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  1. I think we should sell a mould of Langfield to the "Adult Gay Sex Toy" market.
  2. We had some spare money but chose to invest it on a disabled access area. That is highly laudable....but they'll be watching planes in 2 years time. Keep the money on the pitch. I heard we are toying with the idea of a coffee shop. I've heard (cough) that jazz cigarette material is easily available in Feegie, but there's no need to go all Amsterdam on us. More idiocy. The whole place has gone mental.
  3. "You can shove that up your arse !" - Non-disclosure agreement. The truth will come out. You populist lunatics have taken over the asylum. See how long your happy f**king clapping and "We'll be fine" lasts. The club is f**ked. Didn't take long. The only things missing from this being a recreation of 91/92 is Mark f**king Reid and/or Jim B*attie at left-back. If you are young enough to think "Who ?"....then imagine Jimmy Savile giving you a bed bath every weekend. Yes. It was a great season. The new BoD had one big decision to make and by f**king God they have f**ked it up.
  4. The team are just the hapless product of idiocy not seen since Steven Hawking went out for a spin in a lightning storm wrapped in bacofoil.
  5. After a few years I'm back. Evening Shull. THIS CLUB IS A f**kING BASKET CASE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM.
  6. When the Blanco fund ended up with £1500 or thereabouts, one of the first suggestions was for a beer stall & BBQ for an upcoming home game. Ironically this coincided with SMiSA donating £1000 worth of kit to the youth set-up. After a poll, the Blanco funds were destined for similar good deeds I think. The thing is SMiSA didn't need to take a poll to do what was right.
  7. Sounds very boring, but I genuinely believe that SG & Co liked the idea of the CiC style ownership (as did many of us). That's not the issue. Anyway, I spent countless hours and cash following SMFC around the fleshpots of Div 1 when Big Daddy Bone was in charge. I turned up at all the games of a mind-numbingly sh*te 44 league game season in the early 90s. They called for the fans to attend and save the club. I came, I saw, and I almost had a coronary at the Jim Gardner/Alex Bone horror show. Did I clamour for an an answer from Bob Earlie ? No...but I f*cking should have. BTW Poz - last post was fair comment Bud.
  8. I would presume that with there now being "another show in town", then some of the reasons for the 10,000 hours bid being rejected may be down to the detail of what these people may be lining up, and as such, the BoD probably aren't in the best position to go into too much detail just yet, to satisfy those clamouring for an explanation. I'm sure they will in the fullness of time if asked. As a potential buyer, the BoD gave RA a seat on the board, and have stuck by him for almost 3 years, and countless deadlines. In any form of business, this is extremely flexible and generous. That this flexibility and generosity expired today shouldn't have come as any great surprise, especially if someone else rolls up who may actually have their bullets in the chamber.
  9. More bitchiness on here than on an episode of Sex & The Citeh. Not remotely surprised at today's outcome. Increasingly exasperated BoD eventually lost faith themselves when a viable alternative appeared ? Who knows, but what's done is done. BoD statement merely seemed to confirm their questioning of the financing, which is their right, and we don't know what else has been put in front of them by any other bidder. The "right people" statement could be interpreted any number of ways. BTW I was one of the 1,000+ who signed up. I also signed off. I'm not really in any hurry to demand a "bullshit-free" explanation from either party. None of my loot ever changed I hands, so I am owed nothing. A SMiSA (?) led supporters membership scheme guaranteeing funds going straight to the club, say at £10k/month for youth development, in return for a voice on the board and a % of shares ? That would be fine by me. The fans own part of the club and are seeing their hard-earned go into the grassroots of SMFC, which is ultimately the future of the club. Time to move on. Much, much worse things happen in life. I've seen someone close to me die before my eyes, way short of their time. As Derek Smalls would've put it " Too much f*cking perspective".
  10. I was sceptical, then got behind it, but when I saw one of the main players quite casually telling supporters some big fat whoppers, then I thought it was time to head for the exits. If other folk are happy to stay with a bid where the main man has been shown to openly lie to SMFC supporters, then to paraphrase the late, great SunnyFoxbarSaint, "Yer aff yer f**kin' heid".
  11. ....and if Angelo Massone had been put in charge of merchandising, and carried out this roll of honour, how forgiving would some people on this forum be ? Let's get some good old-fashioned facts out in the open boys & girls. let's say that "Angelo" as Commercial Director of SMFC had...... *Allowed the previous service provider to sell-off the entire stock needlessly leaving the club to make a large investment to re-stock the shop.....then moaned about this situation 2 (TWO) years later *Had no proper online store for 2 years *Claimed "the club shop had cost the club money" - a lie: the deal guaranteed SMFC a fixed sum each year *Claimed "all-time record sales" for shirts - a lie: a) he didn't know the previous figures ; and b ) more shirts were sold in Div 1 than the figures he quoted, let alone SPL. Now if the bold Angelo had that as his CV as Commercial Director of SMFC, his proposal/offer for buying SMFC would have been slaughtered on here, and rightly so. Why some people continue to defend the indefensible is beyond me. My DD has been cancelled, and I would advise any sane person out there to do likewise.
  12. Two things that stand out from the overall perspective of this omnishambles are..... 1) Aside from the wacky, some genuinely good ideas have surfaced, aimed increasing both revenue streams into the club, and use of the ground/facilities. No matter the buyer, it would seem like sound business sense to get these working ASAP for the betterment of the club. During the last 2 years, no less an authority than SG has said that "commercially, the club has stagnated." Who is the Commercial Director ? Surely all of the good ideas aren't being kept back for CiC repayment use ? 2) There is an appetite for fan ownership in some format of a membership scheme. Any prospective owner would be daft not to look at this very closely, with SMiSA or similar being the body working on the BoD, and something like £10k/month going into club coffers.
  13. If you are ever feeling down, just look at the Div 3 fixtures. It always puts a smile on my miserable coupon :)

    1. insaintee


      Why whats in the 3rd division

    2. Obi-Wan Ben Kenobi

      Obi-Wan Ben Kenobi

      I'm sure Shull could tell you if you don't know.

  14. There is no doubt that there is a conflict of interest here. 10,000 Hours have 2 prices set out; 1 with a Sky deal; 1 without. It looks to me that SG is doing his best to ensure that deal 1 goes through, regardless of the wishes of the supporters of his (and virtually every other) side in Scottish football. I can respect that to some degree, but please spare me the p*sh about the consortium only wanting to deal with those who "have the best interests of St.Mirren FC at heart". Bilge. Looks to me like SG & his SPL cronies (whose clubs are in fiscal sh*t street) are trying to force through a "quickie promotion for RFC" deal that would see Sky stay...........but nobody knows if they will walk away (ho-hum) if RFC are in Div 3. I doubt it, but we would get 8% of a reduced TV deal as opposed to the 2% now. The ploy of doling out the scary stories is starting to grate.
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