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  1. Totally understand but Heaton has already experienced this when he was released from Preston after quite a few years in their Youth Academy. Considering he was only 17/18 at the time, I'm sure that one was hard to take being a young lad wanting to start his career but he is older now and more experienced. He should know better than to take the huff if he wasn't getting game time. Work hard and prove us all wrong. Cooke done it, Why couldn't he? Comes down to that key word again.... Attitude
  2. Ability wise Cooke played quite a few reserve matches and performed quite well. Scored the perfect hattrick against Falkirk U20s. Heaton on the other hand was simply not good enough at this level. Struggled against a non league side (Spartans) & a League Two side (Queens Park) Made Pottsy look like Puyol
  3. Attitude & Ability... When Heaton was dropped and ended up training with the reserves, he took the huff and ended up getting shipped out on loan. Cooke on the other hand could have done the exact same but he got his head down, worked hard and proved many people (especially on here) wrong. Looking forward to seeing him develop more next season.
  4. Fiona was an amazing woman & a true Buddie. Her screams would echo through St Mirren Park on a matchday and thus she was nicknamed "The Screamer" Pre Match you would find her in the 1877 club handing out teamsheets and chatting away to fellow supporters before she would finally sit down and have a wee vodka before the match. You will honestly never meet another one like her again. One in a million RIP Fi x
  5. Everyone seems quite certain that Goody would take the Saints job (If it became available... which is HASNT) Do you not remember that Jim knocked back the Saints job last season when JR went down south? And also why are we even discussing this. We have a manager His name is Oran Kearney And until we hear otherwise, he is still firmly at the wheel
  6. It's mainly coming from Coleraine fans and an "Irish Football insider/fake journo" [emoji23] Ether way, it's horrendous timing and not what we need at this point of the season.
  7. Give them time bud. As soon as the W7 lads are match fit, I'm sure they will do us a turn
  8. All this talk of moving sections around is simply nonsense. 1) The Family Stand have a "no swearing" policy so that families can bring their young children to watch the game. How do you intend to enforce that if they get moved into the West Stand? 2) No one from the West Stand should be getting moved. Most of the guys/girls in that stand are regulars and have been going to the stadium since opening day. Why should they have to move? The current system is fine, everyone is happy enough in their own section. The only issue here is the heavy handed stewards and polis in W7. Hopefully this issue is resolved quickly.
  9. The club put a lot of emphasis on it being a "community club" but the way some supporters are being treated is simply disgraceful. Police & Stewards intimidating young supporters pre match, targeting specific fans & handing out bans like sweets. What is honestly going on behind the scenes at our club? We should be encouraging young fans to watch our games not push them away. Fans who have been supporting the club all their life are contemplating whether to continue bringing their kids to the football if this is the sort of treatment they will recieve. Fans not Criminals... Over to you GLS
  10. 7 defeats in a row against full time opposition. 18 goals conceded. And yet certain fans still want Oran Kearney to be our manager, the same fans who wanted Alan Stubbs sacked after 4 league games? The answer to this is simple, The fans never took to Stubbs as he was very distant, rarely applauded the support (home & away) where as Oran has a lot of time for the fans, similar to Jack Ross. OK is a genuinally nice guy but we should be looking at this from a footballing POV. Oran is statistically the WORST manager in the club's history and ultimately should leave his position.
  11. Surely our new signings have come as a result of agents/scouts sending in DVDs/YouTube videos. I can't see Gus travelling to Croatia, Czech Republic and Romania as well as Slovakia & South Korea (the two trialists; Malec & FH) to scout players. Nazon was recommended to the club by our English based scout, Kearney & Co watched several clips of him and ultimately decided he was good enough for us.
  12. Bringing in so many foreign players without watching them in person is a huge risk. These players will have been brought to the club due to scouts recommendations and through DVDs/YouTube. But so far, Hladký & Popescu have looked solid in the Black and White so I'm hopeful the other foreign lads will turn out just as good.
  13. Believe it or not, virtually all the players that they are signing now, we tried to get. Kyle McAllister was one we enquired about, but he was injured. “We tried to get Lewis Morgan from Celtic and that was virtually done, until Brendan got a few injuries and we were asked to wait. “There were a number of other ones which were the same. “Listen, that’s football; sometimes deals fall for you, sometimes they don’t.
  14. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3799207/alan-stubbs-tony-bellew-tough-mentality-st-mirren-no-hard-feelings-big-interview/amp/
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