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  1. John was a brave man , I wouldn't have done that climb for a Jimmy Shand . Funnily enough , I do remember that programme back in the day. .
  2. I honestly can't see Jack going anywhere in the interim , I don't think that is his style he has shown real commitment to our Club. .
  3. Yeh Bluto , the pensions arm is up in West Regent strasse. .
  4. Noaks was a first class presenter on Blue Peter and his own show , Go with Noaks . .
  5. Uxbridge is now where head office is , with no presence in Paisley at all . .apart from a couple of old buildings they used to own. .
  6. Yes there are now various tales that I have now heard , including that they painted over numbers on the metal that indicated where they went on the build . However , I think that it is certain they bought the old Reid Kerr stand material as the Caledonia end would be too big for their dump. .
  7. Bearing in mind that , if the 'ton get into the play-offs again they will have to throw it away again as their ground dusnae comply. .
  8. Yes well done Dumoulun , whom turned out to be more of a gentlemen than those that simply became also rans . .100th race is a good one to have in the bag too . .wee nibbles won't be happy. .
  9. . .meant to add , wee accies for the drap next season , they now remind me of SMFC under wee Anxious. .
  10. Oh aye , the wee accies won , 1-0 . .
  11. Probably your fault, old China. .
  12. WASP. .
  13. Aye , fortunately being a typical wee fellah, wee Nairo cannot really time trial worth a f**k. .
  14. Surely the Maverick must return for the sequel to last season. .
  15. Hornet. .