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  1. Almost 2-0, great save by Gallacher to tip a chip shot onto the bar
  2. 1-0 to Hibs, was coming tbh, some scrappy defending.
  3. Bit disappointed Orsi not involved, does anyone know if he's injured or suspended?
  4. £10 for one issue or £35 for an annual subscription of 4 issues? Naw
  5. Saints lineup... Willison, McNaughton, Stewart, Magennis, Gordon, MacDonald, Flanagan, Whyte, Orsi, Mclear, O'Keefe. Subs - Henry, Barclay, MacPherson, Fawkes, Johnston, McKendry, Scally. No McAllister
  6. You can kinda follow tonight's game on bet365 Aberdeen U20s v Saints U20S OK, that link didn't work but if you click on Live In-Play then scroll down you'll find the link to the game.
  7. Linfield and Crusaders both play in Balfast, Bala is in North Wales but The New Saints, although originally from Llansantffraid, actually play their home games in Oswestry, Shropshire, England From wikipaedia... "TNS play at Park Hall in Oswestry after moving there from the Recreation Ground in Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain. Park Hall accommodates 1,000 seated spectators and there are plans to upgrade the ground to 3,000 capacity in the future.[1] The club's first choice strip is green and white hooped shirts, white shorts and socks. The second choice strip is blue shirts, shorts and socks Maes Tegid is a community playing field in Bala, Wales. It is currently used mostly for football matches, and is the home ground ofBala Town. The stadium holds 3,000 people, with 504 seats and has been used by Bala Town since the 1950s. "
  8. McPherson was manager of a team which lost a national cup final to opponents with 9 players. Even in 85 years time, the 22nd century, there will still be Saints fans alive who, when goaded about that game will be able to say "I know, I was there" He had to go
  9. Only 10 minutes into Tuesday's game I posted on here that I liked the look of him. He's only 19, built like a brick shit-house, had great tenacity, strong running, shooting and passing and genuinely thought he deserved to be involved today. I hope Shankland and Hardie aren't going to hold him back.
  10. Rae's going nowhere. if there's no money to sign a midfielder there's certainly no money to pay Rae 10s of 1000s in compensation.
  11. 2-0 Douglas McNeil ‏@DouglasMcNeil 41s41 seconds ago 2-0 down. Langfield comes for a corner..Missed it by a long way.. AR player heads into empty net. Might as well not be playing with a keeper
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