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  1. Where on the site? Not accessible from phone at all? When I go to shop and season tickets, it's just showing a renewal option. You’re right - can see from ipad but not from phone
  2. Noticed the season ticket General Sale option is live on main site Also pleased to see that the plan of the seating works on my Ipad - the previous provider required you to use a PC with Flash Player installed.
  3. Forgot to say.. I missed the club’s first phone call because the number came up as ‘unknown’ and I rejected it - in case you reject spam as I do.
  4. Glad to see Tait got some game time - was concerned when he wasn’t included in Dunfermline game
  5. Got phone call from club last night (must be working late) all sorted. Season ticket renewed
  6. I am surpried by the amount of spam-bots going about
  7. Yeah - Canada v Martinique - but its on too late for me at 11.30
  8. At least the club recognise there are problems. https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/4028-season-ticket-assistance
  9. But if the system allowed me to register against the wrong stand it should still allowed me to purchase those wrong seats - in my case it won’t let me login to buy my registered seats
  10. Are you the forum perv
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