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  1. Surprised and hugely disappointed with that. I'd much rather get the early season issues addressed in this cup prior to the league starting though. These 3 games so far have thrown up more questions than answers and rather that in these cup games. No overreaction needed ( he says hopefully)
  2. Ardgowan is a dive - avoid - damp foisty rooms / falling apart furniture/ windows that either won't open or close The Scotia is one my son uses often & is good according to him Watermill is great for location but unless its changed in last year ? Not that great , but for one night is ok
  3. Coz early next week is the 'main event'
  4. Eta; just a guess of course ;)
  5. Nope, but expect news of 2 transfers next week.
  6. BT ? Barbecue Tv Sport , thats handy [emoji4] Thistle 2-3 Saints
  7. How do these kids manage to keep smiling when they suffer so much? Simply amazing how this lad like wee Bradley & sadly many others we don't hear about, still manage a wee smile [emoji4] Losing a game simply doesn't compare to losing a life , particularly of one so young [emoji26] RIP wee guy x
  8. Horrified she knew the words & you didnae ? Did you join in ?
  9. Not forgetting one lavvy !
  10. Any kit updates ?
  11. I know why I bother , but no idea why he bothers
  12. The badges fall off for FREE