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  1. truesaint

    Breaking News

    Have you read back the thread? Pretty obvious I would have thought. What are you in the bin for this time?
  2. truesaint

    Breaking News

    Good news. It is a forum where opinions can differ but there was no need to be a constant antagonising and irritating over abuser of the site. WD Div and no surprise as was only a matter of time. Wonder if P+B will see a dramatic turn in post volumes?
  3. Still doubting Shankland for Scotland?
  4. Cooke will be No.1 striker when he is back at this rate.
  5. The Band Stand The Grand Stand The Long Stand and The Todrunkto stand
  6. Similar party piece to blow out your candles Fartaway? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLxSKvt7XPI
  7. On BBC ALIBABA 6pm Sat for those who can't attend or can't be arsed attending/travelling.🧞‍♂️
  8. Shankland - why not? Would prefer to have a goal scoring striker or 2 on the pitch. Scotland are still not playing to their strengths. Thought Stevie C would see it a bit different but guess not. If we had a capable defence then yes Shankland. Midfield can be decent if he uses the right players. McTominay is fecking useless and cant see why Man U play him and never have. Put footballers on the pitch and play the fecking game. No point sticking one useless big idiot up front against 4 big decent russian/belgian defenders. Finger oot the arse and give it a go. You should know better Victor.
  9. Poor set up. Back 4 were poor. Someone needs to tell Robertson he is not playing for Liverpool when in Dark Blue and to hold his position. Should have had Christie, McGinn and McGregor in midfield at same time as at least have the intelligence when to slow things down and pick it back up again. Maclean didn't even look like a footballer and was shocking when he came on and forget the pish big guys up front and get griffiths and shankland into the squad.
  10. Good Stuff. Looking forward to our new 3-4-3 formation
  11. I am of Paisley Decent so I am thinking,, Legia Warsaw.
  12. Think it's got some legs to it.
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sotirios_Papagiannopoulos Anyone got any song ideas?
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