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  1. Thought the defence played better including Cheesy. One area where we could improve on though was the acres of space we gave to the two Well wide men - they often had 20-30 metres to operate in before being closed down.
  2. Just back in after witnessing another hard luck story and would make 3 comments:- Thompson made a reckless tackle but I thought it should only have been a yellow card I was in a good position for the goal-line controversy - most fans including myself thought the ball was over the line - hopefully TV replays will confirm this We should also have had a stone-wall penalty - the defender tackled through our man from behind to win the ball However we are now adrift by 6 points from Motherwell and realistically we should be looking to get second bottom and then win the play-off against a poor Rangers team.
  3. http://sport.stv.tv/football/clubs/st-mirren/304026-interim-st-mirren Confirmation from GT on STV Is this enquiry going to lead to anything - and should we be worried?
  4. Congratulations to John on being nominated in this elite company. I don't know how many others would compare him with Archie Gemmill at the same stage in their development? This should be an encouragement to the other young players who are coming through the development team and also to Kenny McLean who has a different set of skills from McGinn.
  5. What is the situation with Plummer? Some on here are suggesting he is fit but may be refusing to play. If that is the case ....
  6. Yes it's good to see a healthy and balanced debate on here for a change - long may it continue. I think there is a better chance of the BoD paying heed to the fans' views if they are well thought out and reasonable. However, choosing a football manager is a bit like any other major purchase or investment we make, eg. buying a house, a car, photographic equipment or computer equipment etc.. It all depends what you are looking for in your prospective puchase. It is only when you start to read other people's reviews on these products that it can start to become a bit more complicated than we originally thought. So far as the next St Mirren manager is concerned, I am also starting to move towards Ian Murray as being the right choice at this particular point in time for the reasons already stated above by others. I also think we should take this opportunity to get Thommo involved as his assistant. I think that management team would give us hope for the future but we might have to settle for a season (or two) in the championship. But these two guys would be well suited to build on the resources which are already in place. I would also like to think that there could still be places for Teale and Longwell (and Goodwin).
  7. Yes I have advised DOP in writing that I wish my application as his assistant to be withdrawn. I am applying instead for the job down the road in Govan - the money is just slightly better and the expectations even less!
  8. A dressing room split is a real possibility if GT gets the permanent appointment. It would only be natural if Thommo (and Goodwin) harbored a bit of resentment and (being 2 of our key players for the rest of the season) it would be less than surprising if that affected their performances on the pitch. We can't afford to have any player not playing to his full potential in view of the desperate situation we are in at present. SG and the BoD will have to give this issue very careful consideration.
  9. But would they offer any improvement on say Marwood, Ball and Caldwell ?
  10. Question 1 If GT and DL were to make a go of things and all the players were fit, what should our starting line up be? I would suggest:- Ridgers Naismith, McAusland, Plummer, Tesselaar McGinn, Osbourne, Kelly McLean, Thompson, Wylde Question 2 What 3 players should be brought in during the January transfer window?
  11. Although most fans would love to see Thommo involved as manager at some stage, I don't think the timing is right at the moment. Was he approached after DL left? If not why not? Things are starting to get a bit complicated now at Greenhill Road with JG apparently being displaced as coach and this will not make things easy for GT and to bring Thommo into the frame would further complicate relationships when the player resources are already stretched.
  12. Whoever is taken on as manager of St Mirren (or any other club) is always a chance appointment. Unless with the benefit of hindsight, who would have thought that Alex Ferguson, in his East Stirlingshire days, would have become the most successful manager ever (albeit he was sacked by St Mirren). Ricky Macfarlane, Jim Clunie, Tom Hendrie and Gus McPherson also had relative success at Paisley - as did Danny Lennon! As fans we have our opinions but not the responsibility for our choice. We can only hope that SG and the Board have better luck with their next appointment, but they cannot be blamed too much for TC's appointment as he is generally recognized as one of the best Scottish coaches over the past decade or so. Personally I regret that Tommy was not able to successfully make the step-up to manager. I do not know him personally, but he came across to me as a decent man who deserves our thanks for all that he contributed as a coach in his time at St Mirren. I seem to remember that it was only when he teamed up with DL that St Mirren's results and performances picked up.
  13. Now for a touch of fantasizing for a bit of light relief. Who should/could be the next manager whenever that may be? How about for starters Derek Adams, Stuart McCall, Billy Stark or Terry Butcher? Any of these have proven track records as managers unlike the present incumbent. Also, would you like to see Teale and Goodwin retained in their current roles? Personally, I would like to see Thommo as assistant to any of the above experienced managers. Our record is such this season that urgent action is now essential before it is too late as TC's managerial record would indicate that it is beyond his capabilities of turning things around.
  14. As TC himself has said in the past, football is a results-driven activity and on that basis alone he should no longer be in post. However, we have had horrendous injuries which are now starting to ease up and it would just be like the St Mirren we love if they got a result at Parkhead next week - stranger things have happened but don't ask me to provide examples. What is disturbing, especially for the BOD, is the excruciating apathy which is now engulfing the club with sub 3,000 attendances now par for the course. Things have never been worse than this in my lifetime of supporting St Mirren so it is clear that something needs to happen by the end of the year, otherwise our club could disappear off the face of the SPL - and beyond!
  15. All of the players who are missing at present, minus Thommo, helped to put us in this position. Even at full strength we would struggle to survive in this league against the might of the likes of Hamilton, Ross County, Kilmarnock and St Johnstone. The less said about Goodwin the better.
  16. There is not a lot of disagreement amongst those posting on here but the problem seems to be that nobody at the club is facing up to the root cause of why we are in the dire position we find ourselves today, which is that over the last 2 or 3 seasons we have had a massive clearout of players of reasonable ability and replaced them with players of lesser ability, no doubt for cost cutting reasons. As has been previously pointed out by myself and quite a few others on here, the likes of McGowan, Samson, Carey, Imrie, Harkins and McGinn have gone on to other clubs and whilst they might not be setting the heather on fire, they were certainly better than what we have today and you have to ask would we be at the foot of the league if they were still at GHR. Then there are the 'loan' players that we can't afford to keep such as Dummett, Newton and Goncalves. The transfer strategy is no doubt decided by the BOD as is the choice of manager. If the current and the previous managers had been up to the task, perhaps we would have got more out of the players we have/had and also a better quality of replacement players signed. All of which answers the question "Could Anyone Do Any Better?". But the next questions are "Who?" and "When?".
  17. Yesterday I posted that we should turn up and support the team. Today I had the misfortune to witness what I thought was one of the most inept performances I have ever seen from a St Mirren team. Some have stated that Thistle edged it today - they were not at the same game that I was at! Despite scoring only once the Jags were miles ahead of us in almost every aspect of the game. They moved the ball around with much more purpose and skill and were faster, stronger and generally fitter and bigger than our guys and yet are only average themselves by SPFL standards. Yesterday I tried to be positive - today, like the great majority on here, I find it difficult to see where our next point is going to come from. We are just not good enough for this division and we might even struggle next season in the league below us. In fact we struggled to beat Morton (who are two leagues below us) in the Renfrewshire Cup Final. It's great the difference a day makes!
  18. I intend to be at the game and I hope I don't feel too lonely when I get there! Understandibly confidence is at a low ebb at the moment not just amongst the supporters but the players and everyone else at the club. So perhaps we should remind ourselves what a great club St Mirren is and recall the great memories most of us have over our lifetime when there were better days. St Mirren are one of the oldest clubs in Scotland and are steeped in tradition. They have provided some of the greatest footballers over the decades and I have been a bit disappointed to see so many posts on this forum seemingly 'accepting' that we are just a small provincial club with very limited prospects for the future. Let's shake off the current lethargy and pessimism and start supporting the Saints again. A negative attitude is not going to help us get out of the current situation. We seem to have been out-supported at most home games this season, so starting with tomorrow's game against Partick Thistle (another great club with a similarly impressive history) let's get behind the team and the manager and hopefully we will soon turn the corner.
  19. In view of the fact that Jim has proven (time and time again) he is not capable of changing his ways by his own efforts, how about the club offering him counselling in anger management? That is what most responsible employers would do in this situation. On the other hand, some employers would probably have got rid of Jim long ago!
  20. Regrettably Jim has committed one-too-many brain-dead assaults imo especially when you take into account our current desperate injury list combined with the run of horrendous results and pwerformances. The time has finally arrived when the club should seriously review Jim's future with the club. This type of behaviour should not be tolerated for a player let alone a coach. However I won't be holding my breath in light of the total apathy and ineptness now hanging over those in charge at GHR. He has been a good club servant and no doubt well respected for his playing ability and is a good guy to have in the dressing room - but only if you ignore his delinquent and imbecile behaviour on the pitch. The BBC cannot be blamed for highlighting the behaviour of someone with Jim's past record of misdemeanours.
  21. No doubt the players were trying their best as were the management team. However supporting St Mirren is becoming very trying - even more so than usual! Surely time for reflection as to where to from here?
  22. We are now detached from the rest in the bottom three. Success this season will be escaping the big drop but that does not seem likely at this time. Time to reflect how our standards have dropped in recent seasons. Apathy is swamping Paisley.
  23. 3-0 and Partick Thistle are 3-2 up at Hamilton. Another uplifting day.
  24. Same old story - missed chances up front - leaky defence - no points again!!! Subs now on but we are scraping the bottom of the barrel given our injury situation.
  25. For whatever reason (probably lack of money/good judgement) we have off-loaded a number of players at the end of the last few seasons only to try to make up lost ground as each season progressed by selecting inferior players from those they replaced. We have thus given ourselves a huge hurdle to get over and this all of our own making. Aside from the loan players we have made use of but couldn't afford to keep, we have disposed of the likes of Samson, Carey, McGowan, Harkins, Tesselaar, Imrie and McGinn. Granted not all of them achieved their full potential at St Mirren but where does the fault lie for that? At least we managed to re-sign Tess. As a result of this disruptive strategy we end up chasing our tails after the obligitory poor start to each season. The present pool of players is youthful but could develop into a useful team - given time, which we don't have. Today's game illustrated our obvious weaknesses - an attack with no natural goal scorers and a defence which lacks concentration and organisation and is easily panicked - even by the likes of Ross County! All we can do as supporters is hope that the current personnel can turn things round before it is too late. However we are where we are in the league by merit and nothing else.
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