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  1. played till mid thirties and referred till early forties
  2. Just because the ref is unpopular......clearly, it doesn't mean he was wrong , the first yellow, he might have let go with a word; but it was legitimate nonetheless, the second offence in many referees eyes could well have been a straight red, no great disrespect intended, but you are obviously not a referee (I am).
  3. correct re McGrath not jumping in and heading it; yes but otherwise he has had a not bad game and this Aberdeen team are no mugs andf will lirly finish well above us in table so don't kid yersell me friend
  4. Brown obstructed him no attempt at winning ball, just a block, clear foul; would have been picked up by VAR methinks, got away with one there as goal should have been disallowed
  5. For me the biggest loss was Connolly, Doyle-Hayes was / is much in the Magennis role for me both flatter to deceive, good players yes but they need equally good players around them and they are (as indeed many players are at this level) consistently inconsistent. i agree with your review of last years but equally I like the idea of a back three with two good wing half's and Tamser, Millar, Tait and Power (variations thereof) might fit the bill. I will grant you it isn't working, right at this minute, but Goddys management style got us where it did last year and HE will be hoisted by his own petard, so it is his call, and I for one wish him well. Striker wise he has got the best that we as a club can attract / afford, I like Main he is dogged and keeps on keeping on much as Basher used to in years gone by, Dennis also is a grafter and I LOVE grafters, bit of talent is no use at all if you don't graft, so my hope is something clicks with strikers ass indeed it did with Basher and Yards,. What people need to remember is this is St Mirren, we is used to dragging defeat from the jaws of victory, lets do better this year. COYS
  6. Not sure I agree wholeheartedly with your interpretation; but it's certainly fair and realistic as opposed to the usual paranoia from certain quarters, food for thought anyway, thank you
  7. This! from someone who has undisputed "walloper" knowledge. 😉
  8. ye ken theres nae need tae git teknikal ye know.
  9. erm eh ! well; mmm I did find it eventually, thanks everyone.
  10. it would seem the rest of article is behind a pay wall
  11. is that just cause yer a tight fisted jock?
  12. Was there not a Renton in there somewhere?
  13. Cammy Murray and Dennis Connaghan either side of Tony and is it not Jim Blair second from the right at the front? The grey cells have stole the rest.
  14. I liked Connell, thought he was a real steady eddie at left back when we needed one. Connaghan, Murray, Connell, Fulton McFadyen, Renton just springs to mind and Connelll certainly did St Mirren a turn when he came our way.
  15. I'm wondering if he is on his way and they are protecting him? Hope I'm wrong.
  16. shaugnessy is also prone to headers that get us goals
  17. Born in the 30'S the `1930'S; methinks. 😉😆
  18. I am not trying to be a scaremonger here, I was answering a question which was; "do i really think people will die because of attending football matches," my honest answer is that it is absolutely certain that some will, anyone who thinks otherwise is living in cloud cuckoo land. Now I am not saying there will be hundreds or even dozens............ but one only has to look at the rise in cases in Japan at the Olympics (and remember this is with NO CROWDS) to be certain that there is bound to be some transmission of the virus particularly among big...... and oddly enough both Celtic and Rangers have had the all clear for full houses, I rest my case, with no great pleasure I might add. And if I am wrong then more fooll me and people will still be here that might otherwise not.
  19. I can't argue with that, but at the end of the day if you gain enough momentum politically you can alter policy and change the way things work.
  20. Which planet do you live on? because on this one, whilst not dying at the rate they were earlier, people are still dying, so to answer your question, yes absolutely.
  21. I don't know the elected members name, do you? and as for who decided? I have even less knowledge of that, equal I suspect to about the sum of your own knowledge. I sincerely do take your point regarding the apparent dismissive nature of that decision by 'a faceless bureaucrat,' which most certainly would not have occurred had they been dealing with those in blue or green frae Glesca. However, as I stated the ability to alter who makes those decisions is within the purview of S.M.I.S., the club, and the public, should enough cages be rattled to initiate action.
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