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  1. Nope, not at all. There won't be a legal requirement every year to isolate if you are sick or possibly just been in contact with someone who is sick. Grudgingly agree with you - probably further complicated by some of the other rules such as limited numbers and changing guidance. The cynic in me still feels its quite convenient to have a Zoom meeting which is always more easy to ‘control’ than a physical meeting.
  2. So are you suggesting it should be Zoom every year - there will always be someone off sick
  3. No reason why the isolating director couldn’t Zoom into the physical AGM in that situation - no to difficult to put him up on a screen.
  4. I think we’ve wondered away from Doakie’s original point which was - paraphrasing - will Zoom meeting give the board a free hurl when there is no longer a good reason not to have a proper AGM
  5. https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/nhs-scotland-covid-status/id1571335133 similar one on Play Store if yo7 are Android
  6. No reading it … it’s in the *un….
  7. FIFY - Pedant I know - But I presume it was you’re autocorrect anyway.
  8. Yeah but I click it and immediately, without reading, it click next unread so does that count ? (Apart from this time obviously)
  9. One and three are so similar that they will split the vote and two should win.
  10. Whit… Did you no see it on Sportscene - he jumped on top of McGrath’s ankle - was lucky it wasn’t a straight red.
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