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  1. Don't you mean deep impact? Anyway prefer season isn't completed and Hearts can just pop off to a lower league. If it were to hit Ibrox we might have many millionth of a millisecond for a quick laugh.
  2. A bit of conspiracy info for you. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/coronavirus-doomsday-asteroid/
  3. If it is of interest you can follow the track of 1998 OR2 which if it speeds up and changes course then it would be an extinction level event. Extremely unlikely but still a small percentage of a chance. Last updated on the 25/03 as it currently stands. https://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=52768&orb=1
  4. Yep, we were and still are unprepared to control the virus. Advising people if they had symptoms to self isolate but didn't have to contact 111 was and still is a huge mistake. Without identifying potential cases, confirming and tracking contacts the longer then the longer we will be in the shit for. Why experts are supposedly puzzled doesn't give me much hope. Need to get in front of it as quickly as possible and be proactive rather than reactive. Much more testing required and tracing contacts. What is expected to be closer to a 100,000 cases in the UK is still likely to double due to supermarkets, public transport and human behaviour. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/22/germany-low-coronavirus-mortality-rate-puzzles-experts
  5. Frampyy7 on twitch is Brentford player and trying to show it via his twitch. Haven't heard anything from the buddies and latest list of teams doesn't seem to include the buds. I am limiting myself to a beer every 1m 30s so I don't have a mega hangover in the morning (or later in the evening).
  6. truesaint


    Great thanks. Good to be able trust a fellow buddie and pretty sure you are not a nigerian scammer so have put 2 x £50 notes inside your get well soon card. Hope the postie delivers it ok.
  7. truesaint


    Not really into cars but thought I would post this as was just looking at the tesla cybertruck which will be on the market next year. Looks a bit different to the norm and quite fancy one of these to pop round to Aldi's. https://www.tesla.com/en_gb/cybertruck
  8. Obika has been shite but his performances have been getting better. He has had 2 decent halves now and having Jak alongside him has definitely helped. Time for Morias and Andreu to pull their finger out as see them dropping down the pecking order. Andreu in particular has been a disappointment and expected a lot more from him. Think it will be a more settled lineup and formation going forward which will also help as long as Jim doesn't feck about with it at half time.
  9. What was more enjoyable to watch? The league cup win or popping the arabs down to the first division on penalties. Must admit I celebrated more at the latter.
  10. Need to be great to beat Silky Ilkay's effort against Hamilton last week. Any of the 2nd, 4th or 5th from youtube vid would do the trick.
  11. My money is on him scoring our goal of the season. Got a great left peg and can bang them in from distance.
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