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  1. oooft, you'd have wee Greta Thunderbird after you , size of that Carbon footprint
  2. I know, all the National rugby teams are at it more so these days, quite a significant few in England as well as our own National team. You wonder just how justifiable the ancestry and lineage routes are across the board now. Yet, even with 'imports' I'm afraid our style, speed and power still seems to be from a different dna stream
  3. Gregor Townsend needs a decent Six Nations now, or the mob will gather for a change of coach. By a good six nations that means doing more than beating Italy. It means competing to out gun Ireland , France and certainly compete with Wales. The England match always takes care of itself, as usual anything could happen here. But the 'nearly there' tag has been hovering over this squad for too long, they need wins, they need improved discipline and speed of thought as well as play to a more cutting , ruthless standard. Watching the Japan teams discipline, speed and power was impressive......... they are a terrifically coached , motivated and a quite decent lot ,.even if a few of them didn't look anything like Japanese
  4. Correct. SAF was a complete force of nature, a blunt instrument who galvanised all and was a great fit at his time with each club throughout the steps of his career. Also in his day, stepping out into the Community and enthusing, cajoling or just plain bullying the good patrons of Renfrewshire into believing. His Man management style of the day reaped its rewards, a style of the day that wouldn't be acceptable to the brave hearts sweet hearts in these times. SAF was granted time to do his job , especially at Man Utd. even though he was perilously close to the bullet, yet the rest is history never to be repeated. JR, very similar early rise through the ranks but stalled, I think as much due to the increased expectations from the likes of Sunderland and fans in general today and also his own decision in jumping an extra rung of the ladder when he genuinely wasn't ready. Sunderland job ( cannot blame him for taking it ) was not beyond him given time, but time today is not afforded anyone. JR's failure was in not getting promoted last season. Indeed who knows what could have happened of he hadn't lost the play off. His stats are good at over 50% win ratio, but not good enough for Sunderland expectations, rightly or wrongly. Yup, changed days indeed.
  5. Scotland and participation in sporting competition....................dear oh dear , continually re inventing the term glorious failure on the exit route Now its the weather, if its not managerial ineptitude, a referee's poor decisions or our inability to be good enough, we can now add to the list the God of Meteorology Wha's like us .....................indeed
  6. Routine defeat. The minute we go behind we are beaten. Three goals this season says it all.
  7. Aye, the Mackems are United in one thing , they want Ross bagged.................... Ross at full-time Page 3 RTG Sunderland Message Boards.url
  8. I thought the title referred to Caldwell getting sacked.
  9. ....................surely you mean Jap's eye
  10. How very dare u sir............, wouldn't buy much less be inclined to contribute to the facile comic Enough hilarity / grief / mirth /despair about with the latest Sellic football circus without deferring to the Daily Rebel / Ranger for added comic verbose
  11. Well yet again , that old chestnut, the disaster of Sellic's Euro capitulation, now the blame game starts as Sellic repeat in their usual extra special European nights at Paradise. Get Lenny oot. clueless, never wanted him, Lawell is hopeless, its the transfer policy, its the crap opposition week in week out, Broonie is past it, Thursday nights are nae use to me I take my daughter tae swimming lessons, Sutton puts the boot in cos he can, etc. etc. etc. etc. Ah Sellic, the same old same old eh. If only Rafa Benitez or Jose Mourinho had taken over
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