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  1. I'm afraid I'm not tuned in and I'm not Ian - or at least not the last time I looked in the mirror.
  2. Did not play to the top of our form but a good team effort (including subs) never the less. Now let's get the right man in place and get on with the business of finishing third or fourth. After all, Hearts now look catchable.
  3. Steven Naismith is possibly a good shout. He, (like Goodwin and unlike Brown) seems a decent character. Ross is a backward step (for him and Saints) and he is unlikely to be motivated in the St Mirren job. We are likely to go for a promising but untried candidate - so Naismith or Bartley would fill that bill.
  4. I can see the problem with Brown on a personal level and he certainly does not have the experience. However he may turn out to be an inspired choice if that is the board's final decision.
  5. Our worst nightmare is about to unravel if this is to be believed. It's the green version of the Alex Rae fiasco.
  6. I recall that when Jim became manager he majored on the need for stability at the club instead of constantly chopping and changing the manager. Didn't realise that he was only talking about 2 to 3 years of stability before we start all over again. Having said that, he is still the longest serving manager in the SPL - at least for all of a couple of days.
  7. Point taken - I would certainly prefer JG to stay with us until at least the end of this season particularly in view of his recent signings. However, it is is reasonable to surmise at this stage that this looks unlikely.
  8. I think JR is probably the best option currently available to us. On the other hand - a number of questions have to be asked. Does JR want to return to St Mirren? If he does, how long would he stay for? Would his pride allow him to return? Can we afford him? Would most of the fans welcome him back?
  9. It is beginning to look like JG is on his way out. Who should replace him? Would JR be reluctant to return and would he be welcome by the majority of Saints fans?
  10. Ironically, with the departure of McPake from Dundee, St Mirren now have the longest serving manager in the SPL. At least for a day or so.
  11. Irrespective of the final outcome of this fiasco, we can only hope this does not interrupt the current momentum of the team. It is significant also that 3 of the front runners for the Aberdeen job have strong St Mirren connections. We must be doing something right - other than holding on to our managers!
  12. Reminiscent of the euphoria of promotion era dashed by JR's premature departure. Just as we are looking forward to a top 6 finish (at least) this season - now is the time for our manager to walk away! The king is dead - long live the king!
  13. Overall, our running off the ball is so much improved from pre-Christmas form. More specifically, our January signings have added more threat up front. Hopefully we can maintain this current run of form and involve the young fringe players Henderson and Erhahon and also good to see McCarthy return to fitness. This is the most promising St Mirren team since the heady days of the 80s when we managed to finish 3rd in the league.
  14. Why can't we play like that every week? Or is that too much to ask?
  15. I did say earlier - this is looking ominous.
  16. I know it's a bit early to make this judgement but Greive (not Grieve) looks the best striking prospect we've had for years.
  17. Can't agree. I think we were clearly the better team in the first half.
  18. We are playing well - this is looking ominous.
  19. We are a bit light in midfield - only Power and Ronan are recognised midfielders. Henderson & Jones will have to get stuck in!
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