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  1. A person comes on to make a genuine interesting statement and his/her point of view and gets shite responses like the above? I'm guessing it's nearly time for the School's to break up for the summer and some kids have started playing truant already...
  2. Neil Alexander spotted at Tesco in East Lane, Paisley.
  3. Maybe we'll be trying to make them feel more threatened by our Germanic style strip.
  4. Yip, that was my first thought too about the Away Strip. Overall I like all three kits. I admit that there are bits and pieces I wouldn't have personally designed in them. I've already said I prefer stripes on the Home sleeves as opposed to one colour but hey, I bought it a couple of weeks ago anyway. For the Away one, as aforementioned, I agree with Bungle1981 that without the solitary stripe it would be first class. The Third kit is exceptional although I'm not fond of the traditional colours being taken out of the badge for it. Apart from these minor details they're decent and good kits. Well done to all involved.
  5. I think I spotted your car the other day... The tax disc is out of date - make sure the Blue Meanies or the Rozzers don't catch you!
  6. That website looks like a good little read actually.
  7. I bought the shirt on Friday afternoon. The design of last Season's Home strip, in my opinion, was superb. It was one of the best designed strips there's been in my time supporting the club. Unfortunately the material was a bit shabby and, like Season 2011/2012, the little logos as well as the Diadora letters started to peel off quite quickly. This Season I think the shirt feels a bit better in terms of the quality of the material and having the Diadora logo sewn onto the shirt should solve the problem of it peeling off. I would have preferred the sleeves to have had stripes instead of the entire one colour but that's my only real gripe for want of a better word. I actually don't mind the yellow at all; indeed yellow is the third prominent colour on the Club crest so nothing wrong there. At the end of the day, it's still a St. Mirren shirt, I bought it and it's something to wear to the game. Those who can afford it will probably buy it, those that can't will wait until they can afford it or for it to be reduced in price before buying it and those who have children will be emptying their wallets faster than an oil baron in charge of a Premiership Football Team.
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