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  1. The old phrase of having to speculate to accumulate comes to mind, IF GS and the Board hadn't decided when we were looking very closely at the drop into division one to take the less than expected route to appointing a new Manager (one might even say they speculated in bringing in JR) and to speculate further (by backing him in the January window) then it is rather unlikely we would be having this discussion. That being the case, any additional earnings that came in would have been additional to that which was expected (from potentially division one?). So, it does seem rather unfair to criticise when all the facts are not known and if we want to attempt to survive and even prosper in the Premier league we need to step our game and our staff up to the same level as others and so long as we keep within budget I would think the Board and GS are doing OK
  2. I am not here especially trying to be friends, nor enemies with anyone, It happens from time to time that I like or laugh at posts from you, Shull and even Faraway, LPM or whoever, my posts are my opinions on issues that other people post, they are not gospel; nor are they scientifically proven, but what they are is my interpretation of what I think based on my knowledge, what they are NOT is other peoples 'Googles' interpretations that happen to support my point of view. I would give greater credence to those opinions if they were in fact your own and expressed in your own words, otherwise sincerely it is simply other peoples crappy opinions. .
  3. I called you out my good friend, on your previous crap. Do you really think googling all this other crap to support your original crap makes any of your your crap any less crappy?
  4. Wgaf? The apostrophe Police do.
  5. You don't half talk some crap at times. I would attempt to explain the difference between Science (which is based on observable and challenged data) and Religion (which broadly speaking is the belief in and worship of a some type of Deity) but I think I might be wasting my time. So I don't think I'll bother.
  6. jaybee

    Samson to Sunderland

    A doono wit a dead wuman his ta dae wi this?
  7. jaybee

    Heart of the Team

    Basically it breaks down to anyone that Stubbs signed get blamed for anything. Like i said previously everyone is a saints player no matter who signed them and we need the best from all of them. Calling them someone's duds is pretty stupid. I agree Edwards is doing ok I would be worried St Lucy, getting support from LPM is a bit like the Manager getting the Boards backing ..... just before the BIG heave ho,
  8. jaybee

    Heart of the Team

    So so true;. brilliant effort, chases everything, BUT when he gets the ball; it's suddenly OH shit what do I do now?
  9. Agree on the Ferdinand and Jackson signings. Jury is still out on Hammill for me. Have to say it was a clever back pass from him that enabled Jackson to get the penalty
  10. jaybee

    Heart of the Team

    A blessing for us, that one. I actually LIKE Edwards ...... if only he could play football?
  11. jaybee

    Heart of the Team

    Well said sir. KEMP!! take note of this please
  12. jaybee

    Heart of the Team

    For once, a decent post from Kemp. AND when Kemp gets the managers job, YOU can be his assistant as both of you seem to know FAR more than OK . so it would seem?
  13. jaybee

    Heart of the Team

    YOU should have applied for the job friend; you seem to have it sorted
  14. jaybee

    W7 Fans & Banners

    Again, another one who can't understand the difference between relative numbers and absolute numbers. You are confusing both terms. We are in NO position to criticise any clubs supporters after Saturday. I normally choose not to comment on OF and their deeds, however; it seems to me that you my friend are trying to impose your supposed superior knowledge / subjective opinion on others (who whether correct or not) are entitled to offer their own versions. Relative and absolute numbers works fine when the demographics are 'nearly' identical, the demographics of the OF and St Mirren will bear as much resemblance to a peach as a coconut does, if you are going to strut your superiority get your facts right, else I might say I am relatively sure you are talking an absolute load of tosh.