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  1. I agree first priority is St Mirren but in this case we risk a loss of a signifant income.
  2. Maybe we should make sure he gets there by resting him next two games.
  3. I suspect the police will ‘have operational issues’
  4. If this was P&B I might agree with you but I never want to see shite like “God save the King” on B&W army
  5. We can always go to cinema or theatre - they don’t seem to share the respect that the SPFL have.
  6. She was apparently a nice wee woman but I only knew her tae look tae.
  7. See she’s got the fire on anyway - no worried aboot the bills
  8. May I be first to say.. ……. FFS
  9. So let me get this straight…. He got his tadger out one night and got pulled off the next
  10. Correct spelling is St Murn 😜
  11. Linwood toll - wrong thread BTW
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