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  1. and so it should have been, a clear shove in defenders back, good linesman who not only spotted it bit told ref
  2. note who just scored for Sunderland i their play off
  3. Indeed there is nothing at all amiss about 'opinions' especially when it comes to football,, however they do need to be based on reality.... unlike Mr B 's. Allowing that much of what he implied about the team and its lack of urgency in recent times, yesterday the whole team clearly ate their Weetabix, took their vitamins and picked a lucky four-leaf clover en-route to the stadium, Main was a revelation, he ran, he harried, he tackled, he worked his socks off and had the best match in a St Mirren shirt ever, Grieve likewise kept at it for the whole game, and Kiltie and Ronnan, even Taite were excellent, , the whole team in fact were a class above where they have been recently. Now when I say a class above, I don't mean in quality although we showed improvement, but rather in work rate and consistency and application, not world class but way above Mr B's interpretation.
  4. one of the youngsters training with the first team squad, his energy levels are poor for a supposedly talented 'professional' player, he very seldom tracks back when he loses the ball and while he can cross a ball, you need centre forwards that are 8 ft tall to get to them. I would sonner have a less talented player who grafts; than someone who IMO is only ever going to be a 'nearly man'.
  5. Burnley sack Sean Dyche.....are they mad?,,,,,,,would appear so, 9 plus years and an honest man to boot, hope they do get relegated
  6. Even allowing for all the above; it's never nice to see anyone sidestepping all fault even though they are in charge. In interviews he seems nervous and operates in extremes, ie ' brilliant play' to 'diabolical defending', Goodwin kept a fairly level head, I'm afraid Robinson does not inspire confidence in me, put it this way, I wouldn't buy a second hand car from the guy.
  7. Have to agree keeper looks nervous, worried to death about maybe having to use his left foot and hasn't shown me he is worth his spot today.
  8. Sorry; a quality player doesn't keep falling over when nobody touches him, a quality player tracks back and tackles (or in Jones case, falls over), a quality player has more than a one in 20 success rate in passing, dribbling or shooting, and finally a quality player is NOT Jones, he is an average to good player, a quality player is someone who can do the things that Ronnan did, not Jones ever for me, waste of a wage.
  10. Jones for me is one of those that flatters to deceive, he had one good touch near the end of the match when he suddenly switched gear........afterburners on and a chance was created, other than that we got 92 minutes of him showing that he definitely has potential, but either chooses not to show it, cant be bothered to show it or simply isn't good enough to show it. Not someone I would waste a wage on, on the other hand the young man who came on and crossed for Ronnan to score should have been on much earlier, Robinson was LUCKY, not a tactical genius, simply lucky let us hope he is not one of those managers who sticks to his guns with players and or styles of play that aren't working, we have had some of them previously. Having said all that we won even though we barely deserved to, whatever his tactics were...........they were wrong.
  11. I remember the chippie t the top of Storie street it had a sit in bit and I used to be in the boys brigade in the church at the bottom of storrie street on George st if I recall correctly, occasionally my da would tret me and give me some cash to have a sit in supper after the Boys brigade finished , my recolecetion is that fish supper with tea and bread was 2/5d, I heard yesterday the £10 fish supper is on its way, might be, but not ma bloody way.
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