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  1. For that to make the advert not misleading then the detail of the competition rule would have to be widely understood by, as the established principle says, "the man on the Clapham omnibus" which I don't think it is, in fact having looked on the SPFL website I can't find the rule at all. I believe that the club have been intentionally misleading here and I am quite annoyed about it. I probably would have bought my ticket anyway but I would have certainly given it some thought before I did.
  2. I disagree, the advert is misleading as it's implicit that £10 is the minimum price allowed. If that's not the case, and from what you tell me it's not, then the advert breaks advertising rules.
  3. Unless both clubs agree to a lower admission. Hearts charged £5 for their home game vs Ross Co in the last round. Interesting, I've asked the SLO about this, I await his answer, either Hearts have broken competition rules or we have broken advertising rules, possibly even laws by misleading wording on the website.
  4. Totally wrong to criticize the club's for the price on the one. Ten quid is the minimum allowed by the SPFL in this competition.
  5. The performance today is almost as embarrassing as some of the conversation on here.
  6. Thursday. https://spfl.co.uk/news/irn-bru-cup-r2-draw-details
  7. He wasn't talking about our opposition, he was talking about their manager as a player and a team we don't play for weeks.
  8. Another shitfest interview on BBC radio Scotland, bigging up Gerrard and Celtic always gives me the impression he's not interested in us.
  9. Miles better today. I hope we've now seen Cammy play wide for the last time.
  10. I wonder when he'll stop talking about the start of the season in the future tense, given that we're three games in now.
  11. I wouldn't have thought so, not sure what the capacity is but the lower-league grounds are usually quite small.
  12. Just seen from the SLO car park will be open and free.
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