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  1. The one thing that would be good if we managed to strike a deal with Adidas (not off the peg versions) is that they/we would now have the rights to reproduce versuibs of kits from our previous times with Adidas. That would be a tidy bit of business and they'd fly off the shelves. Needs to be the old badge though!
  2. Have a look at what 'off the peg Adidas' provide for Accies. They're equally as bad as Joma. Macron is the way forward. They produce some cracking kits and actually seem to put a bit of effort into design.
  3. Not harsh at all. He's not been very good at Aberdeen and despite all his 'graft' he's produced hee haw. Hence why Aberdeen are trying to shift him. I'm not really interested in strikers that 'graft' all over the place, we've had plenty of them in past who weren't very good. I'm interested in strikers that score goals and Stevie May isn't one of them anymore.
  4. This could be a sensational signing or a Stephane Bahoken level one - depending on which Stevie May turns up. He has been utterly horrendous for Aberdeen and i wouldn't touch him but if Jim could get the St.Johnstone version of him from somewhere then we've got some striker on our hands.
  5. Swansea's 19/20 away kit... Would've made us a cracking home top in black and white imo
  6. Does it? Do you reckon with our managerial history, we'd be throwing a contract extension this summer to a guy who was already on a three year deal ? It wouldn't even have been a consideration.
  7. Ah, sorry, never knew that. Thought the ST deadline was 30.06 then general sale. Cheers lads
  8. Hoping someone can answer this one for me... I plan on renewing my ST tomorrow afternoon in person at the club and i would also like to buy the seat next to me for my brother. Will this be possible or would i have to renew and then wait till general sale to purchase his seat ?
  9. Don’t shoot the messenger but I’ve heard from a decent source - a Saints supporting journo - that Fitzy could be next out the door. Apprently GLS not too happy with him.
  10. He'd be banned from the touchline for our first six fixtures if he was appointed.
  11. Our last managerial appointment was a part-time football manager. The same role Jim Goodwin currently holds.
  12. I'm not so sure that being promoted from League 1 to the Championship and the fans loving you qualifies to manage St.Mirren in the Premiership. Also, Jack had far more coaching experience under his belt before he arrived at Saints than Jim.
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