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  1. I’ll take anything as I had a horrible feeling that the biscuit tin mob would get him for nothing on a pre contract in Jan, thankfully not looking that way [emoji386][emoji386][emoji386]
  2. Just scored a great goal there for Hibs
  3. This was on twatter, no idea of the accuracy, but pretty decent if true [emoji469][emoji1267] COYS
  4. Welcome home Paul, the McGinns love St Mirren [emoji469] confident he will do well [emoji847]
  5. Home is where the heart is [emoji6] (I wasn’t being serious about getting him)
  6. If Jack Ross can get £15k a week at a more than decent club like Ipswich Town then he should grab it. If it works out then he will become a millionaire and set his family up for life. If it doesn’t work out he comes back up the road and will easily get a gig in the top league or championship, I think it’s a no brainer for him. I will wish him well and thank him for a great season and a half at the club but do blame him for the damage to my liver and bank balance in that period.
  7. Ok here goes, hard hat on for all the flack heading my way. There is no chance of us selling 5000 season tickets or getting that as home crowd against bigots unfortunately. I would grab the money from them to give us best chance to compete for top 6 place. I would keep West and Main stand for us. I would give them both stands behind goals, sell ST’s for family stand either to include bigot games on the understanding Buds are moved to West/Main stand (their choice which stand) and sell cheaper ST for family stand to exclude those games as historically the family stand is quieter on bigot games as folks don’t want kids to attend. I would keep the bigots in for 10/15 minutes after the game to let the good people time to get on our way. I would love to be proved wrong with our attendances but the last two promotions we went back to our normal home crowd levels in the top flight. I genuinely think we will do better with JR & JF and crowds will be up but not to the extent people are saying. Would love to be proved wrong but can’t see it.
  8. Ah Berwick Law, last time I climbed it I noticed they had replaced the original whale [emoji228] bones with fake one [emoji33] I worry about you climbing that though as you couldn’t even walk oot the Stables Bar on Saturday without tripping ????[emoji23]???? We’re on our way [emoji445]
  9. Hopefully they are still in the running for a play off place and they will easily bring over 1000
  10. I’m sure the club have already said that it won’t happen as they can’t segregate the stand, one bog, one pie stall, etc
  11. https://www.stmirren.com/news/fans/fans-news/1749-club-to-run-buses-to-glebe-park
  12. Was big Kevin McGowne not the captain 05-06 season??
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