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  1. Canney work the photo insert thingy..
  2. Seems he's signed up for Hollyoaks as well....
  3. I think we Nicola was unlucky - remember she was only demanding the right to hold an Indy2 and expected it to be a couple of years down the line once Brexit deal was clear. It would never happen unless she was sure from opinion polls that she would win it. Where she lost out was the calling of a snap election in the middle of all the debate - this gave the opposition a big stick to hit her with instead of putting forward clear policies of their own.
  4. No Liam Elaine
  5. Danny Kyle song .. only youtube I could find has a few jokes between verses..
  6. Theme from the Archers.
  7. Too auld tae get it right first time...
  8. I liked him in Ivanhoe ... can still sing the theme tune...cannae remember whit happened last week though
  9. It's hiding in the notes "Current season ticket holders will have until Sunday 2nd July 2017 to secure their own seat, after this time all unsold seats will be released and sold on a first come first serve basis."
  10. Where.. there on the stair ?
  11. What about Glenmorange ..eh..
  12. You seem very smug about your contentment.....
  13. I think the wee drum we use is a Bodhrán hand held thing and I quite like it but the big drums like the 'well fans use really got on ma tits and if we ever go down that road then I woulld be for banning them.