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  1. That’s a great photo. You can see the old county buildings and jail at County Square - and it’s amazing how many houses between East End Park and Cotton Street.
  2. Buddymarvellous

    Paisley Saint Mirren

  3. Buddymarvellous

    Paisley Saint Mirren

    Then there was the dyslexic agnostic that wondered if there really was a dog...
  4. Buddymarvellous

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Best post so far....
  5. Buddymarvellous

    So Farewell then.................Clint Walker

    Loved Cheyenne - Still can sing the theme song - (can’t remember what I had for my tea last night though...) RIP Clint
  6. Buddymarvellous

    Florian Kamberi

    Speculation not Rumour - wish we had mods ....
  7. Buddymarvellous

    Disappointed in it all

    Why another thread.....
  8. Buddymarvellous

    Paul McGinn

    Naw - it was his other brother - understand the confusion
  9. Buddymarvellous


    She wiz a fine wee lass.....
  10. Buddymarvellous

    Poor R*ngers Theads Merged.....

    Well done - you can at last retire - thanks for all your efforts - you’ll be missed
  11. I hope you’re not depending on that horrible ticket site - phone the ticket office and I’m sure you’ll get sorted
  12. Buddymarvellous

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    I voted NO on this because I saw it as simply passing £50K to the club - dressed up as an astroturf project which would go ahead anyway and should be included in a ‘living within our means’ policy. Perhaps SMISA should have been more honest and said we were donating to the player’s budget. I have asked lots of friends and relatives how they voted and the ‘all’ said they opened the email clicked on the vote and voted YES because the trusted the committee. You can argue that that’s democracy bud but I remain disappointed in the committee’s handling of the proposal.
  13. Buddymarvellous

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    Here’s a good idea - Baz and Lord P agree to stop posting on this thread for say 24 hours and let the rest of the forum get on with a reasonable debate
  14. Buddymarvellous

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    I think it’s a shame this debate is centred on the abuse of the main fund (which I agree should not be used as a lending bank for St Mirren) My main gripe is that we are supporting a mainstream requirement which should be planned with costs being spread over the life of the asset and budgeted appropriately by the club. What we are in fact doing is providing £50K to the club to save them from spending £50K on what is a normal business cost. So why dress it up as a project - just give the club the £2 pot and and save all the charade. And that is why I voted NO
  15. Buddymarvellous

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    I reckoned the question can be condensed into two issues 1 Is it okay to donate the majority of the next 9 quarterly pots (9 X £5K) to the club to help buy a new astoturf pitch 2 Is it okay to ‘borrow’ the total £50K from the main ring-fenced fund meantime. Some folk may be okay with the principal of helping the club out on the first part but are uncomfortable with the second part. For me I have voted no because I feel the club should be managing such capital investments and not be using the SMISA £2 pot as a cash cow. I also think the second issue would be a deal breaker for me.