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  1. Seaside Nipper

    Brexit Negotiations

    Hmmm, Super State, whatever, generally a collection or union of smaller states or countries, so its all a bit potato potatoe , tomaytoe tomahto, hay hoh, a trading bloc then, a group of economies or countries that form a trading cabal.............mere semantics......EU or whatever your preferred reference, federation, whatever, matters not…………………personally I prefer House of Cards. When you dwell on this on one level for a moment, think of what has gone on in UK politics for a couple of years now, it’s like a form of insanity to think that the UK Parliament is bending itself out of shape to 'not leave ' this club of economic arrangements'. A club incidentally whose collective currency is doomed to fail and appears to be a union formed initially with a reasonable trading expectation ( if remember my Modern Studies ) but now exists as nothing more than a club who's mission statement is to set up and generate a race to the bottom. This club is sinking, undeniable; it is merely the rate of fall that varies depending on what member’s problems spike up, or what next grasping country is allowed membership. It is a right ol cluster f**k, yet I suppose when the ECB can just pump out gazillions on request to prop up this club, it’s all somehow ok again. SPIV’s, dunno, by implication, someone not too trustworthy (???) yet maybe so then, if they are if they are going to destroy the NHS...that’s a rude plan. I do not know that implying that Rees Mogg is a SPIV is too nice either. I'd propose that Lord Snooty was far more appropriate a moniker for the pencil thin pin striped aristo. Fyi, SPIV's I would suggest are very likely to be found in Brussels or Strasbourg. As a self-preservation society, I can think only the EU is a bigger one than our Governments Parliamentarians !? If the future is miserable then maybe we should look to do our own thing and manage our own affairs............................................................aherm, by joining a this 'super state ' Oh wait.........................I've just seen the future
  2. Seaside Nipper

    Brexit Negotiations

    What a total shambles, a complete charade this whole Brexit exercise is. I lost about an hour of my life watching the carnival of Freaks last night, the House of Commons Live PM Teresa 'my deal' May, a remainer, takes all the flak and public ridicule continues to constantly contradict herself, clearly for the ruse, the agenda driven end game Then we have European grey suits, desperate for the UK to stay Democratic vote of the country binned Politicians at Westminster shown up as inept and self seeking ( as always ) End game = likely to be kept in a failing European super state Why vote , why expel energy on the futility of voting to reinforce a corrupt ineffective two party system that simply self perpetuates through utter ineptitude Politicians eh ? No wonder they are despised
  3. Seaside Nipper

    St. Mirren v Kilmarnock, Monday 11th March 2019

    Some Saints fans are never more content than when they are angry. In his case, cut him some slack.....erm, he's all shook up
  4. Seaside Nipper

    St. Mirren v Kilmarnock, Monday 11th March 2019

    Just felt we looked likely towards the end.......... ,then the twist happens. Acht ffs. A miserable night but strangely thought for long enough we were competent. Should have gone gone for it a bit earlier with the big man up top. Looks a decent player. Still its the hope that continues to kill. On we roll.
  5. Seaside Nipper

    St. Mirren v Kilmarnock, Monday 11th March 2019

    Boot in the baws that. At least it’s made Andy Walker feel good about himself. St mirren cannot steal the game now. Twat.
  6. Seaside Nipper

    Brexit Negotiations

    Hmm, to Brexit or not Brexit. Well one Brexiteer has shown his hand.................... Britain's wealthiest man to invest almost £1bn in Infrastructure improvement's in Oil and Gas, with almost all of it ( £850m ) going to Grangemouth and the Forties Pipeline system. Is Scotland's government ashamed to admit this incoming money or are they shit scared to tell Patrick. Investment like this is huge and is crucial to Scotland's economy. Why is Nicola as FM not acknowledging this.
  7. Seaside Nipper

    St Mirren v the West Lothian criminals

    so.............................erm, good shite................................maybe a satisfying motion ???
  8. Seaside Nipper

    Let Me In...............

    I think the Free press might have something to say about that Psst, You missed out German btw
  9. Seaside Nipper

    Let Me In...............

    Imo she'll be back here at some point, her and her family will grasp the legal moral high ground, cry foul and this circus will end up rolling along and along with legal aid funding. As others have said, stop reporting this sensationalist pish, when frankly, there must be hundreds like her and worse than her , freely living in this country on state benefits. Shambolic deflection from the real scunner in this country, OUR government
  10. Seaside Nipper

    Poor R*ngers Theads Merged.....

    His 'outburst' is one my wife's heard from me over many years after playing one of the 'Big teams' Welcome to the hard done to diddy club cupboard Steve
  11. Seaside Nipper

    Poor R*ngers Theads Merged.....

    Listening to Steve Clarke's post match interview , you would think he's had enough and is ready to pack it in. Palpable rage.com
  12. Seaside Nipper

    Irritating Words and Phrases

    From pundit's just about everywhere.............. Ball watching Start on the front foot Set your stall out and of course, Early doors , I mean what's this , early Jim Morrison musings
  13. Seaside Nipper

    Irritating Words and Phrases

    We are where we are
  14. Seaside Nipper

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    No and that’s the sad fact. This St mirren team is presently good enough to be challenging to avoid relegation .......from the Champuonship. Utter pish.
  15. Seaside Nipper

    Parking Charge For Public Workers

    Giver us options then, give us an integrated reliable public transport system, enable us to viably commute then propose taxing us. Don't just accept this Green lobbyist gash in order to gain popular support to get the budget approved. Oh wait, in order to provide a decent reliable integrated transport system we need to increase the tax take. If I didn't know better I'd suggest Patrick Harvie and his cohorts have car envy. Get this stupid proposal binned, aherm, re cycled