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  1. Proud of the team overall today & yet again 'probably' the best traveling supporters in the league It's no disgrace to lose at Tannadice, but isn't it typical recently when we get a result our rivals match or better it & when we lose they seem to pick up at least a point. The team have quite simply been very good since the transfer window closed albeit a bit late in the season. I fully believe we will be above Raith after we play them. Dundee United have won 15 and have a good home record, referee decisions aside, it just wasn't our day.
  2. What a ridiculous post, you know the crowd will be over 7,000
  3. United 1-1 Saints Ayr to lose 2-1 to Morton Dumbarton to lose 3-2 to QOS Hibs 3-1 Raith a few days later
  4. That's something that you'll come across in the future when you upgrade
  5. I have to question your motive for that sarcasm?
  6. Labour are many years away from being electable. When Brown deposed Blair, it was a downward spiral for the party as far back as then. Milliband was never PM material & Corbyn is no different.Labour if they want to be electable again, need to go back to the drawing board. The Tories will rule for some years to come & there will be a huge landslide victory in June for them.
  7. Any of these crash the App Thanks anyway [emoji4]
  8. When i try click the link on the forum it crashes the B&W app every time
  9. Indeed I pretty much stopped watching when Hendry disappeared off the scene. I liked it more back then.
  10. Ray Reardon,Big Bill Werbenuik,Steve Davis,Cliff Thorburn,Dennis Taylor, Alex Higgins John Parrot,Willie Thorne those were the days
  11. I agree, it was always good getting them, plus they could be put on screen ? Need the 'Tablet,Macaroon & Chewing gum' guy as well:)
  12. I'd keep your money safely in your pocket Next week United 1-1 Saints Morton to beat Ayr 2-1 QOS to beat Dumbarton 3-2 Hibs a few days later to beat Raith 3-1
  13. This is panning out well eh
  14. 2-2 is my guess
  15. Wholeheartedly agree. I personally think 1750-2000 for various reasons. Great run we are on No longer in relegation/play off zone Importance of staying ahead of teams below with just 4 games to go Taking more than away on Tuesday night should be simpler than a work day The fact our away support is second to none in this league Oh and we won't lose this game That's plenty