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  1. just go to frontrowsports and scroll down till you find it, (they only come up a minute or two before game starts) you have to keep closing all the crap adverts for what seems like ages , but I always manage to get the game in the end even though you sometimes miss a couple of minutes. Just noticed it's on Alba later,I really should read through everything before posting.
  2. Jeeeeeeeees; gee the bloke a break, what's he got left ................................ but illusions.
  3. FFS, the lunatics are taking over the forum Personally, my thoughts were they were busy building support to take over the club.
  4. I actually think thats the only sensiblr thing you have said,
  5. It might well ....but I was slightly pissed off and didn't consern myself two much wif sperling or punkchoation.
  6. Really! well given that I had never herd that word previously and had to look it up it would seem that the pot is calling the kettle black. Oh and by the way at least I use my 'big' words in connversation, I am .... let's just say retired ......... and have never (including 5 years at university) ever heard anyone ever use that word in a consersation. You sir are an arsehole ofthe first magnitude.
  7. The level of your initial response my friend was clearly insuficient to meet your needs; otherwise there would have been no need of a further response, a symptom one might say of a limited vocabulary or intelect. I was simply stating an opinion which is the whole point of a Forum, the point being you have insuficent intelect to make a valid argument to support your proposal, I never said that IT was crap, just your argument to justify it. As stated earlier Bazil makes a similar point; but in a sensible and well construed statement, he doesn't even argue for one or tother; unlike yourself who seems to be so het up re the proposal you lose sight of the logic and I'm not sure why Cockles is sticking his oar in, perhaps he to supports your proposal. I don't think it will find favour but like I said you have every right to support or propose it, unfortunatly not the intelect or vocabulary to argue your case coherently.
  8. I never said it was; however the level of your response is indicative of the lack of validity of your argument, intelect and demeanour. Nuff said.
  9. I am unsure exactly what a roaster is and you are correct in assuming I am not a member of SMISA, I more or less said as much in the post, however I also supported their response which as far as I am aware I am entitled to do. And if we are going to assume; posting a response to contradictory statements is irrelevant, I am not too sure where that leaves you.
  10. Since BinEK supports what you suggested it isn't rocket science to assume I was refering to both of you (together you may make one brain). If you don't understand with regards to the comprehension / intellect commen;t simply admit it, or even better get your dictionary out, or ask and I will explain, although the sensible way forward would be to read that which I have posted in the context of your post and those that showed support. Then read SMISA's response (this is where some of the lack of comprehension kicks in) and if you don't see my point then (obviously, more lack of comprehension must be the reason) Doh!. Bazil makes similar points in his posts, but he is a nice guy and perhaps more egalitarian than I.
  11. I'm not sure whether it's your comprehension or intelect that's at fault here as SMISA even explain what they see as the biggest problem with your suggestion.............................................. Under the current system members always have the option not to spend – if a project is rejected, unspent money stays in the pot and is available for future use. That gives us flexibility – on occasion we have asked members if they want to use unspent money from a previous quarter. If this resolution is adopted SMISA could lose some of that flexibility – as some £2 money might be locked away, even if there was a compelling reason to use it. you fairly obviously would like things done your way and you have every right to offer your proposal, what you don't have is the right to dis or belittle those who have different views. You state in your follow up post (the one highlighted in red).............. Please see above, no flexibility is lost. The members will always have the right to decide to spend the pot. This proposal does not erode or remove that. However; the portion emboldened above seems to contradict this,is someone lying or being selective in what they ARE or are NOT saying? I am not a great fan of SMISA; but cannot fault their logic insofar as the response is concerned at any rate.
  12. Nobody says lol anymore. No they don't do they? however in Scotlands case it's more usually CQ ............. Crying quietly.
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