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  1. Apparently we were interested in him yesterday too
  2. Please please please don’t add to this thread or we’ll have another 50 pages of shite...
  3. So 10 years was the "time limit" that I mentioned. Yeah and 3 years early is the projected buy out given by SMISA in response to a question I putto them and was put to them at the Q&A meeting
  4. My argument still stands - they would be reacting to a press conference giving it as a done deal - they wouldn’t spend any time looking any further
  5. It's half the time compared to the time limit on the original agreement. I don't think SMiSA ever claimed that they would buy the shares as soon as they had the money. Though I could be wrong on that. I think you are wrong here Slarti - the original agreement was to buy the club “within “10 years”
  6. How many on that list have looked past the PR excercise that presented this as a done deal - its easy for emplyees and celebrities to support what is presented to them in that manner
  7. I notice in the SMISA reminder that the ‘half the time’ soundbite is still being pushed. Is it not truer to say ‘5 years early instead of 3 years early’
  8. Sorry Ricky - Don’t answer Shull
  9. Sorry Ricky - don’t read the S*n
  10. Awright it’s no exact but not gonnae mislead anybody - there are about 500 minority shareholders with about 20% in total - I think it’s fair to assume that most are Saints supporters - a few either way’s no goantae mislead anybody - stop muddying the waters
  11. For me I’m sticking to No. I have nothing against Kibble I think they do grand work but the total fan ownership model remains for me the best solution. As I have said before I think I’m going to be in the minority but I will continue my support of SMISA anyway - no toys out pram cancellation for me.
  12. Are those conspirators that you spy through your window or is it a mirror reflecting the chattering parasites in your mind? Just a bit of fun .. no need to get worked up.....
  13. Confucius says .... You only find out there’s a cuckoo in your nest when the chickens come home to roost
  14. I accept I’m pissing against the wind on this but we did sign up for 100% - same as Hearts Motherwell and Kilmarnock. By the way it came out last night we are 5 years ahead as you say but we would be going early anyway in 2023 with the positive subs so a wee bit of spin saying 5 when it is it fact 3 - maybe no that that big a point but why no mention anywhere in the proposal
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