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  1. St Kilda Aussie rules , with sleeves obviously.
  2. Heard some clowns in W1 boo at half time.
  3. I had the misfortune to sit in that section today and can only agree with you and perhaps add in another half dozen screeching arseholes. Twats.
  4. My package size is nowt to do with folk on here , thanks. Im open to offers though ;)
  5. Stringfellows on the greenock rd was a punk venue in the late eighties. Saw some decent bands there, the best I remember was Culture Shock and a skinhead band from Arbroath that done covers of Sidney Devine songs
  6. As with some of the other guys,I only knew him as a witty and intelligent poster on here,but reading his friends posts you can see how much he meant to them. Condolences to his family and friends davie
  7. 1.the good,the bad and the ugly. the bridge/civil war scene 2.scarface. the battle in the mansion and tonys death 3.clerks 2.jay doing the buffalo bill impression or the donkey show 4.a bridge too far.when the soldier runs out to get the canister,gets killed and its only berets in it 5.the hangover.the slideshow of the lost weekend when the titles are running.
  8. so i see ,knew i shouldve put this on gn...more geniuses on that bit
  9. can i get a website that will show todays game as im in spain at moment.over to the boffins
  10. kings of leon....sex on fire the editors...an end has a start flaming lips....yeah yeah yeah son
  11. british sea power...remember me....good video too
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