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  1. I’ll away doon tae Asda, Elderslie and stand guard til I see him.
  2. That’s the worst spell of weather we’ve had in a while.
  3. How do you its a Him perhaps you could put Him/Her.
  4. I won't. I'll either be deid or deef. Or baith.....
  5. Fantastic story - wee lassie from Stewarton to World Cup winner with Italy
  6. I think that bus was one of the Routemasters that was bought from London Transport
  7. Cheers Shull - always wanted to be a member of a club - when’s the AGM
  8. Lets face it Shull - I think he just fits you’re need to replace your hatred for Sammy with another fall guy
  9. You should have warned me that was from the “ S*n” - I unfortunately clicked on it
  10. Sorry Jaybee - the pedant in me won as I’m always correcting folk that refer to Stanley Green instead of the good Paisley pronounciation of Stanely. On another note I’m sure as wee boys me and my pals got into the castle one summer that the ressy was low. Not sure if my memory is playing tricks on me though...
  11. Are most of their tenets not based on Old Testement biblical practices? I cannae tell you.....
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