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  1. To anyone who supports Man Utd for no other reason but for vicariously hunting for glory... GIRFUY!!!!
  2. For anyone who didn't get my Ryanair post. Prince William, 2nd in line to the throne, is having an affair. The woman with whom he is having said affair is a friend of his brother's wife. She has cliped to his sister-in-law that he liked to be done up the dunger with a strap-on. Fuck all of the royalist apologists.
  3. The Scotrail alcohol ban is farcical when other operators in Scotland such as LNER, Lumo, TPE, Caledonian Sleeper and Avanti have no such restrictions.
  4. Jonah makes the SPFL Team of the Week.
  5. At GHR yes. I was one of the 700-odd who was at the Stenhousemuir Challenge Cup game at Love St in 2005.
  6. Planning application and drawings available here.
  7. "Unheated". Going to be lovely from November to March.
  8. Bet365 say we had 1 on target. I think they've made that up.
  9. Will be serious foul play so a 2 match ban, will miss Edinburgh and Motherwell games.
  10. Did Olusanya win a contest, "be a professional footballer for a day"? The guy looks as if he's never pulled on a pair of boots before. To say he's the new Junior Morias would be an insult to Morias.
  11. We must be sending the u19s or the women's team seeing as we are playing Edinburgh at home at the same time.
  12. Me neither. Of course the Stenny, Raith, Peterhead and Montrose games all streaming
  13. Just over 80 sold in the W7 section, do the North Bank not bother with STs?
  14. Airdrie United were not formed in 2002, they purchased Clydebank's licence from the SFL so, if anything, they were founded in 1965.
  15. Blame the Old Scum rioters of 1980 and the laws that followed.
  16. You forgot the Saintees losing on penalties to a side THREE leagues below them. Oh and MacPherson was sent off.
  17. Edinburgh beating Airdrie on penalties probably the best outcome for us tonight. Can't see Arbroath losing at home to Cowdenbeath tomorrow night but you never know.
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