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  1. They have since been deleted. Wonder if he got to charing Cross and changed his mind.
  2. This team being one thats got us to a semi.....?
  3. I didn't see the birthday message at all. I did see a wee guy in a saints top but never saw a message.
  4. I dont think the thread is about Danny v Obika, it's about whether he should at least feature. I would see it more as Danny v Andrue or Morias Andrue is frustrating because we expect to see the type of goal(s) he scored against us but we haven't. He's missed 2 pens (1 that mattered) so a lot of people question his desire and mentality. What isnt recognised is that he has set up most of our goals. People remember the missed sitters that have cost us points rather than assists. Morias seems to be a good honest pro. He is small strong and tries hard. He has had a lot of chances to shine and hasnt really done that, maybe due to where he is played ie like being played on his own up front against Hamilton. Mullen, carries a lot of favour in a similar way Billy Mehmet did in that he may not score v often but when he does it's a cracking goal that generally meant something. Like mehmet he also has a lot of weaknesses to his game. Where Billy didnt pass Mullen does the same. The slight difference iscwhere billy kept running until he ran it out of play or was tackled Danny falls over and is very rarely awarded a freekick. I doubt anyone thinks Danny should start ahead of Obika but bringing him on when we need an unexpected goal from somewhere should be an option.
  5. I think Danny and Cody are suffering for their failure in the league cup at the very earliest stage. Obviously we dont know what's going on at training or elsewhere but I do think we are shooting ourselves in the foot with using exactly same substitutions every match. Danny can be frustrating, but boy can he smack them home when it counts.
  6. I hope Derek McInnes falls for the mind games as easily as the OP.
  7. I'm disappointed that Dundee United didnt feature in this.
  8. Johan Larsson. Out of contract since 1 Jan. Swedish international Hes a hybrid of Henrik Larrson and Johan Mjalby both did alright over here so he would too. Plus he's got a great you tube compilation just to keep FS happy. Get Flareybob to get this one sorted out for us.
  9. Think he enjoyed the party a wee bit too much.
  10. I remember that being asked. He pretty much said he'd keep them though suggested that SMISA might want to buy all shares including the ones with the fans. He said that would be down to SMISA to vote on.
  11. I cant make it on Thursday. I do hope someone makes it along to establish 'what's in it for them'.
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