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  1. No very good with the insert photo thingy - anyway Shull’s photie up to date from Google..
  2. Rather than put on ignore - I just use the ‘Skim past’ function - works a treat
  3. Means I can skim it twice...
  4. I noticed you misspelled Gleniffer. This always brings out my pedant with my kids who say the word like Jennifer whereas I was brought up saying it the Paisley way with the stress on the second part of the word. I have a theory that all the non Paisley teachers at the new Camphill pronounced it the ‘Jennifer’ way and now I’ve lost the battle of the pronounciations.
  5. Rumours that Greggs are starting a drone delivery service - I reckon it’s just pie in the sky
  6. Hey less of that - that sounds like a flute song
  7. You could take the opportunity to restructure league to 14 or 16 teams and let the current league positions stand.
  8. Apparently we were interested in him yesterday too
  9. Please please please don’t add to this thread or we’ll have another 50 pages of shite...
  10. So 10 years was the "time limit" that I mentioned. Yeah and 3 years early is the projected buy out given by SMISA in response to a question I putto them and was put to them at the Q&A meeting
  11. My argument still stands - they would be reacting to a press conference giving it as a done deal - they wouldn’t spend any time looking any further
  12. It's half the time compared to the time limit on the original agreement. I don't think SMiSA ever claimed that they would buy the shares as soon as they had the money. Though I could be wrong on that. I think you are wrong here Slarti - the original agreement was to buy the club “within “10 years”
  13. How many on that list have looked past the PR excercise that presented this as a done deal - its easy for emplyees and celebrities to support what is presented to them in that manner
  14. I notice in the SMISA reminder that the ‘half the time’ soundbite is still being pushed. Is it not truer to say ‘5 years early instead of 3 years early’
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