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  1. Donald Trump president of USA, Boris Johnson prime minister. Jimmy Krankie leading Scotland doesn't seem that bad at all. We have an abundance of intelligence North of the border and guaranteed more people will step up to the mark if independence is achieved. The fecking lack of focus and ambition of the scottish people mainly due to the historic feck ups of the southern based parties is kind of understandable. Many don't vote as historically it meant nothing. Surely the feck up of Brexit is the final straw and some lunatic funds a "get us the feck out of the UK" as they are feckin hopeless. Transfer Sevco down south and let Celtic win the Irish League for 10 fecking years in a row. Ban twitter, facebook, restrict mobile usage to emergencies or at least import shit. Life would be life again (but not as we know it). Beam me the feck up Scotty.
  2. Might need to learn the language first. http://scot-link.tripod.com/ayrshire_dialect.htm
  3. No chance. Tony is and always will be an optimist so roll on 2026 WC.
  4. cmon the blueburds, looking for a bit more aggression. Time for a bit of discrete hair pulling.
  5. Are we signing marquees now ? Think we did the whole list of marquee jokes last year.
  6. This is probably what has been circulated internally. Tony ideally wants us pushing for the treble.
  7. No problem. We all chipped in and bought you a 30 day free trial of audio books. https://www.audible.co.uk/pd/Good-Omens-Audiobook/B00S1YNTUA
  8. New series out called Good Omens with David Tennant and Michael Sheen. Worth a watch on flixtor.to for those without amazon prime.
  9. Think it may have been Med Salad that you seen in Asda.
  10. Yeh. The Hazards - Too Expensive The Nevilles - Too Old The Charltons - Too Stiff
  11. Just hazarding a guess but are you a relation of helpmaboab?
  12. Was having a look at the kilmarnock forum and came across this post which I thought was amusing. Unfortunately Douglas did not make the shortlist as he ate all of his crayons before completing his application.
  13. Just checked with Asda Linwood and they are delivering a selection of takeaway meals to the stadium but declined to comment on what they were...The Paisley Gazette are also outside the Royal Taj so hold onto your hats as the wind maybe strong.
  14. Might be adding 2 and 2 together here but news expected tonight from over the water, rumour Nicholl going in as assistant at Dundee, Killie should be confirming next manager soon. Is Goodie going to Killie? Paisley to be hit by big gus of wind tonight?
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