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  1. Hambud

    Best St. Mirren XI from last 10 years

    Yeah I understand. I know J McGinn and McLean have already gone on to have better careers than Gowser. However if we were judging it purely on their time with us then I think letting Gowser was as as integral in our downfall as selling McLean.
  2. Hambud

    Best St. Mirren XI from last 10 years

    He can be player manager.
  3. Hambud

    Best St. Mirren XI from last 10 years

    Interesting that Gowser is not appearing anywhere. Edited to add other than Callum's photy above.
  4. Hambud

    Music Gigs

    I got tickets for their Hydro gig with the Charlatans in December can't wait. Was at the fratellis last week at the bandstand. Great wee friday night gig. Got the Runrig last dance tomorrow for sentimental reasons (they are a band my Mum and Dad loved when we were kid). Then going to Kings of Leon on Wednesday.
  5. Hambud

    So Farewell Then Runrig

    Salmonbuddie beat me to it.
  6. Hambud

    So Farewell Then Runrig

    But the remaining drummer guy is a real SNP guy. Might even be the MSP for Skye.
  7. Hambud

    Old Firm fan allocation poll

    What are the options? One scoop or two? Definitely two please.
  8. Hambud

    Old Firm fan allocation poll

    Can't vote using the app.
  9. Hambud

    How far would you travel?

    Great post other than the Castle Grey Skull references. That is where He Man (the goodie) lived and got his powers from. I think Snake Mountain is a lot more apt as that is where Skeletor (the baddie) lived
  10. To be fair to LPM over the last couple of weeks he's seemed quite balanced compared to others.
  11. ....relax don't do it.....
  12. Hambud

    John McGinn

    As much as I'd hate to see him and Morgan playing for them it is our only way of getting money for him.
  13. Hambud

    Cammy Smith

    Good post.
  14. Hambud

    St. Mirren v Dumbarton Betfred Cup 28/7/18

    I remember thinking the same in 2012/13.
  15. And still undefeated it competitive matches.