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  1. has anybody else noticed that the latest 3 interviews have only lasted 29 seconds exactly, I sent a message to club as yet no response, I thought maybe my season ticket renewal had not been registered and I was only getting the start of the interview as a teaser, but I have re registered and my account number is up there when I click on the button any suggestions, sensible ones please.
  2. Point taken: so how about we just lock them up for around 10 years; so we can check it out and meanwhile their lack of consideration for other older folk (who apparently haven't got long left anyway) is less likely to cause unnecessary fatalities among old farts like me and some others who have COPD and asthma and such like ............ or is their right of self determination over not taking a jab more important than other peoples lives. Are we really not worth consideration? I started this as a slightly sarcastic response without wishing to engender a huge and protracted debate on the rights and wrongs of self determination, however given that it really does impact me personally; the latter question is a genuine one. I have heard that there may be a time when whether or not you have had appropriate jabs will determine access to ................. work, large gatherings ie; football matches, weddings, flights, it's a huge can of worms methinks.
  3. Ermm mmmm doh! guess who failed to look? nice to now that is what you do though, cheers
  4. Thought this might interest a few who are unsure of the new strip. I just watched a video of Sam from 'footy adventurers on you-tube where by he (Sam) created his own league table of the Premier divisions worst strip from worst to best , Livingstone's black strip was (in Sams opinion) the worst, gues which Paisley team had the best strip. watch it here.
  5. I have checked back on my e-mails and I got an acknowledgment from the club when I registered and a receipt after I paid............so I am assuming that I simply log back in and it will let me in so to speak, hopefully.
  6. hows about 1 - 1 - 9, anybody ever tried it?
  7. wonder if that applies tothe brain as well. mmmmmmmmmm
  8. No just the holding graphic I was panicking as I forgot had to pay and wasn't covered by season ticket and when receipt came through it says a 7pm start..............Argh!!!!!!
  9. An observation regarding Dumbarton FC: I like many other purchased my PPV early as I usually do, of course then Dumbarton get a positive covid test and etc, etc. My point is that without even requesting a refund, my £12 was back in my account Saturday morning, very impressed particularly since they are a part time club. Well done Dumbarton FC.
  10. Why would anybody support a country that sided with Germany during 2nd world war? Ffs our grandpas, families etc stood side by side with the English to fight off these invaders but now its ok to support them at football. Get tae feck, England all the way.....fecking Scotland got a draw against England and became the greatest team in world with best player ever in Gilmour. Scottish media just as bad. COME ON ENGLAND It's not often I agree with G.O.W, but I do here, this thing we Scots have supposedly got for the English is bloody childish, Scotland v England 'let's kick the sh*t out of them' but against Italians.....................yer aving a girraffe.
  11. But given that season ticket money directly impacts who we sign , surely that just detracts from the team which given last years improvement seems rather silly, I for one would rather pay and increase the potentiality of the team.
  12. I think it would be fair to say not too many people would miss you either.
  13. I enjoyed your input so much; might I suggest you stick yer heed up yer own ass and fart long and loudly and jest hope it's no a wet wan.
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