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  1. The ITN news interviewed their oldest fan. I love stories like that, people who have followed their club all their life and they're not a fan of one of the "huge clubs". Heartwarming.
  2. I would have said Frank McGarvey, Peter Weir, Andy Dorman, Doug Somner, Frank McAvennie but they've all been suggested so I'll opt for Brian Gallagher.
  3. Yet you still make a mess of your posts on a regular basis! 😝
  4. Oh dear, have I caught you out lying again?!
  5. What a complete mess you are! You recently quoted one of my posts and said my post proved that the "NHS was in a mess with Care in the Community clearly not working" and then you post this complete nonsense?! Going by other posts on here I'm clearly not the only one who thinks you're a complete clown. You need help. I don't think it's funny me saying that because I genuinely believe you need help. How is the "nice family tea" going tonight by the way? Did Tesco have the Value Lager and Chocolate Eclairs in stock?!
  6. I can't speak for others but I'm not Shull. It is hilarious though reading your posts constantly claiming that I am Shull! You're beyond paranoid, completely deluded and unstable. It's actually very sad to be honest.
  7. Billy Thomson was before my time unfortunately but I've heard plenty about him and I did see him as an opponent of St. Mirren a few times. I didn't know he was from Linwood, which I've just read on the article shared by Balmullo Bud above. My thoughts are with his family, friends and former teammates. As has been pointed out already, he was still young and him and Frank McGarvey are a loss. Pelé must be forming a great side up above us. R.I.P.
  8. That was a lovely read. Thank you for sharing.
  9. What a cracker of a top that one is!
  10. You're correct, I've just noticed that now you've pointed it out! 😊
  11. I see that it's still not up to date.
  12. I wouldn't go to Ibrox or Parkhead even if I was given a free ticket. Been to both grounds before, witnessing the Celtic 0-3 St. Mirren as a very small nipper. I also attended two Scotland matches at the redeveloped Parkhead as well. I go home matches against the two Glasgow vermin clubs but they're on my season ticket anyway plus we don't give them the two stands anymore which helps. Well done and good luck to anyone going though. I just don't want to put myself through all the hassle that comes with visiting those two grounds.
  13. I was at a concert Carol Laula put on the Spiegeltent a few years ago. It was billed as "Carol and Friends". Tom Urie recited a poem by Robert Tannahill at it and Sir Tony Fitzpatrick and Gordon Scott were in attendance. I think they raffled a signed jersey at it if I remember correctly. A great night out, all about the best of Paisley and it's history. I think she performed a couple of Gerry Rafferty songs too.
  14. I attended a concert as part of the "Homecoming" celebrations in 2009. The concert was lots of different Scottish artists such as The Skids, Midge Ure and loads of others. Richard Jobson had a very powerful voice and that was the first I'd heard him sing live. I can only imagine what his voice was like when younger. I grew up knowing his name more for his work in films.
  15. When it's not your day, it's not your day. I thought it was going to be a damp squib 0-0 draw as I couldn't see either team scoring but Élie Youan proved me wrong. I actually thought he might end up getting fouled and then a penalty being awarded.
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