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  1. Probably best if they amend their finance option PDF. It is a shambles Finance-201920.pdfFinance-201920.pdf
  2. Any idea when they announce the fixture dates/times?
  3. The man is an utter buffoon and makes himself look worse with every newspaper interview. Let us have the last laugh by securing Premiership status on Sunday. Hopefully with Stubbs looking on from the TV gantry.
  4. A really nice bloke and a club legend but an absolute embarrassment to the role he is in. The media love him due to ridiculous statement after statement.
  5. I've also highlighted just how horrific a record Nazon has with us. I'm not labeling Mullen or Jackson as top level strikers by any stretch but they have given and returned more than Nazon and that is why he barely gets a look in for a start these days. Yes, i'm saying the well oiled recruitment machine got this one wrong. He's just not very good. A current international by default but lets be honest, Haiti are are around the same level as Feegie Star. That Mullen diving to win the league line is just ridiculous. Get a grip.
  6. Danny's return is 6 goals in 26 appearances. Jackson 6 in 31. Nazon is a poor footballer and a non existent goal scorer. This is shown by his performances in a St.Mirren strip and OK's picking of Mullen & Jackson over him. So, it would suggest the manager isn't too fond of him either. Not sure why you're championing picking two bit part strikers in Nazon & Cooke to lead the line in our most important game of the split. A ridiculous suggestion tbh and makes no sense.
  7. Just the two goals in 11 appearances for the goal machine. He's in the Stephane Bahoken category for me. An absolute waste of a signing.
  8. Contracted until May 2020. Would need to pay a fee and can't see us doing that for someone so mediocre.
  9. Was this not meant to already be in place? I'm sure there was some statement from GLS advising the turnstiles were being upgraded in order to support this.
  10. Last night he was in command of his own signings, his own players in his preferred formation (5-3-2 at home vs M'Well btw..) and yet we still managed an Alan Stubbs level of performance. OK's games with Stubbs' players or last night, to me, there has been no improvement. His 13% W/R tells it's own story. For me, he should have managed to get more out of the players we had in the squad before the January mass exodus. It appears that nobody has a clue what they are doing out on the park and if they do, they're f**king great at hiding it. No clear style of play, no cohesion in the XI and absolutely no idea on how to defend OR attack. What are we doing on a daily basis at Ralston? We constantly persist with the spine of our team being Ferdinand, McGinn & Jackson. Two guys that can barely move and another that just isn't very good. We're absolutely horrific and something needs to change and change soon or we're heading down with a seriously embarrassing goals for, goals against and points totals.
  11. A 13% win rate is f**king unacceptable. Stubbs' players or not, that is an abominable % rate for a manager in any league - Tommy Craig managed 15% ffs. OK has not shown me anything that convinces me think he'll get us out this mess. The players have no idea what they're doing. Setting up 5-3-2 against Motherwell such an amateur mistake it makes me wonder if they even do opposition analysis in the week. Popescu and the goalie look a couple of good finds. Although, i noticed someone on Twitter last night claiming Popescu would walk into ANY team in this league. Made me chuckle.
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