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  1. Terry Butcher , with a remit to do a similar job , to what he done at Inverness would do or Jimmy Nicholl to be mentor to two experienced players , but one things for certain , we need someone identifying players for next season with effect from now , and getting them signed on PCA,s
  2. To be honest I don,t really care who we keep , I just believe that our best way forward is to sign a group of hard working experienced players , who have played most of their careers in the lower leagues and who would welcome the opportunity to play for a club that will hopefully be challenging for promotion . I don,t think an exclusively youth orientated squad would work , and I think there is good sense in keeping some of the existing squad . But this close season should be seen as an opportunity , get rid of the negativity , and try to build an attack minded team
  3. That's our next manager sorted , and his first signing target If its possible to get a manager on a PCA , that's what we need to identify players in the lower leagues that can do a job , and get them on PCA,s
  4. Trying to be positive here By not renewing Cheesys , Kello,s and Teales contract , we could bring in 6 very good part timers and give them a better wage than they are currently on , Not renewing Wildes , Tesselar , Arquin , Gow , Genevs , and Daytons contracts should allow us to bring in 6 decent experienced Championship standard players and make a few savings I would keep Thompson , Goodwin , Ridgers , Kelly , Naismith , Mallan , McLear and McGinn , Throw in a couple of loanees , and we should have a decent enough squad to compete next season. Attendances won,t be the massive drop as in previous years , and more Saints fans might pay through the gate on a weekly basis if there is a winning team and a feelgood factor . Its about getting the right manager in , and creating a feelgood factor within the club.
  5. You have a point. Don,t know what to believe regarding interested parties , but there was a guy who was awful disappointed his bid wasn,t accepted roundabout Christmas , I wonder if he will be back ,
  6. Jimmy Nicholl would be my ideal choice , loads of experience of wheeling and dealing , well respected , good contacts in the game , doing relatively well with Cowdenbeath , excellent knowledge of the league we are going to be in , and more so an awareness of decent players who may be interested in coming to us , his new role with Northern Ireland may also enable us to get a couple of decent Irish youngsters . Would consider having Goodwin and Thompson as his assistants .
  7. One thing less to worry about now , we don,t have any worries about Sevco buying us to get SPL status
  8. Would keep Goodwin and Thompson on reduced contracts with have them as assistant managers ( let them go if they reject the terms ) , and appoint an experienced manager to mentor them , maybe Butcher or Nicholl , and then identify a three year plan to rebuild the club top to bottom. I don,t think an exclusively youth policy is the way forward , and our starting line up should only contain a couple of under 21 players in it , with another 3 or 4 on the bench . We need to create some enthusiasm and energy about the club , and the rebuilding process should start now . I liked the way Inverness started pre season training very early one season and used the process to more or less recruit a whole team , an approach like that would help season ticket sales and bring about a bit of positivity to the club. As would an energetic and ambitious set of new owners
  9. Perhaps a change of direction is required , maybe an exclusively youth development approach isn,t the way , Maybe its about identifying players in their early twenties who have lost their way , and working with them , Inverness have done very well doing this . We need to generate enthusiasm for next season and starting next season with a team of under 21 players isn,t ideal . A new management team needs to be in place , and trials / pre season needs to start early so we can get together a decent team for the new season and create a bit of buzz about the town . Relegation should be our opportunity to get rid of the staleness and set foundations for the future , getting the right balance for youth and experience .
  10. Relegation should be an opportunity to get rid of all the high earners and bring in players who will graft for the team , Change is badly needed and we need to have somebody in place now identifying who can do a job for us next season , we know where we will be , we will have a decent budget for that league , so we should be trying to get players in on PCA , and create a bit of enthusiasm for next season , who knows if the right changes are made season ticket sales might even increase. My belief though is that next season we shouldn,t be over reliant on youngsters , and should be targeting experienced championship players to get best value from the budget we have.
  11. Going to put £1 ew the 11th - 20th favourites , should give me a wee interest
  12. It looks very much like we are going down , and if we are to stand a chance of coming back up , we need to find that wheeler dealer manager that Stuart Gilmour was talking about in Novemeber , someone who knows the players in the lower divisions and someone who knows the type of player we will need in the lower division , if funds are tight , we need to looking at the likes of Alloa , Livingston , Dumbarton , Cowdenbeath etc and make 7 or 8 signings that will toughen us up and make us competitive next season . I would even consider bringing in Jimmy Nicholl mentoring Stevie Thompson and Jim Goodwin if money is tight . But it is hugely important too get a few seasoned pros in who are used to playing in the championship .
  13. Do we not get a wee bit extra , because he,s captain of the under 20s
  14. I think it was 1980 or 1981 Saints advertised on STV Were we the first team to advertise on TV ?
  15. I,m kinda hoping that Cheesy , Genev and Goody might tighten things up defensively , and maybe get us going on a good run , one always has to try and be optimistic , though one finds it very hard these days.
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