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  1. St Mirren v Falkirk 17/4/2018 (defo)

    Team selection should be easy, just the most sober 11.
  2. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Eight days without a win. FFS Bring back Alex Rae!
  3. John Sutton Returns

    I want a Toblerone now
  4. John Sutton Returns

    Welcome back John. Get him a decent supply and he'll score plenty at this level.
  5. Why wait till we've seen it?
  6. Not too bad, I should be able to get to all 3 Saturday games Pity Edinburgh is at home though.
  7. Champagne Time

    Any excuse will do. Personally I cracked open a bottle of Perrier Jouet last night because I made it to the bathroom without shitting my pyjamas.
  8. Film 2016

    It really is - absolutely loved it. One I would recommend on DVD or download/on demand is What We Did On Our Holiday, cracking family film With Billy Connolly, David Tennant and Ben Miller it's from 2014. I only just saw if for the first time over Christmas, I didn't remember seeing it promoted when it was out.
  9. Film 2016

    I think you've already seen the top 3. If I were you I'd keep letting the young 'un pick the movies.
  10. How The Natsi's Work - From The Inside

    Is this really the right thread for investigating Dicko's child maintenance arrangements?
  11. Simple answer, because it's a thread on B&W Army.
  12. Should We Stay Or Should We Go

    Given that Israel and Australia take part, and many other non-EU countries too I think your annual camp night-in is safe however we vote.
  13. How The Natsi's Work - From The Inside

    I'm sorry but this post has gotten me riled! I'm am not going to sit here and read this kind of judgement on another person's lifestyle choices. It's not a horrible way to live. It's "an" horrible way to live. I feel better now.
  14. If we're counting Welsh clubs, I went to Monica's in Wrexham once. Once was enough, but in there I did look like a player. Do I win a prize?