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  1. Buddymarvellous

    St Mirren v Kilmarnock 20th October

    If he’s such a good referee then why did he not restart the game with a stoat up - sorry, dropped ball - after stopping the game while we were in possession of the ball
  2. Buddymarvellous

    Chinese writing

    Yeah Ive been getting it all day - taking over a few threads - Div usually sorts this kind of hacking out
  3. Most sensible post in 35 pages - well reported sir
  4. Buddymarvellous

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Cheers - enjoyed that..
  5. Buddymarvellous

    The OK App Thread

    Thought it was an Oakey appreciation thread - got a wee fright
  6. Buddymarvellous

    jose mourinios jacket

    That’s a pretty good suggestion.
  7. Buddymarvellous

    Albania v Scotland Women's World Cup Qualifier

    Brilliant - well done Scotland
  8. Buddymarvellous

    A New Striker At Last!

    His nickname is Harpic - ‘cos he’s clean round the bend
  9. Buddymarvellous


    Whit harn did gauze street do....
  10. Buddymarvellous


    Stop creating new threads - it just gets the same old arguments started all over again - there’s plenty of other places to make your point.
  11. Buddymarvellous


    I hear we’re getting Ryan Edwards on loan
  12. Buddymarvellous


    Thread already running....
  13. Buddymarvellous

    Hearts away. 01/09

    Just got tickets online - wouldn’t let me buy lower - had to get the dear ones upstairs
  14. Buddymarvellous


    Stop reading that rag..... even online ... That’s you telt.
  15. Buddymarvellous

    Where are they now

    I remember watching the two Lewis boys in the under 20s - I thought McLear was most likely to make it - shows what I know