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  1. I voted yes because we need to encourage women and young girls into football. I hink it’s disingenuous to say they are going on a ‘jolly’ - they are going to a football tournament representing StMirren - they’re not off to las Vegas. We quite rightly support the Youth Academy to the tune of 30% of subs so surely we can spare a couple of quid each to support and hopefully improve the womens team.
  2. The stats do show a worrying trend but its hard to see a direct correlation with minimum pricing from 2018. I think the latest asesments of MUP are disappointing but I thought at the time it was a good idea and I don’t think it was wrong to try. Stats are always difficult for example the latest figures for alcohol related liver failure was down in 2019 but it’s hard to say whither this had anything to do with MUP or just the fact that as a nation we are drinking less.
  3. Season ticket renewed - thankfully without any online issues this year
  4. It’s available on BT youtube channel and is free to view on channel 532 if you have Virgin Media
  5. Always thought it stange that on BBC MOTD the commentator aleays pays credit to players taking the knee but on Sportscene it’s almost always ignored by the commentators.
  6. So.. what’s the rumour ?
  7. Ah but . Ah but where did the 2 minutes come from
  8. Where did ref get extra time from - had he blown at 45 with no stoppages that I saw - thrn Dunne widnae get booked.
  9. My pal was in the JNI - he tells the story about the barmaid asking him how the exams were going.
  10. I thought Hearts were much better than us but remember they had Soutar and Boyce back in the team which made a huge difference to them. Although it was a definite red for Ronan, the ref took a long time to show the card and I wondered if ii was fourth official that gave it. Thought the Greive push was defo penalty and that would have been red and evened the sides a bit - having seen it on Alba I also wondered if Atkinson:s yellow on Jones may have been red as well.
  11. What do you know……. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/60506755
  12. Sounds closer to the two and a half year deal
  13. Missed out on Brian Rice .. Alloa nicked him before we could make an offer 😜
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