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  1. My mate did to go to his mother in laws birthday dinner, double baw boot!
  2. apologies if it's been asked before. Is there or has there been a formal complaint by the club regarding the incompetency/criminality of the linesman? I was disgusted by that but raging at the complete lack of bottle shown.
  3. Will tickets be available on the night? If not, when's the shop open during the week?
  4. Saw this on Click on the beeb, not my cup of tea (prefer war games and sims) but I'm sure plenty would enjoy... http://fifa-online.easports.com/web/beta/welcome;jsessionid=80818CA50ED63F66B1A6FD04E2DF64E1.tomcat2
  5. This is a kick in the guts.RIP to the only person I had as a friend on this board....
  6. go back to post # 1, same old sh*t, makes me think I got a worm somewhere. cleaned registry and "almost" got things going again..
  7. In your control panel/system/device manager under video adapters. I'm sorted btw, turned out to be one of the games (area51) which I'd downloaded had a couple of bits of spyware/malware in it. thanks for yer replies. As for freezes and stutters if you're running in firefox there's a glitch that's known of and there's a fix coming out soon (apparently).
  8. Well, it seems to be! Every time I try to play a "graphics intensive" game such as Medal of Honour, Area51, Armed Assault etc, my pc crashes completely. I downloaded most recent drivers for me card Nvidia G -force 8600 GTS and also the latest drivers for my sound card as well. It's still crashing when I launch (note, not even get to play!) any of the above mentioned games. I turned hardware acceleration right down, with no luck and set the colour to 16 bit, still no luck. I can play older games like steel panthers and pacific general also games on sega emulator, so it seems there's a definite problem and now I'm at me wits end. This started late Friday night and has increased in frequency since then. All ideas or tips and fixes appreciated!
  9. seems to be when multiple windows are going and/or there's a movie or ad playing. The home page for B & W is a "good" -as in bad- place for the whole lot to come crashing down...
  10. xp pro 64bit dunno the version of ff, but just patched early last week.
  11. Any1 else? seems to be only in the last week or so since last update. I'm posting this in IE , btw...
  12. Never really been a boozer in meh younger days (unlike now! ). When we moved into our wee flat in seedhill road I enjoyed Harvies, then we moved after the wean was born and it was Carneigies for closeness. Now, it's Paddy's though I'd hardly say I was a regular.
  13. Lo-Rider video for Skinny, is my all time fav, oh yes.....
  14. Kenikeli


    I need it to view videos for me fone, but it also seems to have become default viewer for my firefox browser. This site's flash movies on the front page and youtube videos can't be viewed, amongst others. When I right click on the icon for quicktime on said pages it crashes my browser. Anyone know where in the settings for quicktime I can sort this crap out?
  15. ....Not actually a top 5 but my missus came in tonite, saw the wallpaper that Div had manufactured and said, "She's a f**kin cow." women, eh? next thing u know they'll be driving jeeps through the doors at airports!
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