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  1. Signed back in as STH - now showing audio link.
  2. I logged out as STH and back in with Buddievision and audio available - what a shite service
  3. Can’t seem to get audio from StMirren TV . Only offers video then prompts for subscription. - what am I doing wrong ?
  4. If you don’t get a bite with that you should gie up Shull ...Oh that’s e2 bites - you won
  5. Yeah - audio only - its as if it’s Buddievision sound and not ST video
  6. Has the feed started yet - my view says ‘Live’ but nothing happening
  7. Yeah - I scrolled down from there and got what looks like a live view of the ground.
  8. Maybe ‘punishment’ was wrong wording - what I was getting at was the postponement of those two games were meant as a “yellow card” from the government because they breached the rules but this time guidance was followed and so the game would only be postponed if football authorities think there is a risk
  9. I agree Billy. But Aberdeen and Celtic had games cancelled when they have big enough squads to play a competitive team. So uts a wait and see. But like you I think k the game will go ahead. Was it not more of a punishment for those two because their players didn’t follow the rules - as long as our players have stuck to guidelines we may have to go ahead.
  10. Shull talkin’ tae himself again....
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