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  1. Hambud

    The Bull Inn

    Wow that's a quick turnaround.
  2. Hambud

    John McGinn

    It'll never catch on.....
  3. I'd agree with that but imo probably should have left it a few years before putting him in.
  4. That and the pen save v United last season.
  5. Potential play off opposition?
  6. Hambud

    Ryan Flynn

    I'm hoping that this is the real Ryan Flynn and the imposter was the other one. Welcome back the real Ryan Flynn.
  7. Flynn was great today. His goal was testiment to his efforts. Making their 6 yard box at 89 minutes today was the best moment we have had for many a month. I've questioned his efforts previously but he has lifted his game recently. More of that please Ryan [emoji106]
  8. Hambud

    11 Cup Finals

    I'm going over to try the space cakes in his coffee shop sharpish.
  9. Hambud

    11 Cup Finals

    Win bonus too.
  10. Hambud

    11 Cup Finals

  11. Hambud

    The Tony Fitzpatrick Appreciation Thread

    Could be very prematurewe still have a very long way to go before we can start crowing about anything. Bit like the OK tick tock thread was also premature. We do appear to have improved but if we don't take points against Livi next Saturday then two good draws are almost worthless.
  12. Hambud

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Fine line between love and hate.
  13. Hambud

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Think there had also been trouble in Motherwell too before our last match up there. While no-one wants an increase in policing at home games I can understand that two recent bouts of trouble with the same opposition might cause the local constabulary to feel they need to make their presence known.