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  1. https://the72.co.uk/243910/st-mirren-pull-out-of-race-to-sign-hull-city-attacker-james-scott/
  2. Yep Power controlled the game. Man of the match for me. Delighted to see his energy, vision, movement off the ball and tackling. I was sceptical of his signing but not now after last nights performance. 👏
  3. Sent a pair of England blockers Should come in (handy) for the penalty shootout.
  4. Disappointing result again for British football. Hopefully some pride and happiness will be restored in the next game. C'MON THE GERMANS. 🙃
  5. If only Gilmour was available to control the game it could possibly have been a different outcome. 3-1
  6. FFs Armstrong. Totally beyong me too.
  7. Kanye nae read like? Was edited after realising my f**k up. 🤓
  8. Great. Now where is that fecking winger that supposedly signed for us?
  9. Would drop odonnell back to right back, put mctominay into midfield and bring on patterson for armstrong to play in front of odonnell.
  10. would get armstorng off as well.done hee haw
  11. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/7284240/rangers-hearts-kyle-lafferty-cyprus-kilmarnock/
  12. https://the72.co.uk/239756/peterborough-united-stance-on-st-mirrens-jamie-mcgrath-revealed/ 🙂
  13. Fair play to the guy https://www.colerainetimes.co.uk/sport/football/northern-ireland/comment-oran-kearneys-new-deal-is-coleraines-most-important-3279022
  14. Agree O'Donnell had a good game apart from the error that nearly let Shaw in. Some minor tinkering required for game against croatia. Would put O'Donnell back to right back, drop McGregor again, put in Patterson on the right and put Gilmour more central basically due to the threat of Perisic. Would also prefer to see Nisbet up front with either Adams or Dykes.
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