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  1. I think the wee drum we use is a Bodhrán hand held thing and I quite like it but the big drums like the 'well fans use really got on ma tits and if we ever go down that road then I woulld be for banning them.
  2. That was a good read ... loved the bit about the ref "Referee Jack Mowat came tearing across the field one time blowing his whistle like a fireman who's heard there's a brewery alight"
  3. In the proverbial words of Faraway 'Great thread'...
  4. Harry Hill's Alien fun capsule is on just now - just 'bumped ' into it but laughfin out loud...
  5. All the best to Thistle too ...
  6. I thought Lewis Morgan and Stellios worked very well together - Lewis always back assisting and Stellios up the wing with him - hope this partnership develops
  7. What a pass to Stellios for first goal - sublime....
  8. He's black he's white he's f@@@in dynamite Paul Mcknight...
  9. In the days of Bobby Pinkerton we sang.. We'll drinka drinka drink to Bobby the pink the pink the pink the saviour of the StMirren tea-u-m
  10. Seven minutes on The Rangers who were not playing today in this Scottish Cup edition of Sportscene
  11. Well said Steve - It must be hard to let some of the drivell on here wash over you but you need to remember that the same vocal minority slagged off Kenny McLean and John McGinn - it was probably the same mob that moaned about Billy Stark too ( or maybe their faithers) but those boys went on to do okay. KTF with the buds and KTF with wee Stevie
  12. Aaron on Sky sports Huddersfield v Brighton - looks quite comfortable in holding role - apart from gifting the Brighton goal 3-1 to Huddersfield just now
  13. Yeah but Asda Elderslie is okay...
  14. Also If Smisa were to meet in the Lighthouse bar in Cathcart Street, Greenock I would say that Smisa were "in the wrong community". and if they met in the Lighthouse bar in Bridge Street it would be very spooky ... very spooky indeed