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  1. Of course, if we had voted for independence, a nuclear bomb hitting England wouldn't affect us.....
  2. Hopefully not the school that you and TPAFKATS go to.
  3. You're still engaging with me. Even using your own mother's death to try and attract my attention. Now that really does require some self reflection. You are the one deflecting from the fact that you were wrong on the issue of the cause of the fiasco at EEP. You were too stupid to work out that the statement on the website had no effect whatsoever on the events. And you are absolutely raging about it. You are seething. Now dry your eyes and just admit you were wrong. As usual.
  4. Deary me. Using your own mother's death in an attempt to score points on a football forum. An all time low, even by your standards.
  5. Real shame that we missed out on Loy and signed Reilly instead....
  6. As mentioned above, he played alongside a future European Champion and Scotland captain in midfield.
  7. Apologies. 4 days craving my attention from your bedroom in the house you share with your mother must seem like an eternity.
  8. Where did I say that anyone other than myself was talking about everyone turning up at 2pm?
  9. We had 3 fit centre backs, Mackenzie, Baird & Buchanan. Two were out so we have brought in a good player on an emergency loan. So what is the problem? We could have signed a different centre half to Davis, but its unlikely he would have been as good as Davis. So what would have been the point in having an extra centre half in reserve when you can bring someone in on an emergency loan anyway? This way we get, probably the best defender in the league, in a month or so time. I think its ideal.
  10. But that isn't a solution because if everyone had done that then there would still have been folk queuing up after kick off. Are you related to the TAPFKA gimp?
  11. In what way am I confusing you for someone who cares about other people? I couldn't care less what you care about! And you haven't provided any solutions.
  12. What is the point of us signing any players ever. We should just play our own!
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