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  1. Disgrace

    But that isn't a solution because if everyone had done that then there would still have been folk queuing up after kick off. Are you related to the TAPFKA gimp?
  2. Disgrace

    In what way am I confusing you for someone who cares about other people? I couldn't care less what you care about! And you haven't provided any solutions.
  3. Darren Whyte Gone

    What is the point of us signing any players ever. We should just play our own!
  4. Darren Whyte Gone

    To be fair, McCormack had been playing regularly in midfield from the minute we signed Cooper. Dropping Aber was a strange one but I think we put 5 past Dundee at Dens the week before with that same starting line up? With Scanlon, McDougall & McAvennie we still had some attacking force.....
  5. Disgrace

    The fans had no responsibility whatsoever. The sole cause of the issue was the lack of staff selling tickets. As I said, even if the fans had all turned up at 2pm, the queue wouldn't have cleared any quicker. Did you go to the same school as TPAFKATS? I was in my seat 30 minutes before kick off btw.
  6. Disgrace

    But as it wasn't PATG, your post is irrelevant to my point!
  7. Disgrace

    You were wrong and now you're claiming to speak on behalf of everyone on the site.
  8. Disgrace

    That's complete and utter nonsense.
  9. Disgrace

    TPAFKATS is having a nightmare in this thread.....
  10. Disgrace

    The St. Mirren website stated that it was PATG, therefore no need to queue for tickets. In any case, as there was never any point at which there was never a queue, even if everyone had turned up at 2pm, the queue still wouldn't have ended until 3.30 or whenever.
  11. Disgrace

    It isn't mind boggling that TPAFKATS doesn't understand it.
  12. Disgrace

    If there was never any point when there was no queue, how could it have ended earlier? The root cause of the problem was that Dunfermline only had 2 people selling tickets. If they had had more people selling tickets then there would have been no problem. If they had given tickets to St Mirren to sell in advance of the game there would have been no problem. It's important to acknowledge that the PATG info on the website was not the root cause of the problem.
  13. Disgrace

    I'm assuming that the reason this was put on our website is because Dunfermline told St. Mirren that it was PATG. In any case, as has been pointed out earlier, at no point from when the cabin was opened was there never a queue. Therefore, it doesn't matter when folk turned up, the queue would still have ended at exactly the same time as it did. The main reason for the problem was therefore not what was on our website.
  14. The Great Politics Thread

    Alternatively, the SNP share of the vote drop from over 50% to 36.9% while the Tories were up to 28.6%. More significantly, as the SNP are a 1 issue party, they aren't going to be successful on that issue with 36.9% share of the vote. As for Ruth's obsession, it's proved to be a vote winner for her and the Unionist parties in general. Sturgeon has shut up about it because her obsession with forcing a second referendum has cost her dearly at the polls.