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  1. is that how many applicants we have had .........Wow!
  2. OK who were they down to? Fairly sure I read on here that a sports firm were tasked with job, if so ....not a bad job?
  3. That would be nice but a tad unrealistic, likelihood is numbers will fall; in the short term anyway; until people see how we are doing, let's assume nine wins in a row (I can dream can't I?) numbers probably would increase especially if we were playing attractive football but it is more likely to depend on performances than actual results, we Buddies are nothing but realists (well most of us are). If (Goody) or whoever is in charge generates the right ambiance and attitude among players and staff ............ well, we could have a good season. I am NOT going to predict anything other than .... this is St Mirren, what else would you expect?
  4. There's me thinking it was Utd. Tch tch, back inte yer cave and get the woolly suit af, it's nae winter yit
  5. Sorry forgot that Tony walks on water and is such a nice guy. Why would not being up to the job be a reason to get rid of such a god like figure Apology accepted.
  6. I can agree with your first three lines and whilst I can also appreciate the 'lack' of certain expected platitudes re both OK's and the club statement, I really think dripping with bitterness / resentment, resentment / bitterness can only be your own interpretation of those missing 'platitudes'.
  7. Quite a sensible post amid all the hysteria and posturing from the usual suspects, I am thinking that it sounds as if you may be correct in your suppositions, but did you actually mean Popescu? or Muzak? be great if you did mean Popescu, a small bonus perhaps.
  8. I'm not sure what OKs wife's profession is, though OK has already given up the PE teacher role to move over here into FT football. His wife would need to find a similar role if she moved over here. Something that may not be so simple. Its a tough call, though OK must have known long term he would need to consider moving the family here. The problem is however, our track record of having long term managers is not great. On the flip side, it's hard to believe what story is true. Someone has said OK bought a house in Bridge of Weir recently which would obviously show commitment to moving here permanently. That bridge of Weir story came from me posting something I read in Pie and Bovril and as I said in a recent post it's looking more and more like garbage. 😕
  9. Yes; an extremely valid point, I have been watching 'apparent' news unfold but one never knows what's real and imagined and so consequently have restrained from adding to the debate, however I have to agree that if GS is being pedantic re OK moving here he is surely on a sticky wicket, both legally (unless it was written into the managers contract that he HAD to relocate, which I doubt OK would have agreed to) and perhaps more importantly .......... ... with the fans,. I really can't think of many other fans that would have stuck by a team that was in the situation were we last year and as OK continually said in his interviews they (the fans) really DID make the difference and that in effect kept the club where it needed to be. Loose the manager because of poor man-management skills and he may well lose a large tranche of support from those same fans; which could translate to less people through the turnstiles and .......... well potentially a downward spiral. I hope not, I really do hope things have been magnified beyond where they really are and all is OK with OK and GS. BUT I worry.
  10. Great reply...ffs talk about stating the obvious... Dis your taxi no need cleaning? 😎
  11. TBF Shull most of us realise that you just have .................Zero Knowledge. 😎
  12. Classic:😄, you Shull not go to heaven fur posting that. 😎
  13. Does anyone know when these tenements were demolished? vaguely remember them .............. I think, so I think around 1956, but it really is a guess
  14. Heard how the trialists are getting on? Probably trying ................hard?
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