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  1. This thread has had 19,500 views, quite extraordinary, matching the effect this is having on all our lives. It's only natural people debate. Plenty of opinions from each end of the spectrum, and as always plenty are extreme. As I replied to Antrim; it is the mortality rate debate which I find wrong, we aren't talking just numbers here we are talking people, friends relatives. and I find it obscene.
  2. Why so, Jaycee? We are human. We live and die. Debate naturally arises. The impact of this virus IS a scary reality around the world, people are unsure, they are asking questions, seeking reassurance... Which is certainly why I believe clarity on the numbers is a necessity, while others seem accepting of whatever inaccurate mush they’re being spoon-fed. WHAT is it that you find obscene? Understand .................but don't agree, that a football forum should be debating issues that they know very little about and (apart from Oaky, apparently) have no experience nor expertise in. The general debate I can relate to, it's the specifics of mortality numbers. I find it obscene
  3. Visually they, while the exact same numbers, are not as dramatic looking. I NEVER said it was any different, did I? Back to where we have been for a while. Let things take their course, with the measures that are in place, and see where we are in the next couple of weeks. Ultimately, whatever that means, the numbers will be considerable, just not, IMO, in the short time scale you have so much faith in. The government are using 20,000 fatalities as some sort of manageable figure, without as far as I can see, a timescale. still an obscene debate in my opinion#
  4. As ever Stu I suspect we'll be on different sides of the barricades if it comes to it. ****************** My concerns are how many of those people who clapped for the NHS the other night will be happy to see their taxes rise. As an aside I saw Sir Richard Branson had his begging bowl out for his airline yesterday - I realize he has employees to be concerned about too but I suspect that like many successful businessmen he'll get more government assistance than 100 gig economy workers. Returning to history I note that apart from a few high-profile casualties bankers walked away from the 2008 crash with their bonuses intact - I'd hope that when the bills eventually have to be paid the burden won't fall solely on the 99% again. PS - Nice to see you on your best behavior... Going back a few posts - Winston Churchill was no friend of the working class and in 1919 was part of the War Cabinet that used the Army to defeat Glasgow strikers arguing for a reduction in the working week. Edited 5 hours ago by Bud the Baker Interesting viewpoints, I have always been a fan of Churchill.............man of his time and all that, and not been a fan of BJ at all,................ simply that anyone was better than Corbyn. Now even with passage of time and skeletons being exposed etc, I am still a fan of Churchill. he simply was the right person at the right time and as for BJ......well he is growing on me, all that he has done re Brexit ..............is what he said he would and re coronavirus; he has listened to 'experts' and acted in accordance with advice, he has not appeared arrogant, nor superior and even humble at times (maybe). Now when it's time to pay the piper I am sure we will all have to pay the price and we should be damn glad to do so. With regards to Sir Richard Branson and Virgin verse 100 gig workers, Virgin empoy around 8500 staff ............. who would you save? Just offering an opinion here by the way.
  5. Well who else but Oaky wid ken whit a word wi mare than twa syllables means...................naturally!
  6. Don't you ever get sick of hearing yourself witter on and on and on and on and on..............................we do.
  7. two thirds would have died in the next 6 months anyway? two words, callous cnut
  8. I live in a small village outside Chesterfield, very rural and very pretty and as far as I am aware (only been here a year) all good people.......tell me do you think Oaky will ever calm down?
  9. You're the one, well not the only one, who's so far engrossed in calculating the worse case scenario, failing, totally, to see what's HAPPENING, not forecast, in other countries. I have been watching the numbers carefully, not fannying about with home made graphs, and have been dismissing your ludicrous figures, although you are not in the same league as LPM, who I notice seems to escape your abusive comments? I would suggest you refrain from calling me a bellend as you, quite clearly, are the one who's been made look like a bellend, all starting from when you were highlighted as a panic buyer and a bit of a meltdown soon after. Thanks for being entertaining, I have enjoyed making you look very foolish. Although it doesn't take much; does it?
  10. you need to read it all (sorry) to get the context
  11. Oh piss off shull and take jaybee with you. A waste of f**king space the pair of you. A wee bit of advice Mr clever dick don't be cnut all your life have a day off.............................. and then feck off.
  12. Lots of short fat people than in your calculations then Oaky comes across as Mr Fecking know it all .....very superior, he thinks and THEN he comes up with shite like this and hell mend you if he dissnae like you and ye get on is bad books..................PLONKER.
  13. Yes, because that is a priority right now. Are you trying to be as stupid as jaybee? Honestly, a national emergency not seen since the two wars and we have people wittering on about shite like bumpy roads and Greggs being shut. AND prats like YOU wittering on about nobody listening to your shite
  14. Yep and the heroes on the oil rigs and the refineries, Undertakers and the private ambulance drivers that take away the dead bodies. The HVAC engineers who are trying to keep data halls and server rooms cold whilst trying to heat hospitals and super markets and keep the air supply fresh and clean. Then you've got all their supply chain. And that's before you look at the factory workers and engineering plant companies that have responded to the governments call to manufacture respirators despite that not being their main business. There is literally an army of millions of essential workers in the UK at the moment that aren't getting a round of applause when they leave their houses; who aren't getting any praise on social media and who - to their credit - don't expect any either. Yet without them doctors and nurses couldn't begin to do their job, the supermarkets would be completely empty, our streets would be muck ridden with sewage being backed up, and where rubbish was blown everywhere from the overflowing bins. Not everyone should work from home. well said, nice to see you in sensible mode
  15. Just why would ANYONE think that funny? bizzare.
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