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  1. Just one word regarding that, begins with H and ends with Loo Ya.
  2. Haven't you heard ...........he's off to Barnsley
  3. Glad it's sorted for the moment anyway and very happy that he is still with us. I do agree that it might seem as per the quotation above that he has 'played' the game; but if so, so what, if he was less worldly wise he wouldn't have gotten us to where we are and instead this Saturdays match would be at Cliftonhill playing Albion Rovers. I have no problem with any man making the best of work or potential work opportunities and I would prefer to think of him as a man of principle who intends to do exactly what he has said for months . ie; to get this team back to the premier division. Oh and by the way he might do a better job in Politics tha the majority of the 'bawbags' there at the moment
  4. So ....should one really use a comma before and? And does not the use of quotation marks negate the need for the actual word itself? Also one assumes compo is an abbreviation of compensation? Invext I am going to guess should have been invest? and SMFC is St Mirren Football Club and not Some Moron Forever Commenting .... on this forum and finally whenever has common sense prevailed when it relates to anyone's favourite football club? Oh and ...nearly forgot; this is of course only in my opinion
  5. BUT: they are paying what I would imagine is fairly good wages for a majority of players who they then transfer for free ............... weekly on-going costs; (in the main players salaries) are a clubs main outgoings and that must amount to a penny or two methinks
  6. An interesting and somewhat ironical comment on the Barnsley forum from a genuine and 'honest' supporter ARC ArcherfieldActive Member Joined: Jan 9, 2013 Messages: 154 Likes Received: 41 Trophy Points: 28 Location: Archerfield, Scotland Style: Barnsley (full width) Archerfield, Yesterday at 11:11 PM #1
  7. This on Pie and Bovril. http://www.the-gazette.co.uk/sport/15991113.St_Mirren_chief_executive_Tony_Fitzpatrick___There___s_been_absolutely_no_contact_with_Barnsley__over_manager_Jack_Ross/
  8. Director Election Candidacy - Kenny Morrison

    I have been aware of Smisa from way back (having been a fan since the 1950's) and have to say that recent developments do cause me concern as I wonder why the (Smisa) committee has not had the common sense to simply provide a statement explaining the situation. Smisa is a wonderful concept and it would be such a shame if it became a 'closed shop'. It would seem that 'some people' think that this already happening given that 'sausage roll brigade and Bowling club approach' are both phrases indicative of this. LOVE THE CLUB AND THE TEAM AND THE MANAGER .... BUT SUSPICIOUS IF Smisa
  9. January 2018 Transfer Window

    Ha - grasping at straws even more desperately - who said he is in any way, shape or form like Morgan.. He might play the same position at times, but it is hard to be identical. He is a stand in option (suspension or injury or when the manager thinks it would be good to bring on fresh legs for Morgan or Smith or possibly others) - and when Morgan leaves, he may well get his slot in the 1st team.. you cannot be that stupid and think I said or meant anything other than this? Oh yes he can
  10. January 2018 Transfer Window

    not acceptable, cheating is simply wrong ..........end of!
  11. Speculation Thread

    judging by the conversation oh here, I guess it might be somebody called Ed
  12. Get the feeling that 'some people' have to look for the negatives in anything that seems too good to be true, the sort that poke a tooth when it might have a twinge, poke it hard enough 'just to make sure it really hurts'
  13. Third Lanark

    Did Mark Fulton play in the same team as TC? I have this Mantra in my head from those days of . Connaghan, Murray, Connell, Fulton, McFadden, Renton, Adamson, Blair, Kane, Aird and Hamilton. whether that was actually ever a St Mirren team that played together or not I'm not sure but it's been stuck in my head for years
  14. Third Lanark

    I remember we got Tony Connell from them when they went out of business ... tony was a Jimmy hill type (but without the chin) and a decent left back from what I recall