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  1. The strips are imo garbage. However when the likes of MUFC, NUFC, Citeh, LUFC etc. etc. can come up with absolute honkers, why get upset with our latest dalliance in bespoke kit design Primarily its a sponsors logo that detracts hugely from what could in some instances be decent enough kit. Its just annoying that SMFC cannot stick to classic lines stripes and avoid these own goals in marketing land. Its a NO from me, but others will buy and cherish the strip. I'll ignore the kits by and large when we are playing a high tempo pressing game, scoring some goals and winning some games.
  2. FFsake its erm, Mcpake. Imo utterly hopeless appointment................... hay hoh
  3. Mods , its still a rumour .......oops
  4. Seemingly a pending appointment. Good luck to him if it comes to be. Be interesting to se how he does there
  5. There is a place for VAR, it clearly has already highlighted and reversed and overturned many key real time refereeing decisions. The question is does it get rolled out universally ( economic and logistical arguments ) versus reserve it for World Cups and major finals etc. !? VAR is no panacea to the games ills however , unless every single refereeing decision is scrutinised and put up for review.........games of football could last hours on end. How many times have we all seen referees awarding soft to non existent free kicks to change the direction and flow of a game. To award very dubious free kicks resulting from pushing and pulling in the box simply to correct their initial wrong award of a corner or redress their award of what they realise was a dodgy call. It's so frustrating and we all know it goes on in the game, its an accepted part of the game flow, even though most observers know its wrong, its accepted, then followed with howls of derision at the officials. Referees themselves will in the main, mostly call it as they see it ( sometimes not of course ) but unless VAR is universally rolled out in the game, it will simply exist to continue to divide opinion.
  6. Bevvied! Surely that’s his only excuse for getting into or initiating this. As title highlights though, BBC Scotland sport team and coverage, well imo generally they are a cringeworthy wee myopic bunch. Only two worth listening to are Cosgeove and Cowan, and that’s acknowledged as self deprecative bawz
  7. I'd be content with refereeing Assessors going public with their opinion, criticism , or praise or otherwise, on referring performances post match The public airing of the assessment of Beaton's performance on Sunday would have been enough to embarrass that clown into getting his shit together or find another job. Two days after the match, I'm still amazed at how poor his performance was , a performance that could have been interpreted as blatantly biased. He himself must look at that and cringe, well I would hope that was the case. In his defence of bias accusations, the guy seemingly has a reputation amongst many team supporting fans for being feckin useless.................
  8. Agree with OP here. It's not been an easy watch, often isn't with us. However the recognition of the struggle and the solid and honest support from St Mirren fans is very noticeable to me now,, these last two seasons in particular. There was a form of rebirth with JR and our club was restored to a recognisable form of itself. The fans bought in, and stuck, contributing and often in defiance of some real shit storms. Big credit go to initiatives and organisation of W7. I doff my cap, it is infectious and provides a very good backbeat to home games. They have greatly improved the sterility of The Simple digital........ Our away support, ffs, what can you say, unqualified backing. For me St Mirren are about a unity between team and fans, this is clearly recognised by our players and management. i think it will improve if we can see continuity and an improvement. A few more attending home games next season , we would surely incrementally improve. Mon the Buds.
  9. What do we need..............a comfortable eighth place finish please. As a bonus, maybe some high press energetic football. That's all.
  10. Robbie Neilson, fair play, first thing he said was congratulations to St Mirren. No axe to grind with him at all. All he tried to do was seek out any advantage possible, be professional and use any gamesmanship possible. That's the nature of these things , it often comes from attempting to cover weaknesses. Dundee Utd will probably be a better outfit next season , tbh they were poor and we deservedly saw this play off hell through, thankfully. As for Robbie Neulson, I think he knew after the first leg his team were clearly not a better unit than St Mirren despite the usual suspects and their school boy punditry. Second rate psychology,it's all part of the play off show. OK employed tactics too, they were more pragmatic and not so headline grabbing, OK believed in his players. Fwiw Im glad going forward we have OK and not Robbie Neilson as Saints manager..
  11. Well done to OK and the team. OK has managed a squad of players into a team that surfaced and kept it going just in time. Looking ahead I believe and certainly hope he has the ability and man management to shape a team that can surely aim for more than relegation fodder as an ambition but be planning for 9th realistically. He should have HIS players and HIS methods and importantly a full pre season. St Mirren going into next season without the shambolic winging it and creating havoc with ludicrous management appointments of recent years should allow as a decent foothold.. Surely next season we can overtake the likes of Hamilton, Ross county Livingston and look to consistently challenge the likes of St Johnstone. St Mirren and consistency don't normally go together but hopefully Scott and Fitzpatrick etal will learn from this season's chaotic start and look to consolidate after another Great Escape and get some rigour into a campaign. Anyway the hope is back once again, that's more than was likely Five months ago. Well done OK and the lads.
  12. Brown just cannae help himself from leaving his 'stamp' on players. He's an absolutely horrible cnunt
  13. The game was simply dire, two teams looked to be struggling for motivation and no ambition on display. The introduction of Christie for them secured the push to get them labouring over the line. We were tired looking and went through the motions like we were wearing lead boots Horrible experience all round last night, it was fan ticket refund territory under the mis sale of a so called football match.................................
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