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  1. Matches my 'guess' on speculation 1 out we expect 1 out renewed interest ( next week ) 1 nudged oot hopefully ( but he won't accept a mutual as nothing lined up , but is looking and willing to go )
  2. I wouldn't play Smith out wide.
  3. Joking aside , that's spot on. The way I see it personally is I'm delighted to see so many new faces but if it turns out to be pish ? At least it's new pish as we couldn't continue as we were.The gelling might just bizarrely take care of itself due to our lowly position and they effectively just 'go for it' ? I'd still 100% amend up the way ;)
  4. Won't accept a 'mutual' as nothing lined up, but willing to before window ends.
  5. Amend that , up the way.
  6. But weird if 8 unknown guys turned up at your hoose in 1976 Were they all wearing Santa suits ?
  7. It's ok his laptop works in the hoose However , could you imagine an agent getting a sniff of money coming in and changing the goalposts ? Only slightly , but enough to delay ? Just a thought.
  8. Indeed it would. Would you believe there could still be 3 to leave ? 1 expected obviously 1 getting nudged oot hopefully 1 getting renewed interest ( next week ) Couple of normal delays on paperwork ( agent led ) otherwise we'd be able to of sorted out 'officially' some news we are all expecting. Div's update yesterday was good.It was accurate as of that moment in time. Hoping others can share some rumours ?
  9. Only speculation of course. It's not quite over yet for the transfer window. I wouldn't mind a twist & surprise to keep it interesting even after the weekend. Quite enjoying it so far. Anyone got any more speculation with regards to possible transfer news ?
  10. Refresh the page in a wee while ;)
  11. Welcome back Welcome to Cammy Smith also.
  12. Ornathologists will flock there to see the Burdz
  13. McAllister now officially a Derby player. I'm looking forward to the rest of the transfer window all the way through till next week.
  14. Oh it will be. I think it's safe to say there will be 3 possibly 4 transactions in/out before deadline day.
  15. I'm sure you can google that.