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  1. Off with their heads…..
  2. Whit… Did you no see it on Sportscene - he jumped on top of McGrath’s ankle - was lucky it wasn’t a straight red.
  3. Methinks a wee sin bin sojourn for Bek and Baz would gie us all break and allow them to fight it oot on their own.
  4. Agree with this. I didn’t vote for the Kibble purchase as I felt waiting the extra two years until we had funds(not the extra five that is continually flaunted) was the correct way for us to go forward as a fully fan owned club.. However the SMISA members voted for Kibble so we should give them a chance and not blame them for every problem that arises. I get the feeling that some folk have had it in for Kibble from day 1 and are waiting to blame them any issue. We voted for the SMISA board members so we need to trust them to get things sorted.
  5. I suppose it’s okay for us to cherry pick Dundalk.
  6. Reality check needed - we were always going to get beat by a team with market value forty or fifty times ours and who were playing with renewed confidence. Going down to 10 really snuffed out any hopes of causing an upset - so we right it off and move on.
  7. So what’s your opinion of what Donald says.
  8. Off with their heads…..
  9. On my Ipad via browser the sticky sidebar is turned off but appears on a lots of the threads - can’t See pattern as to when it appears and when it doesn’t
  10. Nope - but if it was set here you would think it would be set in every topic - but it’s only shown on some topics.- Notice my options are slightly different to yours btw.
  11. I use a browser on Ipad and the annoying thing here is that the side panel appears on some topics and not others - it used to appear on the home screen screen only.
  12. I think the way it works is for your £59.99 you get live audio and full match video later after the game plus the full interviews - not just the first 30 seconds. If you are international you get live video of all home games..
  13. Yeah - I was getting that the other day but tonight I can’t login as season ticket holder (I get the 30 second stuff if I log in as Buddievision)
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