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  1. santo

    Scotland Anthem Jacket Adidas

    Completely sold out everywhere! No JDs, Greaves, canny believe it!!!!! Thanks anyways!
  2. Anybuddie know where I could pick one of these up? Sold out and striking out on ebay... This is the one Thanks in advance!
  3. Looks promising. Partnership of Reilly and Stewart? Would be nice to have Loy. Has that ship now sailed?
  4. What do we know about this lad?
  5. santo

    Super Stelios

    We were on fire. It`s such a shame the season had to end. I have absolute faith in JR but I can`t shrug off this feeling of disappointment. We should be doing everything we can to keep all of the players from last season. I understand Mallan had to go but what about O`Brien? Wasn`t Billy part of the incredible team spirit? Surely he deserved a chance over Samson? (in saying that, I`m not unhappy with Samson). JR`s transfer dealing have been unbelievable so far...but it`s hard to get excited about signing players from Albion Rovers. Not a boo boy! Just maybe on on a come-down from the euphoria of last season.
  6. santo

    Super Stelios

    Asides from O`Brien and Stelios who out of last year`s squad has yet to resign? Edited to add: Rory Loy
  7. I like Jack Ross. Glad to hear he will remain irrespective of how this season ends. Maybe a trip to division 1 is what is required to turn things around.
  8. santo

    Gallagher signs for Dumbarton

    good idea to let our relegation rivals take our player?
  9. santo

    Rory Loy

    For those of you, like me, who don`t know this lad then these videos may give you insight and encouragement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCYA9sU-gyI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obCGQzHVwDY Has a good finish, likes the rebound, tidy from the spot. Decent with head and foot.
  10. Welcome, Alex. 1st job: sign up John Sutton. One would think he has decent contacts so expecting some interesting deals in the transfer window. Time will tell.
  11. santo

    Motherwell Away

    I flew over from Mexico especially for the game. Whatever happens we have to go down fighting.... Visited the Abbey today - we need divine intervention. COME ON YOU SAINTS!
  12. link for live coverage? and open all mics??? thanks in advance...
  13. santo

    Speculation Thread

    Since all of our signings have been permanent transfers so far....what´s to stop us signing a couple of extra players on loan deals? Surely we should take advantage of the "fringe" talent from down south.
  14. santo

    Speculation Thread

    How many more signings can we expect before the new season? Talk of Hughes and Dorman and Carey and suchlike. I just can´t see it myself. We couldn´t even hold on to Higdon and Gallacher and Travener!!!