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  1. I thought the old board were entitled to a wedge of any transfer money as part of their pay off. .
  2. Yes but Bute is one of the very few places in Scotland where , the population is declining. .
  3. FFS Ian , you'll have FS doubling up on his tin foil hats now. .
  4. I wouldn't worry about the coffee or the red wine unless you are doing a shed load of the stuff . . However , worth considering the wifi dangers . .
  5. Yeah , I recall one of the Trust Me I'm A Doctor programmes looked at the mirgration of chemicals in plastic that is used for bottles and food containers into the beverage and the food , is it BPA ? They mentioned that direct sunlight made it worse and also heating the plastic in a micro too .
  6. I remember reading and article years ago about this an it stated that the only country in the West where sperm count hadn't fallen was Finland and there was a study to try and find what they were doing that was different but mainly a look at their diet , if i can remember correctly. I suspect preservatives in the food and also all the shit they spray on the food perhaps has something to do with it and also the amount of radiation we are now exposed by wifi wont help . More reacently I read that the chemicals that they have in fabric saftner are not good for male bits. . There was a study in London years ago about the amount of esrtogen in the water supply due to all the wimen on the pill . Certainly , one thing that isnae good fur guys is a ton o' estrogen in the water which might be why so many folk there dont know if they are fish or fowl . .
  7. I can't remember if anyone has crashed out of all 3 Tours but it will be very interesting to see if Froomey can do the Tour/Vuelta double since that hasn't been done since Hinault in 1978 I think . .
  8. 19/08/17 to 10/09/17 Here to help. .
  9. FIFY
  10. Right quick , let's gets this thread shut down. .
  11. Okay , got it wrong . .Legstrong didn't go straight through the bunch when he picked them up after his crash , he waited until Mayo attacked. . . .ah the days of no skid lid. .
  12. I'm shocked by this behaviour . .
  13. It looks like the guy on the right is trying to get it into neutral. .