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  1. Totally agree. If St mirren are held up as a scapegoat in this farce and are penalised in a “sporting sense” I’m finished with the game here. It’s a complete make it up as you fumble along here with the SPFL Cannot see the SPFL taking on and threatening the Glasgow two in this threatening manner. An absolute race to the bottom , the state of the game here.
  2. So it’s indicative albeit at this early stage of polls that the Labour party has become basically irrelevant. Potentially massive change in the political map. Yet the end game, the outcome, well the country will continue to rage against Westminster. So nothing changes if nothing changes
  3. St mirren really are soft as shite. Imagine getting rinsed like this by Motherwell. A team that we should be aspiring to beat are simply miles ahead of us and have been for seasons. We are the archetypal yo yo club, they are well established and to be commended. We are rudderless from Board to boot room. We really are appearing to be out our depth at the moment.
  4. What a truly embarrassing interview with Johnson and Marr this morning. Two daft lads in a playground squabble. Truly cringeworthy stuff. Boris Johnson just chunters on and on and on and never finishes a sentence. Marr just lobbed question after question at him , truly a pathetic exchange between both of them. Total mess. Boris is really simply a prattling shambles of verbal diarrhoea. He’s the PM and top politician, wow, just wow, He is the worst example of a politician he’s an arrogant aloof pest , just don’t try and pin any question on him and expect an answer. Dreadful.
  5. Aye, cheers Tony, so for St Mirren its #needanothergoalieinjanuary
  6. Yup, that's politics summed up in a nutshell. The lot of them ( all brands ) are utter hypocrites and play the completely disingenuous doublespeak at every turn. I just wish we could ignore the feckers. Media should just impose a reporting restriction on all forms of politics for a year. Starve the grasping collective clownery of any form of media and public exposure.
  7. The we have this Gove chancer, what a Class A wanker A Drunk and Disorderly Brexit In the Dark.url
  8. Be lucky if I used a thimble full of petrol given the distance I travelled. The woman at Arnold clark said, "Is that you back already?". Shocking ! So and a colleague could have carried it................its idleness of thought as much as idleness of action that gets wee Greta Thunderbolts goat dontcha know
  9. Yes, its a blight, yes its unacceptable folk should be required to or allowed to be involved in street begging ........... Issue ?
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