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  1. WE thought it should be re named Scottish. and grammatically there is nothing amiss with what I writted.
  2. So what year was that? let me see, I left school aged 15; which I was in oct 67s, so sometime around then, TBF it was a wee while ago and my memory is not quite what it was I'm afraid.
  3. I was there when it closed spent my last half term at the new school in Foxbar, bloody nightmare one way traffic when you came up a set of stairs and your class was 10 feet anti-clockwise you had to go clockwise round the damn building
  4. I thought I was the only sensible person with that idea, My mantra is " the solution is a sniper, what's the question"?
  5. Is it only me who thinks it's just a tad too much, I don't mind £15 but £17.50 shows their aspiration to catch Livingstone surely.
  6. they should but I rather doubt they will...............arseholes!¬!
  7. Perhaps ye kid tak up Taxi-dermy ?
  8. Simply offering my take on what was written, however the shit-fest arising out of what would appear to be our own lack of comprehension; does somewhat beggar belief. Personally I am not for looking for individuals to blame, lets be honest clearly there is LOTS of blame that COULD be attributed, but my feeling is as a club it's best to bite the bullet and get on with it and we fans should assume the club and individuals are now better informed. I can appreciate fans on here being 'royally pissed' about it, but some of them act like the family dog who suddenly turns and bites the hands that feed it, incomprehensible, but it happens. Looking forward to the next Aberdeen game COYS do us proud.
  9. It would appear to me that you are the one looking to start a fight in an empty hoose.......as ma dad wid say, Santaponsasaint stated in his original post 'There was rumours about Jim Gillespie wanting a artificial pith at SMP' he then went on to say first and foremost St Mirren are a professional football club with the first team and academy as the priorities. His point being I would suggest; is that we need to keep a grass pitch to fulfil these objectives, and I for one heartily agree with him, so he lost no argument simply because you choose not to understand, or! well you can guess the other option.
  10. jaybee

    Cove FC

    Like this lad have watched a fair few of his vids, cheerful, enthusiastic and very unpretentious, actually a breath of fresh air to listen to.
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