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  1. Burghbud


    Ah yes. Hadn’t seen it. Will pay more attention in future although tis sometimes difficult on here
  2. Burghbud


    Any particular thread?
  3. Burghbud


    Whilst watching our efforts against Dumbarton last Saturday, accompanied by a non Saints supporting friend, the friend asked if the team’s Christmas night out was happening that night as their minds were obviously elsewhere. Guess what I heard today..............
  4. Burghbud


    Indeed. Hopefully not for long!
  5. Burghbud


    Is anyone else having problems accessing the ticket website this weekend?
  6. Burghbud

    Billy Davies

    Had just read his comments and then Im confronted by the man himself outside the stadium! Spooky! On a happier note, I was pleased to see John Robertson take time to congratulate every St Mirren player coming off the park after the game. Showed some class compared to some managers and their assistants Ive seen over the last couple of seasons.
  7. He who laughs last fired first

  8. Burghbud

    Lewis Mclear

    Inconsolable? Nah was just curious
  9. Burghbud

    squad numbers

    Soooo.....is there any word on Lewis McLear?
  10. Burghbud

    St mirren squad

    Morgan had 17 last season.
  11. Burghbud

    St mirren squad

    Hi. Newbie's first post. On the first team squad listing we seem to now have two number 17's, Morgan and Kirkpatrick. Anyone clarify?