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  1. 140th Anniversary Book

    There's an option to pick up from shop the week of the dinner
  2. Cheers Callum ... thought it was quite odd
  3. Noticed that this is now changed on official site to read "This match will be all ticket and please note that there will be no sale of tickets on the day of the match." what's that all about...
  4. Paisley Pubs

    Found a picture on OldPaisley site - if you zoom in on the 1981 picture you can just make out PCMS on a vertical neon sign.. http://www.84204.mrsite.com/Paisley-in-the-80s-and-90s(2629526).htm
  5. Paisley Pubs

    Hence the old Paisley riddle 'Can you cross Causeyside without crossing a bus route'
  6. Paisley Pubs

    Yeah but that picture does'nt show a Neon sign which I believe was down the side of the next corner up Causeyside - I presume it came later ...
  7. Paisley Pubs

    As I remember it the vertical neon sign was on the next corner of Forbes place where the freezer shop is now
  8. Super Stelios

    Canney work the photo insert thingy..
  9. Super Stelios

    Seems he's signed up for Hollyoaks as well....
  10. General Election 8th June

    I think we Nicola was unlucky - remember she was only demanding the right to hold an Indy2 and expected it to be a couple of years down the line once Brexit deal was clear. It would never happen unless she was sure from opinion polls that she would win it. Where she lost out was the calling of a snap election in the middle of all the debate - this gave the opposition a big stick to hit her with instead of putting forward clear policies of their own.
  11. Liam Buchanan

    No Liam Elaine
  12. Coats / Clarks Of Paisley

    Danny Kyle song .. only youtube I could find has a few jokes between verses..
  13. 3 Songs for matcdays

    Theme from the Archers.
  14. Magennis Extension

    Too auld tae get it right first time...