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  1. What? you mean you can tell me, but if you do you'll have to kill me................................ darn!!!
  2. and to be fair some awful (supposed) supporters.
  3. Don't jump into a conversation that wasn't aimed at you, I was responding to B.O.K. and never swore unless you consider bugger as a swear word and if you do you can f*ck off, and I stand by what I said earlier, you avoid responding by choosing to take offence.
  4. Either that or yer nappys full.
  5. You know; I don't believe that I queeried his points per se, it was more his attitude towards events that the manager, B.O.D. and Tony could do bugger all about, that is once Kyle had decided he wanted to go (and who can blame him, I certainly don't) what could we as a club have done and NOT looked like we were spitting our dummy out?
  6. Well please join them, you patter is crap anyway:)
  7. Simply justifies my view of you, certainly not an 'old boy', nor 'good sir' but most assuredly as a f*ck face who chooses NOT to respond to my entirely valid points, but instead takes offense thus saving the need to.
  8. Sow and ye shall reap............weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee man, always a follower never a leader.
  9. No wish to get into a barney with you good sir, old boy or even f*ck face, however you said the squad was "not good enough" and then go on to suggest that six specific players either do not, or will not, meet your seemingly rigorous standards. and I haven't a clue what a happy clapper is. As for suggesting that you don't support the team, where did that come from? certainly not my post, what I said re yourself was........... "Do people like yourself; running down members of our squad help? Is it at all productive? Possibly not would be my take on that question, we are St Mirren. we support our team...............ALWAYS. COYS". And finally, according to yourself "this website gives a platform for discussion and yes a good moan at the problems we face." but it would seem that only applies to your concerns and nobody can comment or criticise your thoughts, in which case I apologise............................................NOT.
  10. Actually old boy, I think perhaps YOU are the embarrassment, the lad wanted to go and could have gone for free (or development money only) in January, so tell me what would you have done, he had been offered aa 4 year deal and didn't want to sign. OK; so did he take an unfair advantage and wait till he recovered from his injury and then decide to leave? Some might think so, but he was injured as a St Mirren player and entitled to receive the best treatment we could give him. Are we happy about it? No we are not. But has the lad done anything untoward? No he hasn't, so we suck it up and move on. Do people like yourself; running down members of our squad help? Is it at all productive? Possibly not would be my take on that question, we are St Mirren. we support our team...............ALWAYS. COYS.
  11. Antrim is possibly too much of a gentleman to tell you. YOU! know FECK all.
  12. Nae it wisnae, the tenement I lived in was 4 Gryffe crescent and my living room windae looked alang Orchy Crescent right tae the end where it turned left intae Lyon road wi St Pauls school on the left haun side as ye walked from Gryffe Crescent alange Orchy intae Lyons and on tae Brediland road where ye got the bus. If ye went right as ye got tae Lyon Road up the hill ye were in Findhorn Avenue, turn right at the tap and right again at the end intae Tweed Avenue on the way down the hill you come across Almond Crescent on yer left and a wee bit further , ma hoose oan the left and Orchy oan the right. Lexwell venue was nearly two miles away from Orchy, if yae went tae the end of Almond Crescent and got tae what we used tae call the chain road (Dee Drive nowadays) and turned left up the hill and then right, there is now a street called Helmsdale Drive (private housing , I think) there used tae be a row of tenements in that street which was a straight line and not wavy lie it is now and the tenements were all on the left side so they overlooked the Red Rock Canyon, ..................................ah Happy days
  13. YOU.........................take being an arsehole.......................... to a totally new level
  14. along the same lines as your knowledge of lumberjacking perchance
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