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  1. SMISA March Update

    or this ... although the powder of choice may vary in modern parlance. Think we're showing our age Antrin.
  2. SMISA March Update

    I agree that we are a struggling professional club that sometimes needs a bit of extra support from the Supporter's Trust and that the Trust's money should be spent in the interests of the club. Cast our minds back a few months to when we had the prospect of a potentially financially lucrative Renfrewshire derby being postponed due to the under-soil heating being broken. The club approached SMISA, who in turn provided funding. Remember the rumpus that created at the time with cries of the money not being used in the manner for which it was intended, or the additional funds that were made available to the club to boost the player budget. I'm not suggesting that the immediate needs of the club should not be the first priority but I see no harm in also putting some of the funding towards generating interest in the club and looking to the long-term as well as the short.
  3. SMISA March Update

    "if I want to sponsor a local youth team, a charity runner or a cat's home I'd take that decision myself and use other money for that purpose. let's concentrate on St Mirren." It's easy to look down the wrong end of the telescope and think of the funds created by SMISA being purely for the club, but I think sponsoring local youth teams is a great idea. The lads playing will get to know that they get to play their football while having a link with the local senior team and, as was suggested, the odd visit to training from one or two players or coaching staff should help generate interest in SMFC, leading to attendance at games, maybe even identification of talent for development through age-groups and into the U-20s at the club.
  4. St Mirren TV

    Errrr, there's a clue in my username
  5. St Mirren TV

    F for the students on this occasion. Need a reliable signal if you're going to charge for live streaming
  6. Bid accepted for Kyle McAllister?

    That's it in a nutshell. I don't see why some have such an issue with this. It's all about the club negotiating the best deal they can with the hand they are currently holding, as proven by the Mallan deal going cold, for now at least.
  7. Bid accepted for Kyle McAllister?

    My guess on add-ons will be further payments linked to eg. number of 1st team starts with new club, international appearances etc. To use the modern vernacular many of us salary slaves have to work to, Key Performance Indicators
  8. Bid accepted for Kyle McAllister?

    As others have mentioned above, the player has rejected several previous offers from the club and has therefore made clear that he either doesn't see a future with us or he will have a better chance to develop his career elsewhere. If we reject offers for him, we will be left with a player who not only wants away, but who will also then be totally pi$$ed off. It is a no brainer that we sell him for what we can get, trouble is that in our position that isn't as much as other clubs might be able to demand for the same player.
  9. The Coffee is Ready ....

    I agree that the previous board must shoulder a lot of responsibility for the current situation, and that applies to the clubs listed too. We are told that GLS and his team are working on improving the club as a whole, as seen from the regular updates that are published and I agree that the players should be aware that their performance is not at an acceptable level. The point is though that the fans who pay to invest in the future of the club, and watch them, in person, online or by whatever means available are not seeing a whole lot of recognition of that fact from the players. Yes, we see the odd article or interview talking up team spirit etc etc, but this situation needs some grown-up conversations to take place and it would be good to know that those are taking place as one means of trying to protect the future of the club. It's all part of generating the motivation that is sadly lacking right now.
  10. Article from today's Scotsman, which i'm sure many will have seen. http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/st-mirren/future-looks-bleak-for-john-sutton-and-st-mirren-1-4334681 It is clear from reading this that JS and the rest of the team know they are not performing at the level they anticipated at the start of the season and find themselves in the soberingly opposite position to where they thought they might have been. Well, it's time to stop navel gazing and smell the coffee boys. Some players have stood out and carried more than their share of the burden while others have been happy to let them do so. It is now time for every single person paid to kick, head and catch a ball at the club to find themselves a mirror and spend some time looking into it while asking "have I still got what it takes, what am i doing that isn't working, what am I doing that is working and what can I do to make that better?". Then, once they've done that, they need to all get in a room with the Manager and have a frank and open discussion with each other; not a war of words, but be man enough to face facts, admit mistakes, give credit where it is due and get their heads and the squad as a whole in gear otherwise Renfrewshire will have a glut of fledgling car salesmen, financial advisers and taxi drivers come May.
  11. SMiSA's Latest Update

    English too, and just to be clear for the hard of thinking, that's saying that you're not very good at English as well as arithmetic, not that you are English
  12. SMiSA's Latest Update

    Oh my, someone's irritable this morning. Your points regarding the club being a business are noted, but businesses often struggle with cash flow. Surely it is better that those who actually care about the club support it rather than find ourselves getting back into loans and overdrafts with banks. As for your reading of my comment on the recent vote, take another look at what I wrote and, if necessary, follow the words with your finger before reading what you want them to say rather what they actually say, in order to continue your diatribe against a club that you so openly talk down yet are on this forum at 5.30 am!!!! This is the first direct communication I've had with you here and it serves only to support everything that the majority have suggested in posts I have read here.
  13. SMiSA's Latest Update

    Last time i looked, St Mirren was a football club that is struggling and needs a bit of help to get out of the situation it currently finds itself in. If that help takes the form of the supporter's trust providing funding that the club either cannot currently afford or does not have available to keep the recently acquired momentum going, to protect the revenue that will come from financially lucrative matches or to enable the manager to attract players to the club to strengthen his squad and get us up the table, I don't see why some have a problem with either decision. In short, if the club has reduced revenue from being unable to play scheduled home games or continues to limp along with a squad where certain positions have been identified as weak points, I can only see that having one result so it is surely a "no brainer" that SMISA should assist, particularly as 88% of the membership that voted was in favour of investing in the playing squad.
  14. Looking good. The message from GLS is particularly welcome, to let us understand what is happening behind the scenes and what his thinking is for the short and long term.