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  1. Out of curiosity, why would they be 'singing' about Gary Harkins ? But as you say, the 'signings' so far are not too bad.
  2. Tannadice 87 was back on Alba last night. Really enjoyed watching it. Wasn't a bad year for us either [emoji4]
  3. Need a new song if he/they do well .... There's only ..... 2 Ross Stewarts
  4. Figured you'd work it out But I only had a wee piece of the 'pi' as I didn't call for the managers head - the lions share goes to a few humble others
  5. I'm at 3.14159 ( along with many others I'd imagine ) after the season finishing better than I ever imagined I safely predict this number rising to a healthy 9/10 in the coming weeks.
  6. Is that a week ? Surprised you know his wage
  7. Now you're talking pish
  8. Got that recorded , should be a good watch.
  9. Don't be harsh, we don't discuss matches in the 'Match day thread', well we do, Saints matches normally. Now, I'm fairly sure ( don't quote me ) that we have an 'Other football' section for pish not relevant to us Ach, whit de i know ?
  10. I would love to see 'safe standing' introduced ( leaving a gap here for the attempts at a funny mob ) My idea would be ( if ever it could be afforded ) to remove the back 6 rows the full length of the Westbank allowing the front 8 rows ( I think ) to sit enabling standing/singing in all areas W1-W7 creating a better atmosphere the full length of the stand. But then again, I'm shite at ideas
  11. Could someone please advise on how I can watch the clip ? Any link to a clip even the YouTube ones on here crash the app as soon as I click on it. Using iPhone 6 Would appreciate help on this
  12. Aye,better the devil you know.
  13. Oddly enough, at this minute in time it is. New roof/windows going in & plasterers in skimming walls etc , if you're handy with joinery or electrical work perhaps you could offer your services ?
  14. Possibly Sheffield, though its only 45 minutes from my house ( Leeds ) to Barnsley. It is however a dump.