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  1. Hambud

    January Arrivals

    But "as it stands" he can start. [emoji6]
  2. Hambud

    January Arrivals

    I think there is an agreement that if he can find something that suits him and his family more then we won't stand in his way. However he is ours until someone else comes in for him.
  3. Hambud

    January Arrivals

    Yup. While keeping Anton would be good I don't think that really improves the team given he's been part of the team already.. We need players that are going to make us better.
  4. Hambud

    January Arrivals

    Surely Ferdinand is contracted until we hear different?
  5. Hambud

    January Arrivals

    Should be fine then. [emoji106]
  6. Hambud

    January Arrivals

    Depends....how good a ball boy are you?
  7. Nah. Now that shite clubs like St J's, ICT and even Ross county have managed to win cups the importance of our cup wins is getting diluted. Stay as the only scottish winners of the Barcelona Cup, The Anglo Scottish cup and the Singapore cup. Helps with our superiority complex. [emoji12]
  8. Hambud

    January Arrivals

    Rangers fans tend not to like hodson so he's probably one of them. He's a right back nothing more nothing less. A bit more in the mold of Alan Reid rather than a Jack Ross or Vanzy. He's been steady enough to warrant his place in the team.
  9. Hambud

    Scottish football trivia

    Can't think of any other players. Sir Alex Ferguson won it twice as manager. Alex Miller was Rafa's head coach at Liverpool. Steve Clarke missed it by about 3 years by resigning from Chelsea.
  10. Hambud

    January Arrivals

    Was Franco Miranda not left footed?
  11. Hambud

    Speculation Thread

    Hope they get announced at 7pm.
  12. Hambud

    Speculation Thread

  13. Hambud

    Speculation Thread

    When can we start guessing this Slovak wingers name? I reckon I've got it but don't want to be the guilty party who let the cat out the bag. Though if I do have it right it's really the fault of the ITK folk who have given me enough info to think I can guess at it.