......... No need to touch the ring fenced pot. Happy days. [emoji23]
  6. Graeme Aitken

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Or managing a team in the countries top league
  7. Graeme Aitken

    Buy The Buds

    We have done it to death. I was just being mischievous. I much prefer your version of how this all pans out and hope, in 8 years time (or less) I can come back and say 'Baz, you called it spot on' SMISA now has the added responsibility of not embarrassing you in that timeframe.
  8. Graeme Aitken

    Buy The Buds

    and if the protected pot gets dipped into again and again, what's the chances that SMISA won't be able to pay 'on the day' Ach, let's not go there. It won't happen, they've told us so.
  9. Graeme Aitken

    Kenny Pointon

    Sad news indeed. My first foray onto football forums was the feeshal site. Kenny (& Karin') contribution was immense. My condolences to Karin and all their family.
  10. Graeme Aitken

    SMISA Annual Report 2018 email

    What a load of utter nonsense. Raising concerns is not anti BTB, SMISA or the club. Hasn't SMISA said they are learning? If no one raised concerns and no one engaged in discussion, SMISA could just bumble along, believing it is doing well and no learning would ever be made. And if it went tits up, there'd be the fallback of "nobody said. We just done what we thought was best"
  11. Graeme Aitken

    SMISA Annual Report 2018 email

    I joined up at the start, same way I did to the 1877 Club. These are the small things I can do whilst living down in London. I only manage to get to 1 or 2 matches per season (due to work & football coaching commitments through the season). This is my way of doing my bit. I have no gripe with SMISA as such but would like consistency. I don't want to dig them out, as I, being involved in running a Youth football club with 200+ players and also being involved with one of the leagues down here, appreciates the work that any volunteer does. I am not for spitting the dummy or cancelling my SMISA membership if a poll result is not how I voted. In it for the long haul but I will discuss my points/concerns/objections etc and keep mind open to others points of view too. I don't know the SMISA folks at all but I'll make my mind up about individuals after i've met them, not how they come across on a forum. Anyways, I sold the Kombi (1971 Westie) and that's what brought the name change. If i picked a user name to do with a favourite player, it'd be Alan Logan.
  12. Graeme Aitken

    SMISA Annual Report 2018 email

    I am starting to like you [emoji16]
  13. Graeme Aitken

    SMISA Annual Report 2018 email

    I did distinguish the interested from the sheep (disinterested). Perhaps you didn't notice that. What we cannot quantify within the SMISA flock is how many are interested and how many are sheep so we'll never know how many of your 88% (of voters) are interested and how many are sheep just as we won't know, how many of the 12% (of voters) are interested and how many are sheep.
  14. Graeme Aitken

    SMISA Annual Report 2018 email

    aye, SMISA are all over the place with this. Hey ho, it is done now. Hopefully won't get done again (unless the interested and sheep (disinterested) continue voting yes).
  15. Graeme Aitken

    SMISA Annual Report 2018 email

    Basil, I am not missing anything. We've done the merrygoround on the other thread to death. I have no interest in debating the same old same old again. Groundhog day is over. I am talking about the inconsistencies in where the money comes from. SMISA could have said "you know that £50k, we have as a loan facility for the club. They've asked for it to replace the astro at Ralston. We can give them £5k from before BTB that we had in the bank gathering dust. Add that to £5k from each of the April & July votes (if vote says yes) and top it up with £35k from the loan facility. No need to look at ring fenced money. No need to have 88% of yes voters or 12% of no voters voting on a needless vote. Instead, we got presented "use money that is just sitting there, gathering dust" There was also the line about gathering little interest. Turns out, it wasn't gathering dust at all and it wasn't gathering any interest either. Why not? Because the members haven't paid it in yet. My point, that you are missing is, if SMISA are going to spin us lines. Remember what you've spun and stick to it. I may not agree with proposals but I will accept the vote results. In that statement, SMISA has done nothing to allay concerns that this is (to quote Cockles) a clusterf**k. To recap SMISA has a legal obligation to loan St Mirren FC £50000 and has that facility available to be used (if the members agree) Use that. No need to touch ring fenced money. Everyone is a winner. Job done. Oh hold on, by using the ring fenced pot and SMISA repaying its own loan to the club (now by December) The £50000 loan facility will be replenished and available again for the club. And all this despite revenue being up big style and £1 million or thereabouts coming in in transfer fees with potentially more to come in (lots of speculation about John McGinn being on the move with a fair wedge coming our way). Hmmmmmmmm, SMISA has got to say no sometime.