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    Fakes Away

  2. Spam_Valley

    Brendan Rogers Sellic.......

    Wrong thread.
  3. Spam_Valley

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    Last night he was in command of his own signings, his own players in his preferred formation (5-3-2 at home vs M'Well btw..) and yet we still managed an Alan Stubbs level of performance. OK's games with Stubbs' players or last night, to me, there has been no improvement. His 13% W/R tells it's own story. For me, he should have managed to get more out of the players we had in the squad before the January mass exodus. It appears that nobody has a clue what they are doing out on the park and if they do, they're f**king great at hiding it. No clear style of play, no cohesion in the XI and absolutely no idea on how to defend OR attack. What are we doing on a daily basis at Ralston? We constantly persist with the spine of our team being Ferdinand, McGinn & Jackson. Two guys that can barely move and another that just isn't very good. We're absolutely horrific and something needs to change and change soon or we're heading down with a seriously embarrassing goals for, goals against and points totals.
  4. Spam_Valley

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    A 13% win rate is f**king unacceptable. Stubbs' players or not, that is an abominable % rate for a manager in any league - Tommy Craig managed 15% ffs. OK has not shown me anything that convinces me think he'll get us out this mess. The players have no idea what they're doing. Setting up 5-3-2 against Motherwell such an amateur mistake it makes me wonder if they even do opposition analysis in the week. Popescu and the goalie look a couple of good finds. Although, i noticed someone on Twitter last night claiming Popescu would walk into ANY team in this league. Made me chuckle.
  5. Spam_Valley

    Welcome Anders Dreyer

    Some folk have been screaming out for And Dreyers for ages. Hot Water next I hope
  6. An abject performance to say the least. The lack of awareness or concentration from our players, especially the defenders is absolutely criminal. If they're not stopping and watching opposition players work a chance for themselves they're putting in half-arsed challenges that wouldn't dispossess an under 12. Nobody is expecting to go to CP and pull off a shock but what I think we all expect is 100% effort and to see basic defending carried out. What do we work on in training on a weekly basis? We have no defensive shape or structure, the midfield never tracks back to help the defence and going forward we're horrible in possession - We are not a cohesive unit at all. Can't get too carried away as it's Celtic and there's a huge gulf in class between both sides but after watching that tonight I reckon most if not all Premiership teams would've taken one or two from us. Worrying.
  7. Spam_Valley

    January Exits

    Looks like Paul Lambert is facing competition from himself for Lee's signing going by that sham of an article. Tractor Boys.
  8. Spam_Valley

    Speculation Thread

    Jim Hamilton & Alex Burke are dusting off their Copa's as we speak..
  9. Spam_Valley

    January Exits

    Or he’s an over the hill, injury prone defender that couldn’t get a game at left back in our pitiful team ahead of a 17yr old central midfielder and decided to take the best offer he could which was a team placed 4th in League One.
  10. Spam_Valley

    January Exits

    Shows you the level he's now at when Forfar is his only/preferred option. A player that seemed to get better in the minds of fans the longer he was out of the picture
  11. Spam_Valley

    Speculation Thread

    I'm sure you can be registered with three teams in the one season but can only play for two of them.
  12. Spam_Valley

    Speculation Thread

    What about Graham Carey? His contract is up in the summer - although Plymouth have a year option on him - He could replace the delivery and 'something special' Hammill had. Bit of a long shot but not beyond the realms of possibility. I'm pretty sure his missus is from Paisley/Glasgow area and could possibly entertain a return homeward ? As i said, a long shot as i'm sure more than a handful of clubs down south would be able to quadruple our wage offer but if ye don't ask, ye don't get.
  13. Spam_Valley

    January Exits

    There is quite obviously no hope in hell Ryan Gauld would be loaned to St.Mirren. Absolute dreamland stuff.
  14. Spam_Valley

    January Exits

    Why don't we try and pip Rangers to Defoe while we're at it.
  15. Spam_Valley

    January Exits

    If we're looking at players from Ross County then Josh Mullin would be top of my list. Other than Alan Stubbs and his shocking recruitment policy, i've no idea why we never picked him up from Livi in the summer for nothing. Fantastic player that chips in with a fair share of goals and assists and will add much needed width to our team.