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  1. Thanks. Has a better ring to it. It’s what I meant to say. 🙂
  2. That’s weird...I’m sure I clicked on a thread about Jim Goodwin and his appointment at St. Mirren...totally weird!... ”Mad Goodwin serves another touchline ban” is my prediction for headline of the year.
  3. There is always a slight risk I guess that Spalding will turn out to be unlike Mourinho in some key areas... In terms of predictions...and based on the early games, I'd say that SMFC will be battling it out with Raith, QoS and Morton to decide 4th - 7th place. Livingston, Dumbarton and Alloa I predict will battle it out for relegation. The Rangers will probably do a Hearts, Hibs and Falkirk will contest the second playoff tie.
  4. What a typical and crappy response. Nobody asks you to "quantify" everything you say on here, it's an opinion, the author is in no way obliged to "quantify" anything, the opinion is based on subjective knowledge of the state of the team, the league, etc... Have a word.
  5. Just seen the new kit for the first time...instantly impressed, very nice indeed.
  6. What was the number of season tickets sold last year?
  7. Traditional colours...BUT...with modern designs...that sounds like it wont be a disaster...again...at least it will still have the huge JD logo on the front...though...
  8. Doubt that would ever work, who would you buy such a ticket from for example? Cash would need to be divided up between all clubs participating in such a venture, and they would all need to play ball for it to work. I can see the point of the idea when the objective is to get folk into an otherwise empty stadium...there are difficulties when you include clubs like Hearts, Aberdeen and the uglies who tend to bring more support than others, and also are more likely to sell out the home end with the option to acutely cut the away allocation. For any club the option of putting home fans first needs to be there, which means guarantees about away allocations in advance of the season might be undesirable. The only ones who can help mobilise the away support of smaller clubs are the clubs themselves, for bigger clubs like Hearts the loyalty points system works well since demand tends to be good for away games, for SMFC it wouldn't work so well since the question is not who gets the away tickets, but who wants them, and what can we do to make you go
  9. I think the reason that there is a big deal being made this time around is that last seasons effort was just so horribly disgusting...I personally won't be buying the kit...but I'll just sleep a lot better knowing it's back to the way it should be...black and white stripes (properly proportioned), no yellow, no garish logo...please.
  10. Should have went for Locke when TC got the boot, done well last season and at least Hearts went down fighting at this time last year. Plus...in the event of going down...his record against H1b5 is pretty decent much better shout than Ian "5-1" Murray. I think the main thing is that they sort out all the board nonsense, whoever comes in needs to know they can put down some sort of plan and have a go at it...having board room crap going on in the background is never helpful on any level...especially considering that it's very likely to be a relatively inexperienced manager at the helm next season.
  11. Learn his trade in the lower leagues you say...now we just need to find a team heading for the lower leagues who require a manager...oh...wait...
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