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  1. We used to get weedkiller (Sodium Chlorate I think) out of Earls - mixed with same amount of sugar it was lucky we didn’t blow our heads off. Edit: Should have said it was a potent firework mixture for Guy Fawks nite
  2. Stop posting the S*n.....
  3. Don’t even read it in the barbers... and I hate it when you get a link on here and accidentally end up on their site
  4. I’m with Slarti for what it’s worth. You either believe or don’t believe. You don’t choose to believe or choose not to believe. Just to annoy everyone... ...end of....
  5. £25 Adult £17 concession £5 car park and 25 minutes to get oot - plastic pitch no wonder some folk reject this one ...... ....... I suppose they depend on stupid folk like me
  6. Does this make Junior Mendes Junior senior ..
  7. I’ll away doon tae Asda, Elderslie and stand guard til I see him.
  8. That’s the worst spell of weather we’ve had in a while.
  9. How do you its a Him perhaps you could put Him/Her.
  10. I won't. I'll either be deid or deef. Or baith.....
  11. Fantastic story - wee lassie from Stewarton to World Cup winner with Italy
  12. I think that bus was one of the Routemasters that was bought from London Transport
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