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  1. MotherwellSaint

    New Manager Latest Odds

    fitzy sayinf could be 1-2 weeks before new manager announced do we have that time ? need another 8 players in
  2. MotherwellSaint

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

  3. MotherwellSaint

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    club have just announced that have gave permission to sunderland
  4. MotherwellSaint

    Paul McGinn

    Old news that been on cards since season finished
  5. MotherwellSaint

    Speculation Thread

    scott cuthbert released from luton only 30 could well do a job for us if wants back up the road.
  6. £27 for old firm games for adults and £12 for kids is OTT almost £40 for me and my son
  7. MotherwellSaint

    Summer Transfer Window

    Was at Plymouth 2nd part of season aye local lad as well
  8. MotherwellSaint

    Summer Transfer Window

    Paul Paton I've heard
  9. will be interesting to see hoe much for payg as looksd like £22 a head is pretty steep given still got to pay for tickets for kids as well just need to wait and see as cant commit for season
  10. MotherwellSaint

    Squad For Next Season

    Yeah forgot bout the January signings
  11. MotherwellSaint

    Squad For Next Season

    Does anyone know who is signed up for next season as it stands.? Cammy Smith has a year left Not sure on anyone else
  12. MotherwellSaint

    Lanarkshire Pick up Dundee

    Looking to.see if any buds heading to.dundee from Lanarkshire area and able to.drop.me back in Motherwell after game would cover all fuel costs just for myself. Cheers
  13. MotherwellSaint

    Travelling To Dundee.

    PM sent mate
  14. MotherwellSaint

    Brechin away 7th April

    I know but of a long shot looking to see if any fellow buds ideally in Lanarkshire are travelling up in car would have space for myself and my 12 year old son struggling as all.supporters buses full and no direct trains to brechin. COYS