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  1. super saints

    Saints Memorabilia

    Dont sell it at all mate. My dad has '87 glass, signed by the St.mirren squad from '87. I wouldnt want my dad tp part with that, not even for £500. If yours is real, then I would feel even stronger about the subject. I wouldnt sell it if I was you.
  2. super saints

    Top 5 Albums Of The Year

    1.Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul 2.The Verve - Forth 3.AC/DC - Black Ice 4.Primal Scream - Beautiful future 5.Paul Weller - 22 Dreams
  3. super saints

    Robert De Niro Films.

    Goodfellas Raging Bull The Untouchables Casino The Deer Hunter
  4. super saints

    Paisley Pubs

    Why did the Hole in the wa' shut down.
  5. super saints

    Top 5 Sitcoms

  6. super saints

    Your Top Five Favourite Biscuits/cakes

    Oh come on.The fudge doughnuts from Aulds are WAY better.The creeme is nicer the fudge icing is nicer and the cake itself is much nicer.The ones from Greggs are mingin.
  7. super saints

    Your Top Five Favourite Biscuits/cakes

    Whats your top five all time favourite cakes or biscuits mof all time. Mine would be. 1.Empire Biscuit 2.Snowball 3.Oreo cookies 4.Fudge Doughnut 5.Kit Kat Chunky
  8. super saints

    Top Five Bands Of The Eighties............

    Smiths Stone Roses Primal Scream Happy Mondays Cant think of a fifth one.
  9. super saints

    Top Five Bands Of The Nineties

    Oasis Happy Mondays Stone Roses Primal Scream The Verve
  10. super saints

    Top 5 Albums Your Currently Listening To

    Oasis-Stop the Clocks Oasis-Definitley Maybe Kasabian-Empire Beatles-Love The Who-The Kids Are Alright
  11. super saints

    Top 5 Sitcoms

    Still Game Rab C Nesbit My Family Porridge I'm Alan Partridge
  12. super saints

    Xbox360 Or Ps3?

    You cant survive without an xbox 360,you simply cant,look at all the great games.Mass Effect,Halo 3,Gears of War,Saints Row,Project Gotham Racing 3 and 4.The 360 is the better concole by far.
  13. super saints

    Top Fives Of 2007

    TOP 5 MOVIES 1.300 2.Hot Fuzz 3.Rise of the Footsoldier 4.Transformers 5.Die Hard 4.0 T0P 3 ALBUMS 1.Arctic Monkeys-Favourite Worst Nightmare 2.Klaxons-Myths of the Near Future 3.Enemy-We'll Live and Die in these towns Top 5 xbox 360 games of 2007 1.Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.Assassin's Creed 3.Jericho 4.The Darkness
  14. super saints

    Top 5 St.mirren Tops Of All Time !

    1 St.mirren home 1987 (Scottish cup) 2 St.mirren home 07/08 3 St.mirren home 1980's (The one you can buy in Provan Sports) 4 St.mirren home 1960's 5 St.mirren away 05/06
  15. super saints

    Top Five Books

    1. Marching On (St.mirren book) 2. Return of the Saints 3. 100 Great Saints 4. Rangers ICF (sorry,but its actually quite a good book) 5.Casuals