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  1. Erhahon? discuss, explain.....please
  2. QoS Game

    Or..... perhaps the splints on his fingers might do the business
  3. League Prediction

    We beat Falkirk, lay down a marker then last seasons confidence could carry us far..... but do we have a player that can get 15-25 goals- See there for me is the issue, we need a front man and it sure isn't Sutton..... Yes he will get some goals but not nearly enough- Look at Yards and Bazza under Tom, won us so many games I see Caley got John Baird and QOS kept Dobbie, now either or both of them and there is a true mark of intent.... We are light upfront I just thought I ought to give you some of this to chew upon...
  4. Craig Thomson

    Definitive answer and Scottish football equate somewhat similarly to 'intelligence' being 'supposedly' the middle word in CIA
  5. Anyone know why Jack was sent to the stand?
  6. Challenge Cup

    I wonder............... would you think that perhaps there may be 'other' St Mirren supporters who do NOT belong to SMiSA and who just may not support your train of thought, I certainly don't. And so......... are we a provincial club with an elite (SMiSA) who's access to the BoD will determine the views of those (elite) supporters .....what about everybody else? My suggestion is ...... Get a life! it's a game of football
  7. Misery Guts V Happy Clappers

    I fink it should be misery guts or Garf's Gang and I certainly don't want to be a misery guts....thank you anyway
  8. Football Fans and Behaviour

    Much as it pains me to agree with someone who could cause an argument in an empty room; Shull has a point, and although I see nothing wrong with making it clear (to those who behave in a racist manner be it through what they say ...or do) that such language or behavior is inappropriate, there is certainly no point in taking to the stage where it may develop into a 'larger' more immediate physical problem. As Shull says; find somebody who feels equally outraged and report those at fault. I do understand this reluctance to be 'not the one who tittle tattles' but really in this day and age we should be beyond that..... and us 'grown ups' who are actually grown up should stand up and DO something about it other than simply post on here. Oh and by the way stoopit is spelled stupit. Some people!!!
  9. Fly into Paisley Airport Saturday morning, back to Jersey Sunday lunchtime (along with TPAFKA J2], really looking forward to this one. 3-1 to the mighty buds. watch this man........HE knows things???
  10. Stranraer v St. Mirren 15/07/17

    Those were the days my friend we thought they'd never end for we were young............
  11. Pre Season Friendlies

    Lionel Messi moving to St Mirren. to replace Stevie Mallan in a £100million deal is nothing more than ‘noise’, according to his former Barcelona team-mate Xavi. Rumours of a sensational switch away from the Nou Camp have increased amid contract issues between the five-time Ballon d’Or winner and Barca. The Catalan club recently admitted they are struggling financially to meet the Argentinian’s wage demands. St Mirren have been linked with a £100million bid, a deal that would see Messi and Jack Ross unite However Xavi has played down such a prospect. " Messi is not in Mallon's League- Lets be Honest ‘There’s always a lot of noise in the media when it comes to Messi, I know Saints have previous history with Barca with Archibald and Victor’ he told Fox Sports. ‘He’s the second best player in the world , behind Stevie Mallan, and people always want to write about him, but often the noise is false, it’s not true, and I’m sure that’s the case at the moment.’ Erm: not sure what this lads drinking....but Ill have a pint
  12. 14 hours ago, shull said: AND NOW WE HAVE AN OPEN DAY FOR SEASON TICKET HOLDERS ONLY Fecking laughable " Aye, you support St Mirren and pay 20 quid at the gate when you can but you aint welcome at THE ST MIRREN OPEN DAY " MARKETING Got to be right, what Shull is saying how the heck can an 'open dy' NOT be open........... a big mistake and a huge missed opportunity
  13. General Election 8th June

    Devastation is losing around 40% of your seats in a single election. Devastation is losing almost half your vote in one election. Devastation is when you lose a raft of seats where you had majorities of around 10k or more and are sitting one day later with a 5-10k deficit. There is no sugar coating of this. We could easily have been sitting on 20 to 25 MPs today. Every single one of those 35 SNP MPs has their coat on a shoogly peg. Almost all of this is due to IndyRef2 and as such is an entirely self inflicted wound. Without IndyRef2, Labour and the Tories had absolutely no campaign message whatsoever. Edited 9 minutes ago by oaksoft Have to broadly agree with this, perhaps given that I reside in England colours my views or perhaps I can just see the bigger picture, however if May orchestrated a catastrophic campaign and suffered accordingly then surely Sturgeon did likewise, I should state that I consider both of them as supremely arrogant leaders who are not representative (IMO) of the 'wider' population they claim to be working for, Corben on the other hand I openly stated I was terrified of him winning; but he seems to have played 'his' politics extremely cleverly (mitigating and softening his approach) and through engaging the youth of the country (who had for a long time stayed silent) seems to have pulled the proverbial cat out of the bag............almost. So where do we go from here; almost certainly to another election in which if i was either May or Sturgeon I would be worried if Corben can bring in some of the middle of the road ex blairites he might yet swing a victory and whilst I am a patriotic Scot I was always worried about a one party state, it is never good for anyone to have to much power...just look at Scottish football for the truth in those words. But it has been exciting if not overly constructive for lets say certain sections of the population.
  14. General Election 8th June

    Yes sir, and that's why the Tories will win, cause I totally agree Labour are miles away from the words to the reality I am terrified that Corben might even come close to winning.........be as bad as Trump....really