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  1. Ah but Shull’s long gone - we’ll no see him for a while.....
  2. That’s the best one I’ve seen so far - well done
  3. Nice goal - it’s on SC4 if anyone interested - ch 166 on Virgin Begium just scored
  4. When you see the blanked out bits ( over on p&b) you can have a bit of sympathy with Stubbs - wonder why it was conveniently blanked out.
  5. A "fake replica" would be the real thing. What about an imitation fake replica.
  6. See you’ve started posted shite again Shull - you were doing so well too...
  7. Those lorries were always called pantechnicon - I think because they had the bit over the cab but I’m no sure
  8. How do yo7 know he’s male...
  9. But why was it called that - the full name was Working Men’s Abstainers Club and I always thought it was a contraction of Men’s AC from that - but only a theory.
  10. Wee Frank is Top of my favourites list
  11. Obika’s offside must have been close - what a goal it would have been for Erahon
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