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  1. Morias wasn't really on the wing, Playing more of a right sided midfielder considering the opposition. Would have preferred a midfielder who can attack, rather than a forward who doesn't or defend very well either. Runs about, but bit of a headless chicken. Reminds me of Alex Bone.
  2. Depends who you are playing but above statement is incorrect
  3. mcallister and morias offer no relief of pressure when flynn is back great and connolly on the left of midfield poss in 451 but morais and mcallister not worth the space just now
  4. We are still not playing to our strength. Morias and mcallister shouldn't be near first team 451 to 442 our strength is/ will be in midfield and defence. Forget the wings or have connolly utilise them later in games
  5. Cammy needs to come on for morias and shaughnessy needs to be on duffy at seyt plays.
  6. A more upbeat rehashed version of this with deeper vocal aggression. It's got a bit of drums, bagpipes, decent lyrics. Needs a bit of imagination but could see it working. Would actually do a whole rebranding thing and change the thistle logo as well. Time for a change and relaunch.
  7. Deal agreed with hearts. ☹️ Mihai Popescu (Dinamo) has an offer from Hearts in Scotland. He played for St. Mirren two seasons ago, on loan from Dinamo. Popescu agreed terms with Hearts and now awaits a deal between the clubs. Popescu is not part of the 1st team plans at Dinamo following Contra's appointment
  8. Was going to have a bit of fun with it as it was dragging on a bit but cat is out the bag now.
  9. Well it isn't 1 or 3. Apparently sells Party Paisley shirts as well (or paisley patterned shirts as we all know it.
  10. Unfortunately it is the case where we are very short on quality. We have 7 players of decent quality. 2 still injured and 1 not available for selection. New boys still to prove themselves but thought Dennis looked much better at hold up and link up play than Obika and Morais who both had shit games. WTF was Sheron doing not sliding in to block/clear the ball for the goal or was the tv angle just making him look as if he could. Jim should have had the balls to go with the new boys from the start. Durmus and McAllister were howling. So many things wrong with selection and formation etc. Think we will be ok when Flynn and Magennis are back and Jim will change the dimension of the type of game we play. He will be raging at the performances of a few and think he will drop a few next week. Thank feck for the international break so we can watch Scotland lose instead.
  11. Would feel more comfortable with tait in at centre half. Hey new guy, can you play left back?
  12. Yep. He played the ball with the inside of his foot so obviously studs will show. If he challenged with studs into the ball then that would be different. Ross makes a shit attempt at trying to play the ball and if he actually committed to it could have possibly ended up being classed as a fair strong tackle. But because he shat it Shaughnessy comes out as the bad guy.
  13. If we made a sub at half time too would that have made a difference according to rules below. In summary: Each team will be permitted to use a maximum of five substitutes. To reduce disruption to the match, each team will have a maximum of three opportunities to make substitutions during the game; substitutions may also be made at half-time. If both teams make a substitution at the same time, this will count as one of the three opportunities for each team. Unused substitutions and opportunities are carried forward into extra time. Where competition rules allow an additional substitution in extra time, teams will each have one additional substitution opportunity; substitutions may also be made before the start of extra time and at half-time in extra time.
  14. Stop making valid points. Who's side are you on?
  15. Hope we appeal against county breaking the subs rule as well. Can only make the subs over 3 breaks in play. They used 4. 3 points to us please and you can fine them as well. Not that at I am at all bitter in anyway.
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