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  1. For euphoria JR would be equal to Tom Hendrie. The difference being JR had the brains to not hang around for impending relegation battle.
  2. Looks accidental, but also looks sore one. I agree that Rice's reaction should go in favour if SFA decide to look at it.
  3. Ooft, they are a team we just never get points from....well apart from that one time when big Kirky showboated and Andy Millen turned into the Terminator. What a day that was......
  4. Beat Hearts and Well away and we are on 10, they are pure St Murny type results. That would be 10 from opening quarter which has to be the minimum target. [emoji1785][emoji2961]
  5. Rumour has it: "A boy who wasn't banned got thrown out even though his was found not guilty by the court" Theres a thread on twitter about it though that isn't the clearest of explanations.
  6. You could have up to 20 people round to watch it with you.
  7. The help to buy scheme mean a lot of people want to buy a new house. Builders very often help people sell their existing house so it can be quite an attractive prospect.
  8. If you are who I think you are then I have a photo of you photo bombing me taking a selfie with Frank that very night.
  9. My point is that Jack is capable of playing at a higher level than Morton. I don't think I mentioned a level that Kelly and Naismith reached, I just feel Baird can have a similar career to them, though obviously all three still have a chance to make me eat my words. I don't think any of the three will achieve what broadfoot achieved.
  10. They are both managing to make a living as footballers.
  11. That was St Johnstone he did that against.
  12. Anyone who saw highlights of any Killie v Rangers games from last season will see Kirk possibly even raising his game against his old employers.
  13. It's easier to remember the good times. Although Ian Ferguson was the first person to break my heart I still remember him for the cup goals not for downing tools to win a move.
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